Radio Tadamon! Echoes of War from Beirut to Montreal

Haret Hreik in the southern suburbs of Beirut an area devastated by the Israeli assault on Lebanon. [Photo: Mohammed Sublaq, Beirut]

This edition of Radio Tadamon! features sounds from Beirut recorded during the height of the Israeli assault on Lebanon and voices from the streets of Montreal recorded during multiple solidarity demonstrations with the Lebanese people.

Featuring multiple voices & interviews from Beirut which provide a picture of the first days of the Israeli 2006 attack, the present-day impacts of the war on the people of Lebanon, voices of international solidarity from the streets of Montreal & interviews providing important historical context / political background to the 2006 Israeli assault on Lebanon.

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Radio Tadamon! Features the Following Segments:

* Voices from Sanayeh Gardens of Beirut:

Interviews recorded at Sanayeh Gardens in central Beirut with internally displaced Lebanese refugees from the southern suburbs of Beirut. These interviews during the first week of the Israeli attack on Lebanon with refugees fleeing from the neighborhoods of Haret Hreik & Ouzai in south Beirut.

On the ground in Sanayeh Gardens these interviews depict the conditions & political perspectives of internal Lebanese refugees, which at the height of the 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon numbered an estimated 1 million people, 1/4 of the Lebanese population.

* Street Interviews from Quebec Demonstration for Lebanon:

On August 6th, tens-of-thousands of people took the streets of Montreal in solidarity with Lebanon. The demonstration was the largest to take place in Canada during the war on Lebanon & was organized by Lebanese community groups in Montreal, Quebec labour unions & social justice groups in the city. Radio Tadamon! recorded numerous interviews with participants in the demonstration in Montreal.

* Audio from Beirut Solidarity Sit-in with Gaza:

Interviews recorded during an “open sit-in” which took place at Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut on July 12th, the same day that Hezbollah captured from the border region in south Lebanon. The interviews provide political perspectives of Lebanese social activists concerning the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip & the first day of the attack on Lebanon.

* Sounds from Montreal Action Against Colin Powell:

Demonstration in Montreal to protest a speech by Colin Powell at an event organized by the Jewish National Fund. [Photo: Rob Maguire, Montreal]

Featuring audio from a Montreal demonstration against former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell who spoke at a Montreal event organized by the Jewish National Fund [JNF]. The interviews document voices from the streets who demonstrated against U.S. support for the Israeli attack on Lebanon & the political role of the Jewish National Fund in fundraising for development in Israel on occupied Palestinian land.

* Report from Southern Lebanon on Unexploded Bombs:

A report produced by New York City based independent journalist Ana Nogueira from southern Lebanon in the aftermath of the war. The report was produced for the radio program Democracy Now! & focuses on the affects of the thousands of cluster bombs dropped by Israel on at least 170 villages in southern Lebanon during its month-long war against Hezbollah.

This edition of Radio Tadamon! was produced by: Mohammed Shublaq, Hicham Safieddine, Ana Nogueira & Stefan Christoff.

Radio Tadamon! is produced for broadcast on:

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Radio Tadamon! is also produced for Podcast on the Rabble Podcast Network & Internet distribution through the Electronic Intifada, & the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters - AMARC.

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    Radio Tadamon! is produced by Tadmaon! a Lebanon solidarity group based in Montreal.