Video: Racist West Bank settler whines that there are Arabs near his house

I came across this video posted on YouTube titled “Arab Workers in Susiya Unattended.” Susiya is an illegal Israeli colony founded in 1983 in the southern occupied West Bank on land stolen from the 200-year-old Palestinian village with the same name whose inhabitants have been harassed and expelled by settlers and the Israeli army for years.

The videographer appears to be a settler who speaks poor Hebrew with a heavy North American accent.

He marches out of his house toward a man who, it would appear, is Palestinian, and demands, “where is the guard?” The man gestures, and the videographer replies, “Inside?” before marching off toward a building that is under construction.

There the videographer approaches a man who is wearing a Jewish skull cap and tells him: “There are Arabs by my house. Why can’t I go out of my house? There is no guard. I don’t like this. I don’t accept this.”

The videographer again demands, “Where is the guard? where is the guard?” The man in the skullcap who has a pistol on his belt assures him, “I am the guard,” but the videographer sounds skeptical.

Sadly most settlements are built by Palestinians who have few other economic opportunities.

Colonial reality: A screenshot shows a glimpse of a settler’s pistol as a Palestinian laborer carrying construction supplies passes in the background.

The video unintentionally provides a glimpse of the racist and colonial conditions Palestinians live under, where settlers – many from the United States – are happy to exploit Palestinian labor, but only under armed guard lest the oppressed natives revolt against the masters.

It is an old story, as old as colonialism itself.




The video is not accessible.
I hope someone saved and downloaded it,
and re-submit it please. Thank you.
Anyways how would you like to
have drunken neighbors as these to
put up with daily ? May God help the


The video may have showed a man fearful for his life. We don't know the context of what he was afraid of, or his history.


He was a whiny racist bastard. The comments he left before makin the video private further prove it. All about protecting "Jewish blood" ultra leftists and antisemitism


I dislike the term 'whiny.' It just sounds like something a grade school student would say. Moving on, do you think his causes for alarm are illegitimate? In other words, do you believe that he has nothing to fear?


If he were in the US, he could complain about the blacks or Hispanic men working construction in his neighborhood. Is there a possible that any stranger in your community be a possible risk, of course. But if he doesn't like having Arabs (who do the majority of the construction in these settlements) in his area, maybe he should move to an area or country where there are no Arabs he can freak out about. How about Idaho or Montana?

The guys in the video were working hard doing their job. He should bring them a glass of water or soda and thank them for their work not harass them for helping him build on stolen land.

What would you describe him as if not whiny? paranoid? Racist piece of sh*t? I think the second one is better. Maybe he can't help being a racist. But posting this video he's not ashamed of having racist paranoid thoughts, he thinks he's being rational. He's not even embarassed that he was called out on it. He was responding to comments just as racist and vile and full of paranoid crap of "ultra leftist conspiracies in France" I think he only made the video private to avoid the deluge of comments, he didn't take the video down.


All those who knowingly participate in the oppression, brutality, exploitation, and murder of an entire people have reason to fear for their lives. Oppressed people have a human right and indeed a moral duty to eliminate the causes of their oppression by any means necessary.


"Settler" is a euphemism for foreign colonist, AKA home invader and land thief.

"Settlers" have the same rights as any other home invaders and thieves. But at least the Mafia, Triad and other criminals have morals ...they don't take their own children with them to use as human shields when they steal other peoples' property.