UN’s Ban Ki-moon is a partner in Israel’s crimes

Destruction in Gaza City’s al-Tuffah neighborhood, photographed on 6 August.

Alaa Shamaly APA images

The following open letter signed by 129 organizations and distinguished individuals was sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 5 August:

For humanity and the little remaining credibility of international law:

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, stand for law and justice or resign!

Mr. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,

We, the undersigned Palestinian human rights and community-based organizations, are extremely disappointed by your performance, notably by your biased statements, your failure to act, and the inappropriate justification of Israel’s violations of international humanitarian law, which amount to war crimes.

Until today, you have taken no explicit and tangible measures to address the recent Israeli attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories since 13 June. Moreover, your statements have been either misleading, because they endorse and further Israeli false versions of facts, or contrary to the provisions established by international law and to the interests of its defenders, or because your words justify Israel’s violations and crimes.

You have undeniably assumed a biased position toward the current attack on Gaza and Israeli violations in the West Bank by failing to clearly condemn Israeli unlawful actions in the occupied Palestinian territories, while, on the other hand, not hesitating to accuse – sometimes mistakenly – Palestinian combatants in Gaza of violations of international law. This bias can be noted in the following excerpts:

The Secretary-General strongly condemns the killing today of at least 10 Palestinian civilians in shelling outside of an UNRWA school in Rafah providing shelter to thousands of civilians. The attack is yet another gross violation of international humanitarian law, which clearly requires protection by both parties of Palestinian civilians, UN staff and UN premises, among other civilian facilities.

Such statement, by failing to name the perpetrator — Israel — is not only biased, but also offensive to UNRWA, itself a UN agency, as well as to other UN agencies and international organizations the struggle to provide relief and protection to Palestinians in Gaza.

UNRWA, which has lost nine staff in Gaza since the beginning of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, hosts around 270,000 internally displaced (25 percent of Gaza’s population) in its shelters. UNRWA’s preliminary analysis on a previous attack against one of its schools has indicated that it had been hit by Israeli artillery, constituting an indiscriminate attack and likely a war crime.

Moreover, by condemning the storage of weapons in UNRWA schools without offering complete details and a proper account on international law, your statements endorse Israeli excuses to unlawfully, indiscriminately target such civilian objects.

In addition, by condemning 

the reported violation by Hamas of the mutually agreed humanitarian ceasefire which commenced this morning. He is shocked and profoundly disappointed by these developments,

the Secretary-General reveals a reckless endorsement of the Israeli version of facts, blaming Hamas for violating the ceasefire, even though admitting that “[t]he Secretary-General notes that the UN has no independent means to verify exactly what happened,” and, still, demanding “the immediate and unconditional release of the [falsely allegedly] captured soldier,”

The following statement further illustrates the Secretary-General’s ignorance of facts on the ground:

The Secretary-General has learned with concern that leaflets are reportedly being dropped by the Israeli Defence Forces in the northern Gaza Strip this evening, warning tens of thousands of residents to leave their homes and evacuate to Gaza City.

If true [our emphasis], this would have a further devastating humanitarian impact on the beleaguered civilians of those areas of the Gaza strip, who have already undergone immense suffering in recent days.

The drop of leaflets had been a known practice since the beginning of the Israeli operation in Gaza, contributing to a scenario of more than 480,000 internally displaced.

In the same statement,

The Secretary-General strongly urge[d] all sides to avoid any further escalation at this time[, noting] that all sides must meet all obligations under international humanitarian law, both towards civilians ahead of impending attacks, as well as maintaining proportionality in any kind of military response,

Revealing an undue equalization of the two sides of the conflict and failing to address the greater impact of violations committed by Israel, which has killed at least 1,814 the vast majority of whom are civilians, during its operation in Gaza.

Mr. Secretary-General,

When you make no distinction between oppressors and victims, in all your statements,

When you name Palestinian combatants as perpetrators of violations and war crimes while you ignore naming Israel, as you used to do in referring to specific actions,

When you avoid codifying Israeli actions that amount to war crimes, while you insist on prescribing Palestinian reactions as grave breaches of international humanitarian law,

When you always advocate unlawfully the Israel right to self-defense, while having not pointed out the Palestinians legitimate and legal right to resist occupation, colonization and institutionalized discrimination,

When you adopt and advocate Israeli false stories, while not mentioning Palestinians’ narrative,

When you disregard facts on grounds clearly resulting from Israeli attacks, while you seek the immediate and unconditional release of a falsely captured soldier who was in the battle field, 

You do not maintain peace and security; nor do you ensure human rights.

By reviewing yours statements, it becomes evident you have not been fulfilling your mandate. In contrary, your statements have not only allowed the continuance of Israel’s killing our people, but also, encouraged States to continue providing Israel with impunity.

As you cannot say the truth, we advise you to either drastically change your positioning — not only in words, but also in your efforts to, through the UN, effectively end the current conflict — or to resign. For us, if you continue playing this role, you prove what our people feel, that you are a partner in, or at least an enabler of, the ongoing violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israel against our families, children, women, elders – against our people.



 • Richard Falk: Former United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967
 • Luisa Morgantini: Former Vice President of the European Parliament
 • Ahmad Muhaisen: President of The association for twining French cities and Palestinian refugee camps
 • Breyten Breytenbach: Poet, writer, painter and activist
 • John Pilger is a journalist, film-maker and author 

Palestinian and international human rights and civil society organizations:

 • BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights – Bethlehem
 • Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative (OPGAI) – Beit Sahour
• The Alternative Information Centre (AIC) – Beit Sahour
• ADDAMEER Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association – Ramallah
• Palestinian Non-Governmental Network (Umbrella for 133 organizations)
• Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions
• General Union of Palestine Workers
• General Union for Health Services Workers
• General Union for Public Services Workers
• General Union for Petrochemical and Gas Workers
• General Union for Agricultural Workers
• Union of Women’s Work Committees
• Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions National Committee (BNC). The Committee includes the following organizations: Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine, Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), Palestinian National Institute for NGOs, Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition, Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS), Federation of Independent Trade Unions, General Union of Palestinian Workers, Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, General Union of Palestinian Women, Union of Palestinian Farmers, General Union of Palestinian Teachers, General Union of Palestinian Writers, Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees (PFUUPE), Union of Professional Associations, General Union of Palestinian Peasants, Union of Public Employees in Palestine-Civil Sector, Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (STW), National Committee for Grassroots Resistance, Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), National Committee to Commemorate the Nakba, Civic Coalition for the Defense of Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem, Coalition for Jerusalem, Union of Palestinian Charitable Organizations, Palestinian Economic Monitor, Union of Youth Activity Centers-Palestine Refugee Camps, Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights Initiative.
• The Joint Advocacy Initiative of the East Jerusalem YMCA and the YWCA of Palestine (JAI) - Biet Sahour
• Baladna - association for Arab Youth – Haifa
• Hamleh - Arab center for media development – Haifa
• Al Zahra’ Society for Women Empowerment – Sakhnin
• Assiwar - The Feminist Arab Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Assault - Haifa
• Association for the Defense for the Rights of the Internally Displaced in Israel – Nazareth
• Alsebat association for heritage Preservation - Nazareth 
• The Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) – Beit Sahour
• Yabous Cultural Center – Jerusalem
• The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music – Jerusalem
• Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel
• Gaza BDS Working Group
• University Teachers’ Association in Palestine
• Medical Democratic Assembly
• Pal-Cinema (Palestine Cinema Forum)
• Youth Herak Movement
• Union of Women’s Struggle Committees
• Union of Synergies—Women Unit
• Union of Palestinian Women Committees
• Women’s Studies Society
• Working Woman’s Society
• One Democratic State Group
• Youth Against Israeli Settlements - Hebron
• Health Work Committees – Beit Sahour
• Land Research Center (LCR) – Hebron
• Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies – Ramallah
• Popular Struggling Coordination Committee (PSCC) – Ramallah
• Lajee Center, Aida Refugee Camp - Bethlehem
• The EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Program and the Beit Sahour YMCA – Beit Sahour
• Ibrahim Al Khalil Society – Hebron
• The Palestinian Prisoners Society – Bethlehem
• The Palestinian Center of Youth Action for Community Development (LAYLAC) – Dhiesheh Refugee Camp - Bethlehem
• Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall) – Ramallah
• Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People – Beit Sahour
• Amaan Center for social health, Counseling and Development – Hebron
• Popular Committee for Refugees, Qalqiliya
• Popular Committee for Refugees, Salfit
• Social Youth Center, Aqbat Jaber Refugee Camp – Jericho
• Social Youth Center, Aida Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• Social Youth Center, Al Arroub Refugee Camp – Hebron
• Al Arroub Popular committee - Al Arroub Refugee Camp - Hebron
• Progressive Youth Union – Al Arroub Refugee Center - Hebron
• The Phoenix Center - Al Arroub Refugee Camp - Hebron
• Al Fawwar Social Center – Al Fawwar Refugee camp - Hebron
• Social Youth Center, Far’a Refugee Camp - Nablus
• Shu’fat Child Center – Shu’fat Refugees Camp – Jerusalem
• Shoruq Association, Dhiesheh Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• Al Awda Center for Youth and children Rehabilitation - Tulkarem
• Ansar Center, Al Walajeh – Bethlehem
• Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights “Hurryyat”
• The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee – Bethlehem
• Bethlehem Farmers Society – Bethlehem
• Ibda’a for the Development of Children Capacity, Dhiesheh Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• The popular committee - Dhiesheh Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• The Women Centre - Dhiesheh Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• The Popular Committee – Al Azza Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• Al Phoenix Center – Dhiesheh Refugee Camp – Bethlehem
• Al Walaja Women Center – Al Walaja - – Bethlehem
• Not to Forget – Jenin Refugees Camp – Jenin
• Environmental Education Center – Beit Jala
• The National Charitable Society – Al Khader
• The Right of Return Committees in Bethlehem – Bethlehem
• Al Walaja Popular Committee - – Bethlehem
• Al Walaja Sports Club – Al Walaja - – Bethlehem
• Al Walaja Agriculture society – Al Walaja - – Bethlehem
• The Palestinian anti-Wall and Settlements committees – Ramallah
• MA’AN Development Center – Ramallah
• The Association of Palestinian prisoners and x-prisoners – Bethlehem
• Susya Popular Committee – Hebron
• Dair Abu Misha’al Popular committee – Ramallah
• Al Tawasul Forum Society – Gaza Strip
• The International Solidarity Movement.
• The Refugees Rights Center –‘Aidoon – Lebanon
• Association Najdeh - Lebanon
• Ajyal Association – Lebanon
• The Refugees Rights Center –‘Aidoon – Syria
• Union of Arab Jurists – Jordan
• The National Institution of Social Care & Vocational Training – Jordan
• Australians for Palestine – Australia
• Women for Palestine – Australia
• Collective urgence Palestine – Switzerland
• Palestina Rossa – Italy
• Fronte Palestina - Italy
• The Association of Humanitarian Lawyers
• International Educational Development, Inc
• International Lawyers – Switzerland
• Tamkeen-Arab group - Switzerland
• The BDS Campaign in France – France
• The Association for Twining French cities and Palestinian refugees camp – France
• The International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD)
• International Society for Human Rights
• Czech Friends of Palestine
• Initiative for a Just Peace in the Middle East – Czech Republic
• Nord-Sud XXI
• International Association Against Torture
• The Palestine Solidarity Allegiance South Africa
• Palestine Legal Action Network
• Russell Tribunal on Palestine
• Campaign BDS France,
• 14 Friends of Palestine (Marin, CA)
• Canada Palestine Association
• Voice of Palestine
• People for Peace, London, CA
• United States Palestinian Community Network
• Labor for Palestine NY
• Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
• US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
• Palestine Human Rights Campaign Auckland
• Al-Awda NY
• Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
• Jews Against genocide
• Palestine Solidarity Alliance, South Africa
• Assopace
• Boycott! Boycott From Within
• Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign – Vancouver
• BDS Switzerland

• Palestinian solidarity community (PSC), USA

• Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), USA
• BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions), South Africa
• Football Against Apartheid
• Palestine Solidarity Campaign, South Africa

• The Palestinian Community in Germany
• The Palestinian Community in Bonn - Germany
• BDS Group Bonn - Germany
• The Palestinian-German Medical Society - Germany




ban ki moun démission car complice des génocides isréliens envers le peuple palestinien. Complices des crimes barbares de etat occupant.


You are a leader in the United Nations. Innocent children and whole families have lost their lives. UN schools have been bombed! Does that mean anything to you Mr. Ban Ki Moon? Stand up to America and Israel to end this occupation once and for all, and for gods sakes, be honourable!!


Gaza is not occupied Palestine since 2005 when all the Israeli left GAZA and transfer the control to the Palestinian. Moreover, Gaza is not surrounded by the Israeli occupier. Gaza has a border with another Arab country, Egypt, which for years provide the food and other needs for the million Palestinian and this is the reason why the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has taken no explicit and tangible measures to address the recent Israeli attacks in Gaza.
[I am not sure that you have the guts to publish this comment]


Only one government in the world maintains that Gaza is not under Israeli occupation. That government is Israel's. Even the United States accepts the reality that its client is the occupying power under international law.

But while we're on the subject, why not put Israel's full position before readers here? Israel claims there never was an occupation of Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Inasmuch as these territories were captured from states (Egypt and Jordan) which themselves registered no sovereign claim over them but accepted the alternative status of "administrators", Israel insists it has simply inherited the title of "administrator" and cannot be termed an occupier. From this dubious argument emanates the claim that the Palestinians under Israeli control do not enjoy the protections enshrined under the Fourth Geneva Convention guaranteeing the rights of the occupied. In fact, Israel's full position is that the Palestinians exist in a legal limbo, their rights protected by no international conventions. According to the Israeli logic, Palestinians do not enjoy the protection of citizens of a state, nor the rights accorded to an occupied people. They are regarded by the Israeli state as having no rights at all. Expelling or killing them is entirely permissible.


What u hav said I dont kno whether it is correct or not but what israelis are doing it is the act of cowards .fighting is always among equally armed persons instead israel killing innocent civilians. they are lawbreaker ' criminals and israel is the no1 terrorist. Inshallah summa inshallah all criminals like israel would be avenged by Allah. When Allah send its azab then no one will save israel.i request all the countries and all respected leaders please try to understand the whole world is governed by allah and you would be rewarded by Allah if u stop mass killing of innocent people of any relegion. Allah loves every human being but Allah take avenge from the enemies of human beings. If we go through the history many countries like israel were vanished by Allah.


What are you talking about Gaza has no Israelis in it but they still control the borders the water and sky.Even Israel admits that! They control even the amount of food can enter gaza! But god will turn it back on to your people mr. Levi your people's past will come back to haunt you once again pay backs a bitch, so watch your mouth


While Gaza may not be officially occupied by Israel, it is definitely controlled by Israel which makes Gaza truly a prison for the people living there.
If you want peace and security for Israel, sign my petition at:


They are most certainly surrounded! Egypt does what Israel wants, that is, they keep the border closed at Israel's bidding. There is a three nautical mile limit on fishing boats. The airport was long ago destroyed. How can you say that Israel ever left Gaza??


As you cannot say the truth, we advise you to either drastically change your positioning — not only in words, but also in your efforts to, through the UN, effectively end the current conflict — or to resign. For us, if you continue playing this role, you prove what our people feel, that you are a partner in, or at least an enabler of, the ongoing violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israel against our families, children, women, elders – against our people.


We demand an Apology from Joan Rivers and her Termination from any Entertainment Networks who Employ Joan Rivers! Please sign the petition below and share on your facebook pages. I want to get at least a million signatures!!


United Nations law has been ignored by the aggressor since it's inception. What is the point of the U.N.?


The current occupant of the Secretary General's chair actually makes his lackluster predecessor Annan seem principled by comparison. His performance of support for Israel and the United States, complete with even-handed bleats about "mutual responsibility", have been nauseating to behold. Until this particular point, his status as an utter stooge of imperialism had not stood fully revealed. His dereliction of duty in the present instance amounts to active collaboration with war crimes. When indictments are handed down, his name should have pride of place. He stood by, blaming the victims as UN personnel were systematically murdered by the Israelis, and refugee centers protected by the UN flag were targeted, shelled and bombed by the IDF. Ban provided diplomatic and propaganda cover for the most grievous war crimes, and he is unworthy of any office, much less the one he holds at the pleasure of the Americans. He should resign- there's no point in asking him to reverse his disgraceful position. Just go.


To Tom Hall and all the signatories,individual and organizational, in the above

Your understanding is correct, your courage to speak and act worth so much to us all.
( myself, I prefer to avoid slogans such as "Ban Ban" etc.)

The title of my reply has been excerpted from Deuteronomy 20.16-18 (on war

Such policies and actions of a terorrist state such as Israel of today should NEVER
be tolerated. They must be resisted.

And we cannot let the deaths, depopulation, massacres, house demolitions,
walls, discriminatory so-called (Military) law, millions of deaths, more coerced
refugees etc. be forgotten as though only current resistance to this brutal supression
were the cause of Zionist brutal exclusivity. In "Biblical terms", to use Natanyahu's
phrase, the "Canaanites" and all other residents of the "land of milk and honey"
have only the right to submit, suffer and die.

----Peter Loeb, Boston, MA, USA


What aspect of Hamas's armed resistance are legitimate, and what makes these actions legitimate? Also, what do you guys mean when you say that the resistance is legitimate? Are you saying that it is moral and/or lawful? If so, can you explain in what ways specific Hamas acts of armed resistance are lawful and moral?


The resolution is unclear about whether armed struggle aimed at civilians is legitimate. Is it?


The Palestinian resistance does not target civilians. In the fighting since July 8, they only kill one civilian for every 19 occupation army soldiers they kill. Even a majority of those killed since July 8 ouside Gaza by rockets or mortars fired from inside have been IDF personnel. Also one of the three Israeli civilians killed was at a military instalation giving food to the occupation soldiers — a Palestinian killed in such circumstances would not be considered a civilian casualty.
By contrast, since July 8 IDF terrorists have killed 7 civilians for every combatant. Western lies, repeated by puppet Ban Ki Moon, notwithstanding, Palestinian resistance is entirely legitimate under international law.


Hamas has not been successful in targeting civilians because of the Iron Dome. It does not mean they have not been trying. They have a successful track record of doing so in the past when they were better equipped to do so. Between 1989-2008, there were about 160 suicide attacks alone (in addition to other attacks) carried out--primarily against random Israeli civilians within the 1948 borders. A plurality of those attacks were carried out by Hamas, and most were carried out from 2001-2004 from the West Bank. The Israeli separation barrier was completed in the mid-2000s. This, along with other factors, made it very difficult for such attacks to continue to take place.

I happen to believe that the separation barrier is a crude and cruel, but effective security measure. A better measure would have been (and continues to be) a permanent settlement as outlined in the Geneva Initiative, and which was almost reached both in 2001, and again in 2008.

In the current situation, it is incumbent upon Hamas to demilitarize and agree to international monitoring of this process in exchange for a complete lifting of the Israeli and Egyptian blockades (though not allowing yet for the free flow of people across the border into Israel). This is the best compromise that can be reached short term.

Hamas should also amend its offer of a ten year truce to include complete acceptance of the Arab League Peace Initiative/Geneva Initiative which would create a demilitarized Palestinian state with free movement between Gaza and the West Bank (via a tunnel)--and eventual free movement, and completely normalized relations between Israel and Palestine. Such a plan should include an Israeli apology for the creation of the refugee problem, generous reparations to original refugees, and lesser reparations to their decedents, and the allowance of no more than 100,000 refugees/descendants to be repatriated into Israel.


He is performing exactly what is required of him. He has always been a US puppet with AIPAC pulling the strings ......or he wouldn't be there.


The political advantage for the Israeli administration of destroying and invading Gaza and in fact ending Gaza looks to be at the root of the violent asymmetrical war that is being waged on Hamas. Israel is excusing it's self with the idea that they are defending themselves, although with well over 1500 innocents including up to 500 children killed that looks like an increasingly dubious excuse. Political and economic advantage looks increasingly more likely a reason for Israel's continued barbarism. Oil and gas fields in Palestinian waters off of Gaza look to be just one of the Administrations aims and incentives. This constitutes a war crime.


I believe that Gaza should become an independent state. Unlike the West Bank, where there still many issues to figure out with respect to land, Gaza already can get all the land up to 1967 borders. There are no Israeli settlements in Gaza. Historically, it was not part of Israel, but actually the Land of the Philistines. In fact, Gaza was one of their cities.

But it's up to the Gaza people. In a way, they are like North Korea, with an oppressive militant regime that is focused on its ideology more than on the welfare of the Gaza people. Why do I say that? Hamas' ideology is a radical Sunni interpretation of Qu'ran - that all of Palestine is a waqf to Muslims only, and no one else can have a state there. I don't know if Ali Abunima shares some of these religious ideas, but non-compromise on these ideas is the main thing responsible for the situation of Gazans today. Realize it's not just Israel, but many Arab and Western nations and condemn Hamas and impose sanctions. Egypt blockades Gaza too.

Did you know 45% of Gazans are children under 14? Do you want another generation of young men to grow up and join Hamas, dreaming of becoming shahids to "Liberate Palestine from the river to the sea" and help build an Islamic Khalifate? Or do you want them to have good education, jobs, and prosperity? In a good economy, you will find less support for these radical ideas. Gaza can see its GDP skyrocket as international investment in its tourism industry soars. And maybe the Gaza people would like to develop their natural gas resources? All that and more can be done if Hamas suddenly wakes up and agrees to disarm itself and other militant groups in Gaza. It can negotiate for many things, including free $50-100 billion from states like USA and Saudi Arabia, in exchange for disarmament and fair and free elections.

Look at all the states in the world, such as Monaco, enjoying prosperity. Do you want that? Or do you want your young men to keep joining an ideological war?


Uh huh Likud ... I bet my whole post was just "the usual Zionist talking points", and now we can move on to glorifying again the militant struggle to destroy people's lives.

The Gaza public doesn't want Hamas. Most of them want better lives and actual jobs instead of having their young men recruited into Hamas machine and bring international sanctions on their land. True, Hamas were democratically elected, but they will never allow fair and free elections again. No gang wants themselves out of power ... not the nazis, not the communists. Here was a poll done right before the current hostilities began:


I can't wait for the international community to sidestep Israel and present a roadmap to Hamas - disarmament for genuine nation-building in Gaza, and prosperity for their people. Everyone will then see who Hamas really are.

And by the way I dislike Likud and the Israeli Right, but for the last 7 years I see the actions of Hamas and I can see their self fulfilling prophecy ... if they are not removed, Gaza will not prosper.

People who care more about ideology than human lives should be removed from power and removed quickly.


First thing I would like to say is Hamas is a new resistance movement which did not exist 10 years ago. However, Israel has been victimising Palestinians for nearly 70 years. Let me answer Amir Flesher's question with a question. Let's say for example Amir Flesher's neighbour has been bullying, abusing and torturing his grandparents and parents for decades and the whole neighbourhood and the police supports this bullying and torture. They have also been blocked off by a massive wall surrounding their house with check points at every exist that allows all neighbours in and out except Amir Flesher’s family who have been denied of any citizenship or identity and have no way of moving to a different location. Every time Amir Flesher's family members come out of their house, they get beaten, thrown garbage and sewage at them. They tried complaining to the Police but the authorities just gave more support to the neighbour to harass them more. If Amir Flesher's family had been going through this for decades, wouldn't their come a time where either Amir Flesher or his children could take this no more and there was no legal way to fight for their equal rights as even the Police were corrupt? Of course they will retaliate with violence. There definitely will come a time, a new set of fighters will rise up against oppression. That fighting force is Hamas. So whatever Hamas do may not be legitimate in the eyes of the oppressor or their supporters, but it is legitimate in the eyes of the oppressed and people who have any humanity left.


Hamas was created in 1987, not 2004. I don't find much to disagree with regarding the rest, except that armed resistance has been a tactic of Palestinian nationalists for far longer than 1967, or even 1948, going back to at least the 1920s, long before Jews in Palestine were highly organized as a political and military force.

While Israel clearly bears the majority of the responsibility for the lack of a resolution so far, being the stronger military and economic power, (which has enabled it to inflict far greater harm on Palestinians than visa versa,) the Palestinian side bears at least some responsibility for the failure to reach a peaceful diplomatic solution. There are many specifics--including an unwillingness--or inability-- to reach a final compromise in 1937, 1947, 2001, and 2008. We could argue about the specifics here, but the larger point is that the Palestinian side has for the most part failed to negotiate keeping the following two things about Israel in mind: 1) Israel does not have to accept its terms--specifically around the refugee issue- and nothing that the Palestinian side has been able to do has changed that--not U.N. resolutions, not civil society strikes, rebellion, terrorist attacks, or organizing a futile BDS movement in an attempt to isolate Israel diplomatically. This is still not likely to change. If it is, I would like to understand how. The point is, it doesn't matter how good your arguments are in some abstract philosophical vacuum. They don't, and have never, and likely never will apply to the world as it is. 2) Zionism was not created to dispossess anyone. It had this consequence, but that is not what Zionism was about. It was not a right wing fascist nationalist movement at its inception (though it always contained elements of this, and this segment of the movement has grown). Rather, it was, and to a large extent remains a cultural and political national liberation movement.


Zionism was never about national liberation, it was founded with the aim of doing the opposite: colonising other peoples land. Zionism was all about collaborating with anti-semites in Europe from its inception. It opposed the liberation of Jews in Europe wanting refugees for an ugly colonial project. Today's massacres are the fulfillment of the Zionist dream.


Response of Mt Ban is dictated by foreign policy of USA, UN is nt acting as a just organisation, many Muslim has loose confidance in UN. UN always remain inactive during calamity of a Muslim group.


It's clear that Ban is biased. It would be valuable to have someone highlight the reasons. Is he indebted to Israel or the US for support. Is he being paid off? His performance has been abysmal and I'd love to know why.


dear fellow activists i submitted a poetic introduction "I had a gaza ghetto dream" to a very real and powerful form of resistance because i thought that medium would not attract a mossad NSA interception and censorship and i would finally see this concept reproduced online after weeks of unsuccessfull attempts elsewhere--thanks for that--however--i would like, since we are now connected so to say, to repeat my proposal in a less poetic way.. The concept of mass producing and launching simple hot-air balloons either as very visable floating billboards for the benifit of a more than willing international media to film slowly riseing above the israeli war crime destruction or drifting faster with a stiff SSW wind beyond the ghetto walls into israel airspace, trailing alluminium strips to freak out nazi air traffic control and confuse the iron dome. Is a palastinian "wunder waffe" with a greater range than any Hammas rocket or a nazi killer drone. non-violent A
Anyone who has used just paper glue and candle to build a simple hot-air balloon knows how far and high these airships fly. The concept of deploying dozens even hundreds of Gaza Ghetto freedom flights not just as a symbol of palastine defience with a huge media management value as described but a Gaza Ghetto airship airforce freedom fleet gives everyone a chance to show resistance and defience!
not just those few with guns and rockets. Rise up your airship freedom fighter now above the Gaza Ghetto jail, show the killer drones who now roams the Gaza sky. how the palastineand participate now!


The UN has named a panel of investigators to the charge of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.
Alienating Ban K Moon, who heads the UN, is definitely unwise when very little besides the UN exists to alleviate the genocide Gaza Palestinians are in right now. Groups around the world have brought pressure upon the UN, refusing to be blinded to the horrors committed by the Israelis in Gaza. Although there are many other avenues of concerted action, this investigate is great progress. Please do not let rage against Israelis actions alienate the few results which may succeed where others have failed
Also, there are times when Hamas should consider the vulnerability of Gazan civilians who have everything to lose, such as their homes. their families, and their lives.No amount of financial reparations can repay those who lost what they love most.


The UN has named a panel of investigators to the charge of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.
Alienating Ban K Moon, who heads the UN, is definitely unwise when very little besides the UN exists to alleviate the genocide Gaza Palestinians are in right now. Groups around the world have brought pressure upon the UN, refusing to be blinded to the horrors committed by the Israelis in Gaza. Although there are many other avenues of concerted action, this investigation is great progress. Please do not let rage against Israelis actions alienate the few results which may succeed where others have failed
This does not mean that Sec-Gen Ban Ki Moon has not adhered to the official line of the US and UN Security Council, which tries to diffuse blame between the two parties.
In truth, an oppressed people has the right to fight to overthrow the oppressor. But an agency of diplomacy has to reach the ears of both parties, which is why diplomatic agencies try to walk a fine line between adversaries. However, when there is genocide, such as in Rwanda, and now, in Gaza, the fine line has been crossed by Israel and there is no more room for ambiguity. At last, UN leaders may now, also,see that.
The vulnerability of Gazan civilians who have everything to lose, such as their homes. their families, and their lives should be of utmost concern. Benjamin Netanyahu and Avignor Lieberman, the Israeli leaders most responsible for this genocide, should be charged with crimes against humanity, mass murder and genocide, and tried at ICC for their crimes. Although there must be reparations, no amount of financial reparations can repay The Gaza families who lost what they love most.


It's not a personal failure of Mr. Ban. The united nations legitimized the formation of Israel on the ruins of Palestinian society. And once you have that, you really can't expect reasonable treatment. Also, it is a Union of nation-states, social formations which are inherently oppressive, prone to racism, war and promotion of Capitalist exploitation.


To Sula Monde:

Your counsel appears very wise on the surface but...How many times have
we been told of "great progress". Great progress as Palestinians are
murdered, their homes destroyed, their lands taken, previous decisions of the UN paid no attention etc." Progress" .... as more die and suffer.

There is a time for rage.

There is a time for bitterness.

You have written, "Although there are many other avenues for concerted action,
this investiga(tion) is great progress..." An investigation...while Israeli/US extermination of Palestinians continues.

Palestinians have suffered decades of investigations, decades of promises of
"great progress"...

As poet Dylan Thomas once wrote:


Support the resistance, for God's sake! And for Allah.

---Peter Loeb, Boston, MA USA


We also effective institutions in Palestine, and we are members of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), and we act as a national correspondent through the letter to all the members of the International Federation of Social Workers

We also sign on your statement

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