“When they rape you don’t object”: Israeli “satire” show incites hatred of Muslims, Europeans

The popular Israeli web-based satirical show LatmaTV has released a musical video containing crude anti-Muslim stereotypes and mocking Europeans as “dummies” for supposedly allowing their countries to be taken over by Islam and turned into “Eurabia.”

In one sequence, a Norwegian father tells his blonde daughter about Muslims: “When they rape you don’t object for that is politically incorrect.”

Fantasies about people of color raping white women remain one of the oldest racist tropes and were frequently a pretext for lynching black men and boys in the United States. This hate-based fear has led in Israel to measures to “rescue” Jewish women from dating Arab men.

Last Summer, Anders Breivik massacred dozens of children and young people in Norway supposedly to prevent the takeover of the country by Muslims. This new Israeli video seems to affirm Breivik’s fantasy of white – even Aryan – Europe being vulnerable to Muslim invasion.

Jerusalem Post editor and US neocon group behind hate video

LatmaTV is popular in Israel and is run by Jerusalem Post deputy editor Caroline Glick. She is an American who grew up in Chicago, settled in Palestine in 1991, and served five and a half years in the Israeli army.

LatmaTV, as Robert Mackey who edits The Lede blog at the The New Times reported last year, is a project of the neoconservative US-based “Center for Security Policy” (CSP) to which Glick is an advisor.

Glick was also behind the notorious “We con the world” video which mocked victims of Israel’s attack on the Mavi Marmara also using crude racist stereotypes.

But the latest video, which seems to affirm the beliefs of mass killer Anders Breivik, may have reached a new low, even for such extremists. If the targets of this hate propaganda were Jews instead of Muslims, it is not difficult to imagine what the outcry would be.

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Lets see if YouTube takes it down. The video was quite hurtful for me and it takes the mickey out of my mates who celebrate Christmas.


I've also reported this video for racist content and cited specific items in the video as well as asked them to change Muslim/Islam to Jew/Jewish or Christian/-(ity) to see how hateful it is. The more reports made against, the more likely this will get taken down.


It seems we live in an age where even the allusion to a alleged anti-Semite statement has severe repercussions to warn the rest of humanity eg : John galliano's "anti Semitic" statements made it to CNN & BBC headlines (apart from being shunned by the Fashion fraternity) and the same punishment was sought out to actor Mel Gibson.
Israel however, reserves the right and has freedom to discriminate , incite hatred and abuse any person of Gentile origins, Arab origins regardless of their religion ;be they Christians or Muslims.


Interesting how they evoke the 2005 Paris riots. At the time, everyone was quite aware they were about police and ghettoisation. But in six years it's obviously got mythologised with people blaming multiculturalism and Muslims and now it seems they were all rioting because someone insulted Islam. Odd kind of history this.

Plus I wasn't aware the Islamicisificationment in Norway was more of a problem than, say, the resistance to it.


I was shocked and saddened by this video and have gone into detail about my objections to it. I have stated that if the video were about Jews and not Muslims the makers would be prosecuted and that it implies Europeans are stupid and also belittles the meaning of Christmas to Christians. I have told Youtube that it is by far the most offensive video I have ever seen and that I am seriously considering closing my account if they don't do something about it. I am furious that the video makers can get away with what is racist behaviour disguised as comedy.


Wouldn't it be better to leave the video up for all to see ? People need to see that garbage for themselves, I've already pointed it out to people here in Canada


Flagged the stupid video. I was surprised to see it was still there.