Appalling accounts

This has been the second day of the appalling war against the Palestinian civilian population in the West Bank and the first day of attacks, siege and curfews also in areas located in the Be [sic].

Throughout the whole day, thousands of new soldiers were deployed inside Ramallah and, as we write, even more are heading towards the already besieged and occupied city. The Israeli army has placed snipers on the top of every high building and across the town a total curfew has been enforced. Hence, no one is able or willing to leave the houses or dwellings they find themselves in.

Since yesterday and up to now five members of the Palestinian Police on duty were assassinated - without any gunfire or display of resistance whatsoever - and their corpses were left to decompose and were found by chance today.

The Arab Care Hospital was attacked and was searched with trained dogs. The only two ambulances available to medical relief teams were both confiscated by the Israelis (one yesterday at 10 p m and the second was confiscated today at 11:15 am along with its driver, Mr. Mahad al-Qadi, who, at the time of writing, is still under Israeli detention. We have been receiving alarming news about Israeli soldiers using the ambulances in their raids against Palestinians.

Since yesterday the occupier soldiers have been carrying out house-to-house searches. Whenever they enter a house they make sure utmost possible material damage is accomplished (destroying all furniture, fixtures and ransacking all belongings) not to mention psychological trauma and damage. Soldiers were reported to widely having resorted to stealing money and mobile handsets. Several witnesses are available and are willing to make further formal complains as well as wish to present their cases to appropriated legal prosecutorial bodies as soon as the situation provides for.

Soldiers took control of the local TV station and since then have been broadcasting racist material with anti-Arab contents and also pornographic videos. The overall mood is of despair and apprehension and Palestinians feel completely vulnerable.

Today scores of women, together with international grass-root solidarity teams tried to demonstrate in the center of the city and up to now around 100 people have been arrested, including several political leaders. GIPP people from various countries, already inside Ramallah when the invasion took place, managed to reach the Ramallah Hospital to donate blood and a number of them managed to reach the compound of the Palestinian Authority.

Finally, of worrisome proportions is the humanitarian crisis in the making: pregnant women cannot risk going after proper medical care for eventual deliveries, many injured people are still inside the compound occupied yesterday by the invading forces and it is impossible for local medical teams provide care for them as well as for anyone else in need of an ambulance.

We demand immediate international pressure to allow provision of medical care and, foremost, we call upon you to exercise the utmost pressure possible on Israeli authorities and missions abroad for the end of atrocities.