“What’s going on” - New track from Gaza hip hop duo Revolution Makers

I was introduced to Revolution Makers when I saw them perform a rare live hip hop performance in Gaza City during PalFest last May.

Since the duo, brothers Mohammed and Osama Elsusi, have put out a number of new songs.

This is their newest song, “What’s going on,” featuring Ayman Mghames.

In the notes on the YouTube page, they include an approximate English translation of the lyrics, but the spirit of the song is captured in the haunting chorus:

We wish for a life in which the cheapest thing is not our blood,
For our present days to withstand the challenge of what we’ve lived through,
To live to think about our future, to come together, together - oh our brothers

You can hear all of Revolution Makers’ music on their Soundcloud. I highly recommend it.