“She should die”: Israelis taunt critically wounded Palestinian girl

A Palestinian girl was shot and critically wounded after she allegedly stabbed and lightly injured an Israeli soldier outside the Mevo Dotan settlement in the northern occupied West Bank on Thursday. She died in an Israeli hospital the following day.

Video from the scene shows the girl, identified as Nouf Aqab Infayat, 16, lying on the ground and moaning in pain while Israelis stand around her, cursing her and calling for her death:

“She should die. She should fuck off,” one man is heard saying in the video.

No one is shown attempting to administer first aid to the girl.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Infayat was shot in the stomach.

“Local settlers said that the she approached the gate to the settlement, carrying on even after a soldier at the post demanded that she stay away,” according to Haaretz. “She approached a group of soldiers near the gate and stabbed one of them, they said.”

Security camera footage from the scene shows Infayat approaching the settlement before disappearing from view. Israeli forces are then seen running. The alleged stabbing is not shown on the video:

Gaza boy in critical condition

Meanwhile, a Palestinian boy shot by Israeli forces in Gaza last week remains in critical condition, according to Defense for Children International Palestine.

Khalid Ghamri, 16, was participating in a protest against Israel’s blockade of Gaza and in support of the hunger strike being waged by Palestinian prisoners when he was hit in the abdomen with live fire near Bureij refugee camp on 23 May.

A doctor at a hospital in Deir al-Balah told Defense for Children International Palestine that the bullet passed through Ghamri’s right arm, causing a fracture, and “also lacerated his bowel and abdomen on the right side, damaging blood vessels that supply blood to the lower body.”

The rights group stated that Ghamri turned 17 while unconscious in the hospital.

Israeli soldiers operate under an apparent shoot-to-kill policy in Gaza’s boundary areas. So far this year, two Palestinian fishermen have died as a result of being fired on by the Israeli navy off the Gaza coast, and a 15-year-old Palestinian was killed when he was shot in the head near Gaza’s boundary with Israel.

Man dies of injuries

Twenty-six Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and armed civilians so far this year, as was an Israeli settler apparently mistaken for a Palestinian assailant. Six Israelis, most of them soldiers, and a British national have been killed by Palestinians during the same time period.

A Palestinian man who was shot by police in the Israeli city of Netanya last week died from his injuries two days later.

Muhannad Abd al-Rahman, from the occupied West Bank town of Tulkarm, was shot and detained after allegedly stabbing an Israeli police officer in the neck, causing light injuries.

This story was updated on 2 June to reflect that Nouf Infayat died of her injuries, and to correct her age and first name.




Another video that won't make the evening news. Which is a shame, really, because these deranged cretins are acting in concert with the U.S. government and foreign policy elites.

The footage indicates that those fleeing the scene were responding to the lethal use of force by the Israeli soldiers. There's nothing to indicate that their victim harmed or even threatened anyone.
Condolences to the girl's family. May she recover soon and be well.


Good man, Tom Hall, for bearing witness to the evil actions of the murderous Israeli government and their demented supporters, including those shameless sociopaths in Britain and the remnants of the colonial world in western Europe, who appear,in partnership with the current Empire of the USA, to be hell-bent on global control and/or destruction.

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