Israelis who sign petition for “Danish refugees” recoil in horror when asked to sign for Sudanese

Stop deportation of Danish refugees, except they aren’t Danish. A two-minute video exposes mainstream racism in the Israeli society in an excellent way; it shows how a European refugee would get the support and sympathy of the Israeli society, but an African refugee would be labeled with “disgusting” and “disease,” and should be expelled for being an “ethnic problem.” Seven hundred Sudanese refugees in Israel are now facing threats of expulsion by the Israeli state, so when an activist decided to see how the mainstream Israeli society would react, she came up with the brilliant idea this video is based on.

There is no doubt, if a society was built on racist exclusionary principles, hatred against dark-skinned people wouldn’t be surprising at all. For more on the subject, The Electronic Intifada published a piece a couple of weeks ago titled “Detaining Africans latest step in making Israel an ethnocracy”




can can this surpriase anyone? Israel is not alone on this one. European immigration policies are actively and openly singling out refugees from "problematic" regions, wich means: africans and arabs. White-skinned, "ressource-full" australians or Israelis, for that matter, all have good oppurtunities of entering here. its nice, huh?


You Signed 4 People! and you claim this represents an entire society????

i guess someone forgot to do his/her statistics homework!!

tsk, tsk. falsified twisted presentation of reality.. then again, reality changes by your perception of it.

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