Watch: Debunking Israel’s “mass rape” propaganda

Israel and its proxies have launched a new media blitz, reviving unverified claims that Hamas fighters perpetrated mass rapes of Israeli women during its 7 October military operation.

Despite blanket coverage, Israel does not claim to have identified any specific victim of such crimes, nor produced any videos or forensic evidence corroborating that they took place.

On The Electronic Intifada livestream we dissected this propaganda campaign and showed how it is being fronted by operatives close to the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Watch the video above.

We explain how this is a deceptive campaign based not on evidence but emotional manipulation, outlandish claims, distortion and an appeal to racist notions that Palestinians are inherently violent and cruel.

It fits in with a long history of colonizers portraying colonized or enslaved people as savage brutes predisposed to sexual violence against white or settler women.

As the Jim Crow Museum observes, the longstanding “brute caricature portrays Black men as innately savage, animalistic, destructive and criminal – deserving punishment, maybe death.”

“The ‘terrible crime’ most often mentioned in connection with the Black brute was rape, specifically the rape of a white woman,” the museum adds. “At the beginning of the 20th century, much of the virulent, anti-Black propaganda that found its way into scientific journals, local newspapers and best-selling novels focused on the stereotype of the Black rapist.”

These stereotypes justified state violence against, and control of, Black people and “soothed white consciences.”

There’s a similar and equally sinister dynamic to Israeli propaganda now targeting Palestinians. Its purpose is to demonize them and soften up public opinion to tolerate or support Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.

On Monday, Hamas condemned Western media for going along with “misleading Zionist campaigns that promote lies and baseless allegations” including the claims of rape and sexual assault by its fighters.”

The resistance group added that the latest campaign is “part of a series of lies propagated by the Zionist propaganda machine” which has consistently made false claims such as “the beheading of children, the targeting of revelers at the concert in the settlement of Re’im and not the least of which is the lie of using al-Shifa hospital for military purposes.”




Congratulations on your fearless work on the Israeli propaganda around Oct. 7th.
I think I am convinced that Hamas did do some of the killing/atrocities, but think that you and others have convinced me there is a huge amount of Israeli spin.

One question has me stumped: those alleged "go pro" camera videos of Hamas fighters as they went around killing people. Are they real? Or could they all be faked?


As support for the War On Afghanistan dwindled, the Pentagon commissioned a study which concluded that the undecided voters were most likely to favor continuing the war if it was couched in terms of a struggle for women's rights. Hence, public messaging shifted, which is why we heard politicians and journalists suddenly express a touching concern for Muh Afghan Women And Girls. This in turn allowed that particular grift to continue for a few years more.

And we all remember the lurid allegations of rape used to sell the War On Libya the War On Ukraine.

In the last few days, public messaging on Gaza has shifted to unsupported allegations of mass rape, even though nobody has produced any rape kits or other evidence. But the MSM and politicians changed their sales pitch almost simultaneously.

Right on cue.


This is fascinating, I’d love to read the whole report. Do you have a link?


If anyone believes a word Israrl says by now they are fools


Reminds me of Libya and the debunked accusation of mass rape. I am surprised that they keep bringing up these bizarre accusations. One would expect they had a lot of forensic proof. But from the start, Israel invented atrocities to justify their real ones.


It is standard tactic to accuse people seeking freedom from oppression, typically people of color of being less than human, animals, and the men are always rapists. For people who are progressive such accusations should automatically be questioned. In this situation we know Israel does nothing but lie--it is their only form of communication. The arrogance of State powers such as in Israel believes in their absolute control of the narrative which includes controlling the mass media. Add the emotional beliefs that have been perpetrated on the world about anti-semitism it is not surprising at all that these claims get made.


One thing that is glaring to me about these massive rape stories is the absence of the context within which these assaults were portended to occur. As I understand such conditions there was an breech int he 'securty' fence to capture hostages in order to negotiate the release of 1000's of Palestinians held without charges, bail, legal assist, etc, people who were being tortured by Israel. Such a situation would have people, the fighters on high alert for the IDF attacking them, running rapidly, finding cover, etc. When was there time to perform all these rapes. These guys must have had super human powers to find the time to capture, contain, unzip, rape and redress and get back into the fighting fray. I find this whole thing unbelievable . Further, what is not discussed are the direct interviews with Israeli women whose houses were invaded or held captive--in the few interviews that made the broader media outside Israel these women all reported being treated well and with respect. One woman whose home was broken into described the fighters saying they would not harm her or the children (I think there was one or 2 there). The fighter asked is he could take a banana! This is not the behavior of the wild, sexual maurauding men that Israel is trying to promote. This contrast must be included in any reporting to portray a different image

As for the comparison to racist characterizing in the US, yes, absolutely. The US exports Jim Crow tactics. What is also notable is a description of how the UK trained the early settler colonists in demoralization of the Palestinians and Arabe in the earlier years of the 20c when there were what we might call settler wars. What if people shared peace tactics as much as they shared the racist, colonial/imperialist ones!


Israel and its spokespeople are so arrogant that they think they are above criticism, above reality and above facts. The seem to believe they have "the divine right of Zionists" to lie and not be be questioned. They are so corrupt.


There is also a report by Physicians for Human Rights Israel. It includes a number of the testimonies you have made questionable but also the following paragraph: 'A senior medical official with knowledge of the efforts being carried out at Shura shared with us that incidents of broken pelvises and other physical signs indicating sexual violence had been documented. The official also noted that he spoke with medical personnel at hospitals to which survivors and bodies from the attacks had arrived, who told him they had observed clear signs of sexual violence, including vaginal tears."

No doubt Israel is milking what happened on 7/10 to carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza. And there were stories which were easily debunked - 40 beheaded babies, etc. But I still believe atrocites were perpetrated on 7/10.


I read the PHR report and it is also based on second hand information, not on original research. Even the paragraph you cite above engages in the same game of second and third-hand unverified claims. The PHR report contains no new evidence.


Thanks for the feedback! What does verified information usually look like in this kind of context? I guess that if many many women are raped in such circumstances they would be less reticent about this fact and not take months and months to recount their experience? I'm guessing though... Doctors would give at least their own names and be able to at least cite numbers? I thought that an organisation such as PHR would be unlikely to spread propaganda campaigns but if one reads between the lines perhaps they were under political pressure to make a statement?