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Update, 2 December

Our Giving Tuesday challenge is over, but we’re still asking for your support, through the month of December, to make sure we have the resources we need to carry on reporting on Palestine in 2016.

Donations are welcome from any country and are tax-deductible in the US.

We’re truly grateful to everyone who donated to The Electronic Intifada on Giving Tuesday. You gave us a stunning result.

Out of more than 5,000 charities partnered with Network for Good, we won 2nd place for number of donors, 2nd place for number of new recurring donors and 3rd place for most dollars raised.

You can see the final result here (The Electronic Intifada appears as Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society).

But it gets better. Overall, The Electronic Intifada’s passionate readers donated nearly $75,000 on Giving Tuesday.

These are funds that we’ll use over the coming year to pay our reporters, editors, photographers and videographers, and provide for our technology and other needs.

The average size of each donation was $87.00, so this was truly a demonstration of massive grassroots support for independent media.

You know as we do that we cannot rely on mainstream media to tell the truth about Palestine, so your support is absolutely vital to our work.

We’ve seen our audience more than double in the past two years and we now reach millions of people every year. That’s a measure of the hunger there is for fearless, hard-hitting reporting on Palestine.

We are reaching more people and having a bigger impact than ever, and it’s your support that makes it possible.

With other donations and pledges we’ve received, this amazing result puts us more than half way to our total goal for our annual year-end campaign.

That means we still have a bit more work to do but we’re in a strong position. So if you haven’t done so yet, it’s never too late and you can make a donation right now.

The confidence and trust you put in our work is the most valuable asset we have and it is truly humbling.

Thank you.

Original Post: 1 December 2015

Today is the day!

Please help The Electronic Intifada win up to $7,500 in bonus funds from our nonprofit partner Network for Good by making a Giving Tuesday donation right now.

We are an independent, reader-supported publication, so this would give a big boost to our reporting on Palestine in the coming year. Donations are welcome from any country and are tax-deductible in the US. You can use a credit card or PayPal.

In addition, Network for Good will match a percentage of every donation to The Electronic Intifada made online today, whether or not we win the bonus funds.

Last year, out of more than 5,000 nonprofit organizations, The Electronic Intifada received more donations in a single day than any other Network for Good partner!

Thanks to our readers, we won almost $6,000 in bonus money and matching funds.

Our amazing success is highlighted on Network for Good’s website.

Your donations and the extra funds have helped The Electronic Intifada reach thousands of people every day – millions each year – with reporting on Palestine that educates, informs and inspires action for justice.

We can do it again this year if you make a donation now.

Even if you already made a donation this season, an extra gift of any size today could help us win this challenge! Thank you.

How it works

We will win bonus money from Network for Good if we finish first, second or third in any of these three challenges:

  • Most donations received on Giving Tuesday
  • Most dollars raised on Giving Tuesday
  • Most new recurring donors on Giving Tuesday

You can see our current position on the Network for Good Leader Board. We’re currently in the top 10 in two challenges (We appear as “Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society, Inc.).

So you can see, every dollar and every person counts.

Donations received online before 3 a.m. US Eastern Time on Wednesday, 2 December will count.

All you have to do is make an online donation now. It is easy and secure.

Tell your friends!

We were so successful last year because many individuals who care deeply about independent reporting on Palestine urged friends and family to join The Electronic Intifada’s Giving Tuesday challenge.

  • After you make your donation, consider emailing this page to those you think would be interested (please be considerate – don’t send it to big lists of people you don’t personally know).

  • Share a link to our Giving Tuesday challenge on Facebook and post a status, for example:

I just made a Giving Tuesday donation to The Electronic Intifada to support independent reporting on Palestine. Help them win bonus and matching funds. Make a donation today too

  • Share a message on Twitter, for example:

Donate to @Intifada today and help them win #GivingTuesday bonus funds

Those are just examples, so be creative!

On behalf of the whole Electronic Intifada team, I thank you.

Right now, we are counting on your support.

Ali Abunimah
Executive Director


Other ways to give

If you can’t or prefer not to give online, you can also make a donation by check.

It won’t count toward’s Network for Good’s bonus and matching challenge, but it will still be tax-deductible in the US and it will be just as important to supporting our powerful reporting on Palestine in 2016.

Make your check payable to “MECCS/EI” and mail it to:

1507 E 53rd St #500
Chicago, IL 60615

We will mail you a receipt. Thank you!