Palestine Monitor

Israeli troops fire on funeral as Rafah tries to bury its dead

Several Palestinians were injured, some seriously, when Israeli troops opened fire on a Palestinian funeral in Rafah today. 23 year-old Ziad Alwan was shot in the eye, and is now in hospital in a serious condition. Several other mourners also required medical attention. An estimated 50,000 Palestinians had attended the funeral for 17 citizens of Rafah killed in the Tel al-Sultan neighborhood during the Israeli invasion of the area. Some of those being buried had been killed at the beginning of the invasion a week ago and preserved in fridges used for storing vegetables because the hospital and morgue had no room for the bodies. 

Another assassination

Israeli troops yesterday raised the level of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian security sources, yesterday afternoon Israeli Special Forces, dressed in women’s clothes entered the Palestinian town of Salfeet. Upon reaching the center of town they opened fire on 23 year old Badr Abdel Raouf Yassin, killing him. 

Appalling accounts

This has been the second day of the appalling war against the Palestinian civilian population in the West Bank and the first day of attacks, siege and curfews also in areas located in the Be [sic]. Throughout the whole day, thousands of new soldiers were deployed inside Ramallah and, as we write, even more are heading towards the already besieged and occupied city.