UK’s Jewish Chronicle propagates anti-Semitic slander to rally support for Israel’s Gaza war crimes

A pro-Israel newspaper promoted anti-Semitic slander on their website Friday. The story’s headline claimed “Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel” for its current attack on Gaza.

The Jewish Chronicle staff have since edited the headline to clarify the “unanimous” support is actually from “UK Jewish communal organisations” (though even that is not accurate).

But this screen capture from a Google search of the original headline clearly proves The Jewish Chronicle published the headline. A version of the headline also survives on an index page of their website, as of this writing: “Unanimous UK [Jewish] community support for Israel over Gaza fighting.”

The story contains a list of signatories on a letter to the Israel’s UK ambassador supporting Israel’s war crimes in Gaza as an “entirely understandable response.”

The list of signatories are in fact mostly representatives or members of some of the most fanatically pro-Israel lobby groups and propaganda organizations, including the Jewish Leadership Council, BICOM, the Labour Friends of Israel and the Conservative Friends of Israel.

No one elected these people to speak in the “unanimous” name of Britain’s Jews.

The disgusting sentiment proves once again that Zionists are willing to give anti-Semitism a free pass: but only in the service of fanatical support for Israel.

Anti-semitic trope

According to a controversial (but favored as a definition of anti-Semitism by supporters of Israel) document, “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” is an example of anti-Semitism.

This document, the “Working Definition of Anti-semitism,” has in fact been discredited, as shown in a definitive report for EI by Ben White.

In his memoir, former director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research Tony Lerman called it part of an Israeli campaign to manipulate the issue: “Israeli governments had successfully sought to control efforts to define and combat antisemitism… the so-called ‘Working Definition’… had helped them in this regard” (176).

Nevertheless, I’ve compared the Jewish Chronicle headline with Zionists’ own favored definition so that they are dammed in their own terms. The “Working Definition” has been spoken of positively by at least two Jewish Chronicle editors.

Jews against Israeli war crimes

In fact, and unsurprisingly, as usual there have been plenty of UK Jews who have spoken out against Israel’s current war crimes in Gaza.

For example, a strong letter from a long list of British Jews in The Guardian today condemns Israel for “its lethal bombardment of the civilian population of Gaza” and expresses “support [for] the peaceful campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS)” against Israel. It is signed by activists, academics and cultural workers – including Hollywood star Miriam Margolyes and comedian Alexei Sayle.





Zionism has always been the twin of anti-Semitism. Like them it accepted that Jews didn't belong in non-Jewish society, which is why they welcomed the 1935 Nuremburg Laws and were not unhappy about the coming to power of the Nazis, seeing it as the defeat of what they termed the 'assimilationist' option.

Hence also why they did their best to undermine another boycott - the anti-fascist/Jewish and Labour movement boycott of Nazi Germany.

The number of statements they made concerning Jews in the diaspora which could have come from anti-Semites are legion. Palestine, according to Pinchas Rosen, Israel’s first Minister of Justice was an ‘Institute for the Fumigation of Jewish Vermin.’ [Joachim Doron, ‘Classic Zionism and Modern Anti-Semitism: Parallels and Influences (1883-1914), Studies in Zionism, No. 8 Autumn 1983).

See also my 2 reviews on Francis Nicosia's 2 books on Zionism and anti-Semitism and my post showing why BDS today is a logical extension of the boycott of Nazi Germany.


Yes I see it in States too. It's the vile language against the Palestinian people that gets me, the name calling and incitements. And why do the Israelis think they're better than anyone else and don't have to pay their dues?


It's the racism and chauvinism that comes naturally to settler colonials. It is inbuilt into the kind of society they have constructed, so we are the racists and they are to be held to different rules!

Hence for all their nonsense about the EUMC definition of anti-Semitism they claim all Jews are to be held responsible for the slaughter in Gaza.

They drink from the same poisoned well as the anti-Semites and fascists in Europe used to imbibe (to mix a few metaphors!)

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