Watch: Gaza Youth produce rap video honoring flotilla

Gaza Youth Break Out (GYBO) a Gaza-based youth activist group has produced a rap video celebrating the recent Gaza Freedom Flotilla and other efforts to break the siege of Gaza. Called “The Mystery,” the track is performed by Mohammed Anter and Ahmed Rezeq and carries English subtitles for the Arab lyrics. It also honors the late Vittorio Arrigoni.

From the description:

The song is performed by the newly created GYBO rap team and it’s dedicated to all the freedom fighters world wide, to all those who raised the palestinian flag to face zionism and specially to the passengers of the flotilla1, flotila2, flytilla, viva palestina convoys, road to hope convoy, Africa to Gaza, Asia to gaza and to our friends in the vik2gaza convoy.




Thanks Ali, Mohammed & Ahmed for this great music/vid. My 14 year old son, like most teenage boys, thinks most of what his dad does (ie:Palestinian solidarity) is sh*t!! But it's MUSIC which has actually re-connected him to what I do, because he actually thinks it's cool and he was very impressed when he discovered "Freedom For Palestine" really HAD reached no.10 in the independent singles chart!