A Beiruti’s drawn diaries: “How can I show sound in a drawing?”

The following drawings are by Mazen Kerbaj, a Beiruti comic author, painter, and musician who was prompted to start his “Kerblog” after “two years of laziness” when Israel began to bomb his country and city. With the dark humor characteristic of his blog entries, he writes, “I’ll begin then by thanking Israel, who burned in one night two years of efforts to avoid getting myself trapped in this adventure. Good job guys! Especially the airport party. And the bridges. No way to leave the country. Nothing else to do than this blog” His entries onto Kerblog are a heady mix of despair, wit, and the determination to persevere.

Beirut 16 July 06, 2:10 am … “How can I show sound in a drawing (Mazen Kerbaj)

George Bush: “Israel has the right to defend itself” … ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (Mazen Kerbaj)

“Israel has the right to defend itself” … bombs … destruction … massacre … hunger … exodus … fire (Mazen Kerbaj)

Where to? … Closer … then closer … then closer (Mazen Kerbaj)

FUCK THE WORLD (Mazen Kerbaj)

I am watching “Spongebob Squarepants” with Evan (Mazen Kerbaj)

At my parents’ place in Ashrafieh “like the good old days” … on TV Tyre is burning … we begin to hear bombs not so far … Evan is with his mum in the mountain. They hear nothing there. … “I am playing at the Playstation” at my parents’ with my parents. When I was young, my mom was always reassuring … Today, I am not young anymore. “Don’t worry Mum, the bombs are far from here.” (Mazen Kerbaj)

DILEMNA … Diane has registered us on the list of French citizens who wish to leave the country. … The problem is that I don’t feel like leaving at all. … But at the same time, it is maybe better for Evan. … I have to decide. … Quickly. (Mazen Kerbaj)

Night of 16 to 17 july in the mountain … “It’s 2:00 a.m. … there’s no electricity … there is no Internet … ther is no news … and we cannot hear the bombs falling on Beirut … and we’re cut from everything? … and i don’t feel like filling this page’s background in black” … fortunately there is whiskey! (Mazen Kerbaj)

It’s enough (Mazen Kerbaj)

How difficult is the separation from Beirut (Mazen Kerbaj)

Real News From Beirut No. 2 (Mazen Kerbaj)

Silence here is more frightening than the most frightening bomb (Mazen Kerbaj)

When I was young, I used to see my parents drink whiskey. All night long. I thought that whiskey is like coffee. For adults. And that it was normal that adults drink every day. … “Today, I am not young anymore.” … boom boom boom boom boom boom (Mazen Kerbaj)

Night of 15th to 16th recording session … Mazen Kerbaj/trumpet vs. the Israeli government/bombs (Mazen Kerbaj)

We Resist (Mazen Kerbaj)

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