Video: Palestinians cheer as Israeli “skunk” truck crashes into ravine

It has been described as smelling like “a chunk of rotting corpse from a stagnant sewer” placed in a blender.

It is the foul-smelling liquid the “skunk” truck, one of Israel’s weapons of occupation and oppression, routinely sprays at Palestinians.

One of these skunk trucks can be seen in the video above spraying a jet of the disgusting liquid in eastern occupied Jerusalem on Saturday.

“Apart from the repulsive nausea-inducing stench, the skunk liquid can cause pain and redness if it comes into contact with eyes, irritation if it comes into contact with skin and if swallowed can cause abdominal pain requiring medical treatment,” according to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).

The children who evidently shot the video and can be heard talking are lamenting that the truck seems to be heading in the direction of their house.

They reassure each other that the windows of their house are closed.

But then something extraordinary happens. The truck tumbles off the road down a vertical ravine to the cheers and delight of the people of the neighborhood and the children making the film.

The video has circulated widely on social media and was posted earlier today on the Facebook page of Quds News Network.

Wattan TV reported that the skunk truck was deployed after youths went into the streets of the al-Tur neighborhood to protest ongoing detentions by occupation police.

Israeli occupation forces detained almost 600 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in August, mostly in eastern occupied Jerusalem and Hebron, a crackdown carried out while much attention has been focused on Israel’s attack on Gaza.

The US State Department has accused Israeli occupation forces of “singling out” members of the Abu Khudair family for harassment and arrest.

Indiscriminate use of “skunk”

As can be seen in the video, the skunk truck appears to be spraying a jet of its foul liquid over a wide area and at houses, an act that can have no effect other than to further provoke and aggravate the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation.

On 26 August, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, a local Jerusalem news agency, reported that Israeli occupation forces had severely escalated their use of skunk trucks over the last two months.

Jerusalemites complained about the routine and indiscriminate spraying of the foul liquid at their homes, cars and businesses and said that the occupation has done this with increasing frequency since the 2 July kidnapping and murder by Israeli settlers of the Jerusalemite teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair.

On 10 August, ACRI said it had contacted the commander of Jerusalem’s occupation police “to request that he urgently clarify the details” of Israel’s use of the substance.

“Witness testimony reveals that the police indiscriminately sprayed the skunk liquid towards houses, people, restaurants brimming with people and in crowded streets, causing harm to innocent residents,” ACRI said. “Evidence suggests that in some cases the skunk repellent was arbitrarily used with no apparent justification and in the absence of any public disturbances.”

It’s no wonder Palestinians were so delighted to see at least one Israeli skunk truck put out of action.




How low can they go? Israel is seriously lower than the lowest scum. Disgusting!


I totally agree. What other country can treat their neighbours like they do ? The whole world is watching, and nothing happens. Maybe the US get tired of their behaviour and cuts their generous donations. What then ?
And they complain that people all over are antisemits ? Hard to understand.


How in heavens name can the Israelis get away with this inhumane apartheid I ask the UN...the usa...the rest of the civilsed world....HOW???


It claims Isreal is a freedom loving, highly moral and "only democratic society" in the Middle East. Which values life and tries to protect civilians.

These tactics were used in Germany not so long ago, and how times have changed.

I believe isreal is rascist and does not value life other the of its own children and people. This video just shows how it tries to drive the Palestinians out of their home. If the state of isreal can do this then what other horrible things is it capable of - I ask?

Admire the spirit of the Palestinian children. Be patient children of Palestine for your lord is watching the transgressors, if only they knew!

God bless !



I just want you to know that I am from the far east and youre voice is being heard here.

I am neither pro Israel or Pro Palestinians but i am definitely pro human. Any form of human oppression must be oppose.
Hence what IDF is doing in Gaza must have consequences. What Jihadist is doing if violated basic human right must have consequences too.

Your advocacy is inspiring and I'd like to say we hear you.

Good Luck and keep it fair.


Hopefully the crew of the truck, the operator and any other Israeli occupation force personnel anywhere near the "accident" were themselves covered with the fluid and will remain contaminated with the smell for months.
Spraying the liquid indiscriminately over homes, shops, cars, people, everything in fact, is "an act that can have no effect other than to further provoke and aggravate the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation".


They for sure had a terrible appetite,after this accident with their boss.


Israelis treating there neighbors like dirt using my countries tax money! They are the aggressors then cry picked on victims. The use of skunk spray is very humiliating for the ones they are using it on. I do not appreciate the Zionists living in my country USA promoting this.


Has anyone thought to test this liquid? What if they are spraying liquified remains of Palestinians at our brothers and sisters? I know its a terrible thought but It was the first thing that came to mind reading the article.


The depths to which Israel has sunk is almost unbelievable. They are a sick society. My only hope is that history is not on their side. Apartheid was ended in South Africa, slavery ended in the US and all over the world, and indigenous people in the US and most countries are now fully empowered citizens. Information and BDS must put an end to apartheid Israel.