Photostory: Solidarity in Solidere

Opposition Protesters in Camp in Central Beirut

In recent weeks and months Lebanon has faced major political upheaval, marked by massive street demonstrations, international political intervention and a national general strike. Supporters of the Lebanese opposition gather in central Beirut during the first week of the ongoing sit-in central Beirut in December 2006. (Photo: Mary Foster)

Opposition protesters camped in front of the United Nations building in downtown Beirut during the first week of the ongoing sit-in of the Lebanese opposition. In the far right corner of the statue of Riad El Solh Lebanon’s first Prime Minister after independence from French colonial rule. (Photo: Mary Foster)

Opposition protesters settle-down for the day in central Beirut smoking argilleh in the usually high-class Beirut district Solidere. Until today opposition protesters remain in central Beirut. (Photo: Mary Foster)

A flyer being passed out during a major demonstration of the Lebanese opposition on December 1st, 2006, from the Peoples Movement, a political party in Lebanon. The main text of the flyer reads, no to corruption, no to sectarianism & no to ignorance, from the youth & student wing of the Peoples Movement of Lebanon. (Photo: Mary Foster)

Opposition protest tents in central Beirut decorated with flags of various political parties and social organizations in Lebanon who support the ongoing opposition demonstrations. (Photo: Mary Foster)

Soldiers from the Lebanese army stationed in downtown Beirut surrounded by barbed-wire preventing the public from entering Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut, the same location which became the stage for pro-government demonstrations in the wake of the assassination of Pierre Amine Gemayel in November 2006. (Photo Mary Foster)

Youth supporters of the Peoples Movement, a political party in Lebanon, gather in central Beirut in support of the Lebanese opposition lead by Hezbollah. The banner reads, ‘No to Sectarianism’. (Photo: Mary Foster)

Mary Foster is a respect community activist from Montreal and member of Tadamon! Montreal recently traveled to Beirut, Lebanon as part of a political delegation. Foster witnessed and documented the first days of the ongoing opposition sit-in in central Beirut. Stefan Christoff is a regular contributor to the Electronic Intifada.