Violating court order, Israeli occupiers forcibly remove Bab Al Shams village from Palestinian land

Israeli border policemen stood near what Palestinians called the new village of Bab Al Shams (Gate of the Sun), on Saturday 11 January 2013. Israeli forces raided and dismantled the encampment early Sunday.

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Demonstrating once again the illusory nature of the rule of law in Israel when it comes to the rights of Palestinians, Israeli occupation forces on Sunday morning violently expelled dozens of Palestinians who had on Friday established a village they called Bab Al Shams on privately-owned Palestinian land that has been seized for Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.

As Haaretz reported:

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Palestinian outpost, built in the geographically sensitive area known as E-1, could remain for six days while the issue of the removal of the tents was being discussed. [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu ordered the evacuation immediately, however, despite the court’s ruling.

Netanyahu vowed that Israel’s plans to colonize the land would go ahead.

A release from the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee said that several people had been injured in the violent pre-dawn raid and outlined Israel’s bogus legal maneuvers:

Although established on privately owned Palestinian lands, Israel forcefully expelled residents of the village in a pre-dawn raid this morning. Six required medical attention Shortly before 3 AM, hundreds of Israeli cops and soldiers staged a raid on the newly founded Palestinian village of Bab Al Shams (Gate of the Sun), violently evicting its 150 inhabitants. Use of police brutality is even more objectionable in light of the passive resistance offered by the residents. No arrests were made, and all persons detained were released shortly after.

In light of harsh international criticism over the plan to expand the Maaleh Adumim settlement, and in an attempt to draw away attention from the case, eviction took place early this morning. Following its arrival at the scene, a massive police force began by removing journalists from the residents’ immediate surroundings and proceeded to drag people away, beating some of them. Six Palestinians later required medical care at the Ramallah Hospital.

Following his release, Mohammed Khatib of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee said, “We will not remain silent as Israel continues to build Jewish-only colonies on our land. Bab Al Shams is no more, but during its short days it gave new life and energy to all who passed through it. Israel continues to act in violation of every imaginable law and human decency. In establishing Bab Al Shams we declare that we have had enough of demanding our rights from the occupier – from now on we shall seize them ourselves.”

Last night the state appealed to the High Court to withdraw an injunction prohibiting the eviction. The state argued, among other things, that the very existence of the village may occasion rioting, despite its remote and isolated location. The state further argued that the village was established by the Committees to Resist the Wall (a body which does not exist), also behind a blockade of Route 443 in October 2012. This claim, backed only by an affidavit signed by an Israeli police chief, has never been supported by any indictments or arrests for the questioning of individuals.

The village of Bab Al Shams was established last Friday by Palestinian activists, on privately owned Palestinian lands, in an area between East Jerusalem and the settlement of Maaleh Adumim, which Israel refers to as E1. After the acceptance of Palestine as a non-member state to the UN, Israel announced the approval of a plan to expand the Maaleh Adumim settlement by building some 4,000 residential units in this area. Such construction would effectively bisect the West Bank and effectively cutting it off from Jerusalem.

“Everyone was evacuated carefully and swiftly, without any injuries to officers or protesters,” an Israeli police spokesman told Haaretz. However photos distributed by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (link to download zip file) show several protestors with bruises and injuries to their faces.

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We the people in the free lands of the world must not support anyone who engages in acts of injustice and oppression. Hypocrisy in belief and action makes us lower than those we call oppressors.

Now if one openly supports oppression through acts of land theft and violence towards an occupied people, then that makes one vile but at least they are being honest.

Here's praying for change


I think that this new act of Israeli colonization, which even G.W. Bush resisted! is against Human Rights and Israel`s declaration of the High Court. All the world must resist this brutality! Wher remains thew Two-States - Resolution?


Bravo to the resistance and determination of the Palestinians. Despite the eviction, they have shone a spotlight on Israel's unrelenting and cynical settlement-building. It's encouraging to see them continuing to take actions, despite the ineffectiveness and treachery of the so-called leaders.


A village like Araqeeb was demolished more than 40 times but it still resists. Bab Al Shams will remain.
Four soldiers were required to arrest one resident of Bab Al Shams. What if popular resistance was popular? I hope that more young people participate in such movements all over Palestine all over the week days.

Freedom to all Palestinian prisoners, specially the ones on hunger-strike.


Really, i don't think the world needs any more proof of israel's illigitimacy as a settler racist colonial entity. Justice demands the end of the israeli entity and freedom and reparations to the Palestinians for all the crimes committed against them by the israeli so-called government as well as the colonists themselves!