War on campus: Ali Abunimah and Max Geller on Democracy Now!

This morning I appeared on Democracy Now! along with Max Geller, a law student at Boston’s Northeastern University and a member of Northeastern Students for Justice in Palestine.

The university administration this week banned Northeastern Students for Justice in Palestine because of mock eviction notices – flyers critical of Israel – that members distributed on campus.

This makes it only the latest student group to face reprimand for organizing around the Palestinian cause.

Geller talked about how students are fighting back against this censorship and repression, including a national outpouring of support.

I talked about how the attack on free speech at Northeastern is part of a broader war against Palestine solidarity activists on campuses that is being waged by university administrations and Israel lobby groups.

Note: Democracy Now’s bookmark for the segment is about 100 seconds late so rewind the player to see the¬†beginning of the segment.




Ali was calm,concise and very informative...