UC Davis has “no comment” on Roseanne Barr’s call for sectarian violence on campus

In apparent response to the recent vote in support of divestment by the University of California at Davis student government, TV personality Roseanne Barr issued this call for sectarian violence:

It elicited a number of approving responses from Barr’s almost three hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

Barr’s tweet came the same evening a gunman murdered three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, raising fears among Muslim communities nationwide.

But UC Davis itself seems unconcerned. Asked by The Electronic Intifada if the university had a response to Barr’s call for violence or heightened concerns for students safety on campus, Andy Fell, co-associate director of media relations wrote, “I’m not going to comment on that tweet. I think it speaks for itself.”

Fell referred The Electronic Intifada to a 6 February public letter signed by UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi and several campus chaplains stating that “recent campus events have surfaced the worst forms of intolerance and bigotry toward both our Jewish and Muslim communities.”

Despite the fact that it is a political conflict – divestment from Israel’s occupation – that has animated tensions on campus, the letter calls for interfaith outreach between Jewish and Muslim organizations.

Katehi is no neutral party; she has condemned the stance of students supporting divestment.

In the days before the letter was issued, Katehi was criticized, as The Electronic Intifada reported, for ignoring a barrage of hateful, Islamophobic and racist attacks launched against Arab and Muslim students – including a student senator.

Barr’s tweet, which was up for more than ten hours, has now apparently been deleted. Here are some other tweets that are still visible on her account featuring a range of Islamophobic and conspiratorial views:




What this tends to indicate is that she has a rather limited grasp of the full import of the situation.... or am I being kind?

I knew she was bad news. I hope the people at Peace and Freedom Party are paying close attention to this.


Barr sounds like she's doing drugs
"lefty Bds bs #UCDavisDivest is cointelpro..." what on earth does that mean?
and her posts are in the morning... what's she on? anyway, the nuke comment could get lesser people in trouble. maybe it's time for rehab for her.


Why is Roaseanne Barr allowed to make a terrorist statement, and not get arrested? Her comment about removing all the Jews and nuking UC Davis can not, and should not be taken lightly.


Now if a Muslim made a statement like this, they'd already be on their way to Gitmo or worse!


Peace and Freedom Party she was a poor choice.

Even given the probability she was either attempting to generate PR for her Cobb Club gigs, (or find new material for them?) she was a poor choice for having associated with your name.

That is what happens when one gets involved with a minor celebrity who has aspirations for "the big time" and has no particular standards about her self promotion and glorification when it comes to achieving her own personal "Nirvana."

It would appear it is something that even her shrink has not been to help her deal.