Examiner pulls offensive ad, apologizes

The company that publishes The San Francisco Examiner and Washington Examiner newspapers has pulled an advertisement that demonized Palestinian children and has apologized for causing offense.

The advertisement appeared in Media Week, a trade publication, as part of a campaign by The Examiner to sell advertising space in its newspapers.

On 25 January, EI asked its readers to contact Mark Wurzer, Vice-President of Advertising, and Jim Pimentel, Managing Editor at The Examiner, to politely request they:

  • immediately withdraw the adverstisement;
  • apologize for stereotyping and demonizing Palestinian children

    On 27 January 2004, The Examiner responded positively. Scott McKibben, publisher, replied to concerned enquirers in a letter that stated:

    “It has been brought to our attention that a recent advertisement published in Media Week promoting The Examiner has caused concern and offence to readers. On behalf of Clarity Media Group and The Examiner in Washington and San Francisco, we sincerely apologise. Clarity Media will immediately remove this advertisement from their campaign and new artwork will be used for the remaining duration of the marketing program.”

    Thanks to all who wrote letters of concern to The Examiner. EI’s original action item has been updated with The Examiner’s positive response. Please consider sending a note of thanks to the company for their prompt and responsible action.

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