Video shows avid football fan cut down by Israeli fire in Hebron

Nadir Muhammad Saadi Idris, 42, died early Saturday morning of wounds he sustained Friday afternoon when Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Palestinian protestors in the West Bank city of Hebron.

The video above, taken by Mamoun Wazwaz and published by the Al-Usul video agency, shows the moment Idris was hit and fell to the ground in the Bab al-Zawiya neighborhood.

While youths around him are throwing stones towards Israeli occupation forces some distance away, Idris can be standing still the moment before a shot rings out and he falls to the ground.

Idris appears to have been singled out and shot at random – or perhaps he was chosen precisely because he was standing still and made an easy target.

He was hit in the chest, causing damage to a major artery, Ma’an News Agency reported, citing medical officials.

Idris died in the early hours of Saturday after doctors at al-Mizan hospital attempted to save his life.

Also on Friday, Ahmad Mohammad al-Qatari of al-Amari refugee camp was shot in the chest and killed by Israeli occupation forces near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Dozens of Palestinians were reported injured on Friday as Israeli occupation forces violently suppressed protests in towns and cities across the occupied West Bank in solidarity with Palestinians resisting Israel’s siege and bombardment of the occupied Gaza Strip.

In addition to Idris and al-Qatari, at least other seventeen Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and civilians in the occupied West Bank since 7 July, when Israel began its campaign of slaughter in Gaza.

Number one fan

Nadir Idris was known as an avid fan of the Hebron Youth Sports Club football team. The head of the team’s fan club, Basim al-Aweiwi, told Ma’an that Idris frequently traveled with the team to away games around the occupied West Bank.

Mourners carry the body of Nadir Idris in his funeral procession in Hebron on Saturday, 9 August. He was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers the previous day.

Mamoun Wazwaz APA images

Idris was often at the team’s headquarters and was known to all the players and fans.

Many of the team’s supporters were among the thousands who joined his funeral march from Hebron’s al-Hussein mosque to the Martyrs Cemetery.

The club canceled a planned Saturday match with the Dura team in honor of their fallen supporter.

Impunity despite video evidence

Nadir Idris’ shooting is only the latest act of violence by Israeli occupation forces to be caught on video.

  • In December 2012, a camera caught an Israeli soldier shooting dead Muhammad al-Salaymeh on his seventeenth birthday in Hebron. The video disproved claims the soldier made in the media justifying the killing.

  • On 15 May, a security camera captured the fatal shootings by Israeli snipers, a short time apart, of the two teens Nadim Nuwara and Muhammad Abu al-Thahir in the occupied West Bank town of Beitunia.

  • The same day, security camera footage captured the serious wounding of 15-year-old Muhammad al-Azzeh, also in Beitunia.

  • On 20 July, 20-year-old Salem Shamaly was murdered in cold blood during a supposed ceasefire in the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya, where Israel had earlier committed a massacre. Shamaly was looking for family members.

    His killing was witnessed and caught on video by relief workers.

In none of these cases has anyone been held accountable. Despite the existence of video evidence, Israeli occupation soldiers who kill Palestinians continue to enjoy total impunity.




Would you also say that for as long as Hamas and Hezbollah have existed, they too have enjoyed complete impunity for deliberately targeting and killing civilians? Is there nothing to be said about that?


No I wouldn’t say that at all: on the contrary, both organizations are proscribed in the “West,” their leaders have in many cases been indicted, and of course Israel punishes not just them but all Lebanese and Palestinians.


'hey too have enjoyed complete impunity for deliberately targeting and killing civilians? Is there nothing to be said about that?'
Are they not classified as Terrorist OrganIzations in the west, in israel in the usa and no one is allowed even to talk to them? They are they not shot at, assassinated,starved and considered international criminals?
You question is thereby rendered irrelevant inconsequential and virtually idiotic and unrealistic...


Nuremberg Principles(War Crime):

A war crime is a serious violation of the laws and customs of war (also known as international humanitarian law) giving rise to individual criminal responsibility. Examples of war crimes such as:[1]

murdering, mistreating, or deporting civilian residents of an occupied territory to slave labor camps
murdering or mistreating prisoners of war or civilian internees
forcing protected persons to serve in the forces of a hostile power
killing hostages
killing or punishing spies or other persons convicted of war crimes without a fair trial
wantonly destroying cities, towns, villages, or any object not warranted by military necessity