New video shows Israeli soldiers firing as mass marchers enter Golan

New video published by the website shows Israeli forces in the occupied Golan Heights attempting to prevent hundreds of marchers crossing across the border fence from the Syrian-controllled side on 15 May 2011. Hundreds of residents of the occupied Golan Heights watch and cheer the marchers on, and some chant “Filastin Arabiyeh wal Jawlan Suriyeh” (“Palestine is Arab and the Golan is Syrian”).

About nine minutes into the video a large group of marchers who have just crossed the border fence can seen taking cover while gunfire is heard. The gunfire continues as Israeli soldiers approach the group. Israeli military vehicles start to move toward the group but the Israelis appear to be unsuccessful in stopping many marchers crossing into the Israeli-occupied side. However just before the end of the clip the Israelis seem to have brought in reinforcements who are preventing more marchers entering, as a column of thousands of people stretches into the distance on the Syrian side. Truly remarkable scenes. A caption on the video says it was shot by Shahatha Nasrallah.




Israel slaughtering Palestinians at ratio of 10 to 1 a year after year then claiming Israel is a victim of terrorism and anti-Semitisms simply laughable by any rational, logic ,religion or creed or common sense !no excuse is credible for this levels of terrorism .not even the” khumus” the Jewish torah does not allows killing beyond an eye for an eye. Worse, Israel sits on 200 weapons of mass destruction yet still want us to believe it is in a position of weakness.
“A wrestler sits on top of somebody, beats the hell outof him yet screaming help at the same time... Somebody asks the wrestler, why he is the one screaming for help, blaming the same guy he is sitting on top, beating so badly. The wrestler says, what if this guy comes on top of me. This story is much like how Israel behaves & acts