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29 November 2016 - Giving Tuesday

Please make a Giving Tuesday donation to The Electronic Intifada today, to help us win additional funds from our nonprofit partner Network for Good.

It’ll take you only a minute, but your gift will work hard all year long. Donations are welcome from any country and are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.

I’m counting on you to act right now to help us meet our Giving Tuesday goals:

  • To equal or beat last year’s Giving Tuesday donation total of $75,000 – funds that help sustain our work all year long.

  • To win Network for Good prize money for the third year in a row – you’ve helped us win an additional $10,000 over the last two years by finishing ahead of 6,000 other nonprofits in a friendly Giving Tuesday competition.

As long as you make a donation today, November 29, your donation will count towards the competition in three categories: most donors taking part; most funds raised; most new recurring donors.

If you’ve already made a recent donation, I thank you. An additional online gift today of any amount could help us win a challenge.

Why it matters

When you donate to The Electronic Intifada:

  • You help inform millions of people around the world about what is really happening in Palestine

  • You support young journalists in Palestine: this year we more than doubled the number of original features we published by reporters on the ground

  • You empower activists with timely and accurate information that helps them win victories for Palestinian rights all over the world

  • You give us the resources to investigate and expose the dirty tricks Israel lobby groups are using against our communities

  • You help us fight back against censorship by providing a platform for critical analysis that mainstream media don’t dare publish

  • You bring Palestinian arts, culture and scholarship to a global audience through our world-class reviews and features

Remember, today is not just Giving Tuesday, it’s also the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

That’s a reminder that no matter what challenges we face in the coming year, now is not the time to retreat or back down. Grassroots support for Palestinian rights is growing around the world and it’s up to us to keep the momentum strong with fearless, independent reporting.

I will update you later today on how we’re doing. Right now, I’m counting on you to get Giving Tuesday off to an incredible start!

At the end of this page, we’ve included examples of the powerful stories readers like you helped us publish this year. There’s no better case for why you should be part of this effort today.

With thanks on behalf of The Electronic Intifada team.


Tell your friends!

We were so successful the last two years because many individuals who care deeply about Palestine urged friends and family to join The Electronic Intifada’s Giving Tuesday challenge.

  • After you make your donation, consider sharing this email with those you think would be interested (please be considerate – don’t send it to lists of people you don’t personally know).

  • Share a link to our Giving Tuesday challenge on Facebook and post a status, for example: “I just made a Giving Tuesday donation to The Electronic Intifada to support journalism that powers the movement for justice in Palestine. Help them win bonus funds. Make a donation today too

  • Share a message on Twitter, for example: “Donate to @Intifada today and help them win #GivingTuesday bonus funds”

Those are just examples, so be creative!

The power of what we do together

Here is just a sample of the hundreds of powerful, original stories your support has helped The Electronic Intifada publish this year.

When you donate today, you empower us to inform millions of people and inspire the movement for justice in Palestine with this kind of essential reporting and analysis.

Be proud of the work you’ve helped us do and be part of our work in 2017!


Other ways to give

If you can’t or prefer not to give online, you can also make a donation by check.

It won’t count towards Network for Good’s prize challenge, but it will still be tax-deductible in the US and it will be just as important to supporting our work in 2017.

Make your check payable to “MECCS/EI” and mail it to:

1507 E 53rd St #500
Chicago, IL 60615

We will mail you a receipt. Thank you!