Why is Mahmoud Abbas letting children die in Gaza?

Palestinians hold placards condemning PA leader Mahmoud Abbas for his complicity of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, at a rally in Gaza City, 9 July.

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The deeply unpopular Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is helping Israeli occupation authorities inflict horrendous suffering on people in the blockaded Gaza Strip, as part of a cruel and cynical political game.

It is a campaign that in recent weeks has led to the deaths of more than a dozen Palestinians denied medical treatment outside Gaza – the most recent, a little girl called Yara Ismail Bakhit.

Israel and Abbas are doing this with the complicity of a so-called international community that remains silent about the unfolding catastrophe.

Closely allied with Israel, Abbas has long defined collaboration with its occupation forces as a “sacred” duty.

This collaboration has included encouraging Israel, from the very start, to tighten its blockade of Gaza.

The decade-long siege has brought the 2 million residents caged into the territory to perhaps their most dire crisis in a period that has included successive military assaults that have killed thousands of people.

On Thursday, Gaza’s only power plant shut down after emergency fuel supplies ran out.

The territory is now dependent on just 70 megawatts of power supplied from Israel, a fraction of the 500 megawatts it needs each day.

A “power watch” feature in the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz shows that Gaza City received just three hours of electricity on Wednesday, while some areas received four hours.

But with the power supply now below the all-time low it reached earlier this week, most residents face long stretches without any power at all amid the sweltering summer heat.

On top of the darkness and the heat, many in Gaza face a cut off of any contact with the outside world: the PA telecom company Paltel said that internet and telephone services to thousands of customers in Gaza have been severed as generators fail.

Unheeded warnings

On Wednesday, UN human rights officials emphasized that the latest power cuts “have deepened the humanitarian crisis with hospitals in precarious conditions, water shortages growing and untreated sewage being dumped into the Mediterranean.”

Their warnings will likely go unheeded, just like so many in recent months, including from the International Committee of the Red Cross that said in May that Gaza was on the brink of “systemic collapse.”

For months, health facilities across the territory have been in crisis and Gaza City’s main hospital has slashed vital surgeries because there isn’t enough power to run life support systems.

As treatment plants fail, the territory is swimming in sewage.

Yet the European Union, which never rests from trumpeting its alleged commitment to “human rights,” has maintained a determined silence which can only be interpreted as full support for the measures inflicting such suffering on Gaza.

Instead, the EU’s embassy in Tel Aviv as well as a top UN official, touted Abbas’ authority for collaborating with Israel to increase the electricity supply to Jenin, a town in the northern occupied West Bank.

The timing of the announcement, along with a grotesque ribbon-cutting ceremony in which PA officials appeared alongside Israeli military officers, looked calculated to rub salt into the wounds of people in Gaza.

Finally, on Thursday, after months of ignoring Gaza, the EU, as part of the so-called Quartet, issued a vague statement of “concern” that said nothing about Israel’s responsibilities.

Israel’s responsibility

The UN experts emphasized that while Israel’s power cuts were nominally implemented at the request of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, Israel remains legally responsible.

Previously, senior UN officials have attempted to play down Israel’s responsibility, shifting the blame to an internal dispute between the Abbas-run PA in Ramallah, and Hamas authorities that control the interior of Gaza.

In April, the PA told Israel it would no longer pay the full bill for electricity Israel supplies to Gaza, as part of Abbas’ campaign to oust Hamas by inflicting additional hardship on the population in Gaza.

Over the last month, Israel has sharply reduced the power it supplies to Gaza – the territory’s main source of electricity.

“Israel, as the occupier controlling the entry and exit of goods and people, bore the primary responsibility for the deterioration of the situation,” the UN human rights experts said on Wednesday, according to a UN press release.

Human rights groups previously affirmed that it is illegal for Israel, as the occupying power, to cut the electricity to Gaza no matter what Abbas says.

Despite the Israeli cabinet’s decision to accept the Palestinian Authority’s “cruel plan to further reduce the power supply to Gaza,” B’Tselem said last month, the situation in Gaza “is the result of Israel’s handiwork, achieved by its decade-long implementation of a brutal policy.”

Killing babies

Three-year-old Yara Ismail Bakhit, who suffered from a heart condition, died because she was denied a medical transfer out of Gaza.

Dr. Ashraf al-Qidra, the spokesperson for the health ministry in Gaza, said on Thursday that the toddler, from the southern town of Khan Younis, is the 16th person to die in recent weeks because they weren’t able to secure a medical transfer.

Palestinian media have circulated these pictures of Yara:

Yara’s death is another sacrifice to Abbas’ campaign against the population in Gaza; it came about due to the delays his health ministry is imposing on requests for medical transfers to Israeli or West Bank treatment facilities.

The Ramallah health ministry must approve such requests before Israel does because it pays for any treatment provided in Israeli or West Bank hospitals.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights has documented a steady decline in medical referrals since April – when Abbas’ renewed onslaught against the population in Gaza began.

PCHR said on Monday that the PA health ministry had failed to approve or renew referrals for “hundreds of patients suffering from serious and chronic diseases without displaying the reasons behind this decision.”

According to PCHR, the number of referrals dropped from almost 2,200 in March to about 1,700 in April and fell below 1,500 in May. In June, the PA approved just 500.

As of early June, medical authorities in Gaza had approved some 2,500 patients “suffering from serious diseases that have no treatment in Gaza” for treatment outside the territory. But a month and a half later, the Ramallah authorities had only approved 400.

PCHR said it was “shocked” that West Bank hospitals have begun refusing to see patients from Gaza because there is no guarantor of payment.

Meanwhile, Abbas’ health ministry has also cut the budget for medicines for Gaza, leading to an acute crisis that is putting the lives of hundreds of people, including children with cystic fibrosis and cancer patients, in grave danger.

PCHR said: “Denying patients their right to receive medical treatment abroad, in view of the absence of a proper alternative in Gaza, is a clear violation of the right to health ensured in the Palestinian Basic Law” – in effect the Palestinian Authority’s constitution.

PCHR calls on world governments to put pressure on Israel “in its capacity as an occupying power” to guarantee the rights of people in Gaza under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

It also “calls upon the international community to pressurize the Palestinian Authority not to undermine the basic rights of Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip” and to respect its obligations under international law to the Palestinian people it allegedly serves.

The problem is that the Palestinian Authority and its leader are tools in the hands of the so-called international community against the Palestinians and their cause.

Their role is to help Israel occupy and pacify the Palestinian population, even at the price of the lives of children in Gaza.




It will be interesting to see how the Palestinians in Gaza and WB vote in the forthcoming elections. After all, the leadership must be held accountable to the people for what they do while in office, and must periodically renew their democratic mandate.


The PA/PLO are indistinguishable in cruelty to Palestinians from the zionist occupation govt and forces. That not one of them have gone public or resigned on the matter of the deprivation of electricity,medecines and medical referrals, meaning only, they all approve of the intensification of suffering of fellow Palestinians in Gaza.

I live in Sydney and last week I went into a local shop, detecting an Arabic accent , I asked the owner where he was from. He was an Armenian born in Al Quds. I mentioned that I am an activist for Palestine and he said the Palestinians ( Authority) don't want peace they want the tap of donor money keep running not their pockets. Yes, PA treason is lucrative and its reputation is filth.

One day there will be Palestinian Nuremberg trials and it will be a thrill to see every member of the PA/PLO in the dock.


Respect please. You are talking about the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Democratic values have been sacrificed on the altar of an armed militia. The counterpart is Hamas. Hence the urgent need for free and fair elections in which there are multiple choices for representatives of the Palestinian people.


Vacy Vlazna is not lacking any respect to anyone in his comment. He/she is expressing a personal opinion about the PA, which is an organisation and not a person. There is nothing wrong with labelling it as a treasonous organisation, and hoping to see the management in the dock, in other words being given a fair trial.

You, on the other hand, imply that Hamas has trampled on democratic values; let me remind you that Hamas won the last elections in Gaza fair & square, but that israel & the US did not like it so organised a coup using Fatah members, who subsequently messed up, forcing Hamas to take over goverment lock, stock, and barrel.

You further imply that Hamas is not fit to govern, thereby taking the line of certain Western powers that that is so because Hamas is labelled as a terrorist organisation. Those Western powers between them represent a maximum of 15% of the world's population, i.e. a minority. In other words the large majority of the world does NOT see Hamas as a terrorist organisation. But those same Western powers, supreme in their hypocrisy & double standards, would not dream of labelling israel as a state terrorist, even though the viciousness of its repeated attacks on Gaza have inflicted far greater damage on the defenceless Palestinians than Hamas ever inflicted on the israelis.

Some balance in your assessment of others' comments & your own would not be a bad thing, to put it mildly.


You described the PA/PLO as "the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people." That hasn't been true since the 2006 elections - the last democratic election which was won by Hamas. Abbas is getting richer and fatter while Gazans suffer. Both the Israelis and Palestinians who are responsible for the torture of Gaza should be put on trial for what they're doing. The Israelis first because the greatest responsibility as the occupying power is theirs. Free Gaza! Free Palestine!


A shocking & insightful article, Ali, but you have not answered your own question: Why is Mahmoud Abbas letting children die in Gaza?


He wants to dystroy a more popular enemy and also keep the money Flowing to his own pockets
I have lived over a decade in Israel and Palestine, and watched PLO/ Fatah decline to limousine driving, privaldged special class, whizzing past their citizens who wait hours in the heat or rain to cross the checkpoints themselves. Hamas wn elections because they were honest, and committed tied to the Uslamic d al of Charity (cf. 'The Charitable Cresent.' ) The IDF realizing this started dystroying these charities ( I recall an IDF soldier interviewed for an Israel newspaper saying his job was to 'to close charities'. Hundreds of nternatiols came to these orphanages to protect the charities as IDF don't like Western eyes on their actions. Why are these stories never report d?


I think Ali does answer the question: it's due to his collaboration with Israel and his desire to inflict damage on Hamas, never mind the ordinary citizens who live in Gaza. If I'm wrong, then it's a rhetorical question: a rhetorical question encourages the reader to think for themselves as to why.


Abbas seem incompetent, and weak, when it comes to Israel. The Palestinians need a younger and stronger leader, who will be more active to help his people, and not Israel. It is time the political entities within Gaza put aside their political aspirations, and unite to achieve their goals. These groups like Hamas seem to hurt not help the cause.

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