Massacre in Shujaiya: Dozens killed as Israel shells eastern Gaza City - photos

A Palestinian boy wounded by Israeli shelling, receives treatment at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, 20 July. Ali Jadallah APA images

Dozens of men, women and children were killed in the early hours of Sunday as Israel indiscriminately shelled the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya.

Some sixty bodies have already been removed from the rubble of homes and apartment buildings, and the number of injured is more than two hundred, Palestinian health ministry spokesman Dr. Ashraf al-Qidra told local media.

Smoke rises after an Israeli missile hit the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, 20 July.   Ashraf Amra APA images

But the true death toll could be even higher. The International Committee of the Red Cross said it coordinated a two-hour “humanitarian truce” to allow the rescue of the injured and the removal of bodies.

Palestinian medics carries the body of girl killed during Israeli shelling, outside al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, 20 July.

Ashraf Amra APA images

The latest massacre brings to more than 420 the number of Palestinians killed in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, now entering its second week. More than 3,000 people have been injured and tens of thousands have fled their homes, with many seeking shelter in UN-run schools.

Palestinians flee the Shujaiya neighborhood of Gaza City during heavy Israeli shelling on 20 July.

Ezz al-Zanoun APA images

Gaza is a small territory, home to 1.8 million people, and no place in the territory has been safe from Israeli land, sea and air attacks. Egypt’s military dictatorship, closely allied with Israel, has kept the Rafah crossing tightly sealed.

The bodies of Palestinians lie on the ground of al-Shifa hospital morgue in Gaza City on 20 July following a massacre in the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiyeh.

Mohammed Asad APA images

Eyewitnesses to aftermath

Some journalists entered Shujaiya during the pause in the Israeli attack and tweeted images of what they saw. Others tweeted images from in or near Gaza City’s al-Shifa hospital.
Among the dozens killed were cameraman Khaled Hammad and paramedic Fuad Jaber, in a strike on an ambulance, while they were trying to evacuate the wounded from Shujaiya.

Medics at al-Shifa hospital mourn their colleague who was targeted and killed in the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya neighbourhood earlier in the day on 20 July.

Anne Paq ActiveStills

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin posted these images on his Instagram account today from the morgue at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, where many of the massacre victims have been brought:




Wondered!!!! why we do not hear about the Red Cross organization and the Red Crescent ambulance helicopter descends directly in Gaza;as in all wars in the world, to transfer injuries to hospitals of other countries.
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ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM i just want to say that what the Palistinians are going through in this day and age is worst then a Holaucast its open Murder for the whole world to see and not one Arab country in the regioun can stand up for them but we the Non MUSLIM Arab from all around the world will give our lives to help fight the EVIL ZIONIST who wants to control the world with the help of BRITAIN and AMERICA as their main supporters.Mr NELSON MANDELA said that we can never be FREE if Palestine is not free .My country South Africa also when through hell but we stood firm and brought the APARTHEID government down without a civil war we showed them we were beter human beings then they were cos we stood for Peace and Justice and not wanted Revenge for what they did to us .That is why South Africa will always stand with the OPRESS people of the world . America Britain and Isreal must be held responsible for crimes against HUMANITY FOR LETTING iSRAEL KILL LITTLE CHILDREN SO OPENLY FOR THE WORLD TO SEE . now can that be peace loving countries who allowes these Modern day massacres .The Palestinian are defenseless they dont have a ARMY NAVY NOR AN AIRFORCE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH otherwise they would have stood their ground and defend their DIGNITY .I just hope and pray that the PALISTINIANS must be strong in their fight for FREEDOM and to get their land back from those CHILD KILLERS and may ALMIGHTY GOD punish them severely for their crimes against HUMANITY and all those who support them .


Maybe they should stop firing rockets into israel and just except things. Everyones crying because these arab countries are to weak to beat israel. Maybe they should stop being so bat shit crazy and stop blowing themselves up around everyone. By the way mandela was a crazy terrorist too. Murdering tons of civilians with bombs. Everyone forgets that side of him. Such a great leader that freed south africa but only made it worst for his people after apartheid.


My friend do you even have a heart. Do you even know who are blowing up themselves all over the world. How would you feel if the American or Israel army came to your place and blew up your home and entire family. Would you just laugh and say HAHA you won or would you fight to show the world what they have done to you. It is the American government and British to blame for what is taking place there. You are too blinded by lies to even know the truth of what's really happening.

And as for my late former president Nelson Mandela don't you even talk about him as if you know what he has done for us in South Africa. He fought and won he and all of us were victims to the white British regime and now we free and if you came from an apartheid regime to being free you would know the difference.

We as South Africans are willing to fight to ensure that this apartheid/ Zionist comes to an end even if we have to march all the way to Israel.


Palestinians need a Nelson Mandela of their own. He was a remarkable human being. Yet, he was not nonviolent in his beginning and he suffered many indignities and deprivations for his resistance to apartheid. It was the majesty that arose in him that brought him to his full potential as a peacemaker and a hero to South Africans. I wish Palestine had a Nelson Mandela to free them of the apartheid that imprisons them.


Les mots ne sont pas assez grand pour exprimer ma souffrance quand je vois le nombre de victimes.... Mais ce qui est horrible dans tout cette fichue guerre et lache surtout, c'est que les juifs ne s'en prennent qu'à des femmes et enfants.... Bombarder des maisons en sachant pertinament que des enfants vivent dedans, c'est abject.....


Future generations will study and try to understand how the United States government and media could witness this mayhem, fund it, and remain subdued and silent in the face of such a holocaust.


Gaza is like Guernica. The Israelis are reminiscent of the German Luftwaffe bombardment of civilians during Spain's civil war.


What can I say this is fucking Discreasfull, how on earth these sort of scenarios happen in modern day society is beyond me. Why wont the world step in and protect the defenseless people. I cant see how so many government s of the world can just stand by and warch the massacre of thousands of innocent people. No body deserves this sort of bombardment of weapons of mass destruction.IT IS NOT A FAIR WAR.... people of the world need to come together and stop this from happening. Iam from belfast, We have had trouble in our country but nothing on this scale. I didnt grow up threw the worst of the troubles but I did expierance them. And what I did experience was not good at all this is why I feel for palistine. Iam not a religious guy but the people of palistine needs out thoughts and prayers and I hope one day very very soon we can look at this massacre as a point in the worlds history that we never never ever repeat ! Remember people of the world we are all on this planet together... now lets fucking start living like that. We are all human colour and religion have fuck all to do with anything. . . Wouldn't it be so boring if we all looked the same, dressed the same acted the same and there was no difference in us at all . . . How fucking boring...


You demolish my home to grab my lands, torturing my children everyday and mount a fake to justify an invasion using the fourth most power army to kills our innocent and unarmed civilian people. Yes, you are good killing innocent childrens, but remember there´s a God who is going to come to judge to alive and deads.


Well, Israelis have an army, navy and air force. Israelis have tanks, attack helicopters, fighter jets, and missiles plus the illegal weapons DIME and white phosphorous. The Palestinians have rocks and some crude unguided rockets. It's like Mike Tyson beating up your two year old or your old granny. Israel should be ashamed, not proud. I believe it is the shame of watching the unrelenting Palestinian resistance to the brutal Israel occupation and oppression that so infuriates the Israelis. They consider the Palestinians inferiors but it is the Arabs, not the Jews, who had the guts and gumption to stand up to their oppressors.


You don't need to be Muslim to stand up for Gaza. You just need to be human!


Where is the United Nations to protect the people of Gaza this body is supposed to fight against injustice an human right shame on you.


The savagery of the Israelis is astonishing. It is so inhumane to be unbelievable but for the vivid photos of the depravity. There is no excuse for this murder of innocent civilians. The sight of the children horrifies me and makes me ill. Send these photos to your governments and make them see what they have allowed to happen.


Israelis seem to be intent on shaming themselves in the depths they trawl in the name of God . Which god would want its people to act in this endless murderous way . It appears to be evil in its purist form. If that is what Israel stands for after knowing what it feels like under the Nazi persecution, its god would be deeply ashamed. Destruction of this evil nature breeds further destruction . Shame on any person who believes this is the right way to honour their god.


As many of us are aware, this is the Zionist extermination policy (Israeli's use
the only slightly slicker word, "transfer"). Israelis must be overjoyed. We know
so well that it is Israel's "War of Independence" in 1948 ----Palestinian al-Nakba----continued as it has been for decades. What is the difference to Israelis between high-tech weapons of today and the sword which murdered thousands in former days? The result is the same for the victims.

Deuteronomy 20.11-14 :

" must not let anything that breathes remain alive. You shall annihilate

Peter Loeb, Boston, MA U


I don't know how I should express my feelings about Gaza,Palestine and the innocent people of that region,but I'm deeply sorry and I'm very concerned about your people and territory. I'm not exaggerating: I think of you and the genocide going on in your region every single day. not only me,but we have majority of people here in Iran which are sad and sorry because of what is going on in Gaza, and all the violence and crimes of Damned Israel.

I pray for you every day. may Allah be with you.

انا لله و انا الیه راجعون


The horror and atrocities of war is never ending, history repeating itself over and over again. The insanity of pushing the same buttons and expecting a different result. What are these stupid humans going to do to change? There seems to be only two options here, change the way we think or totally annihilate one side or the other. Which would be the logical and preferable way?
A Serbian man commenting on war once said, "When people are not very clever, they shoot".
Lets find a better alternative... a peaceful way to resolve conflict.