“Live blogging” from the warzone

Index page of Electronic Lebanon’s diaries section, “Live from Lebanon”. (EI)

LIVE blogging” from the warzone emerged as the key weapon in the “electronic intifada” that erupted in Lebanon as Israel bombarded the country.

In Beirut, residents were counting down the clock until today -the point at which Lebanese bloggers such as Hanady figured the last foreigners would have been evacuated.

“By Saturday, there will only be those who have nowhere else to go,” he wrote. Beirut blogger Mazen Kerbaj created a more surreal piece of reportage: a music track using samples of Israeli attacks. “I recorded two hours of bombs + trumpet from my balcony yesterday night,” he wrote. “Some bombs were really close (what kind of mouthpiece do the Israeli pilots use to have this sound?)”. In Haifa, Israel, Kishkushim told the story’s flip side, blogging as the city came under attack from. “I woke up hearing more booms but I couldn’t be bothered running,” she wrote. “I’m hearing booms all the time, and I don’t know anymore which ones are real.”





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