Video: Palestinian villagers expel Israeli soldiers from West Bank home

This video shows villagers in Silwad, east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, expelling a group of Israeli soldiers from a home they occupied.

In the video, a group of community members – women and men – knock on the door. A distressed woman answers and says the soldiers had come into the house and confiscated the family’s telephones and keys.

The villagers then search the house and find the heavily armed occupation soldiers in a bedroom.

They confront the soldiers, who try to give orders to the villagers, but instead the villagers order the soldiers out of the house. At one point, when a women pushes a soldier to get him out of the house, the soldier turns around and appears to threaten her with his weapon.

Wattan TV reports that the video was shot by journalist Muath Mishal, who gave this account of the incident: relatives of the elderly couple living in the house had attempted to reach the family by telephone.

When they were unable to do so, they became worried and suspicious that soldiers had entered the house. That is when they went over and liberated the house from Israeli occupation, as the video shows. According to Mishal, the soldiers had entered the house on Thursday night.

The video has been widely circulated on social media and Palestinian websites, including Quds News Network and Donia Alwatan.




These despicable cowardly soldiers all hid in one bedroom when the villagers entered the home. They didn't make any attempt to move until the villagers searched and found them hiding. They were intimidating an older family, big, tough guys that they are...
The villagers expelled them.


It was quite heartening to see this video and to watch the orderly Palestinians rout the cowardly IDF with their big guns out of the family's home. What right do the Israelis have to enter and take control of an innocent Palestinian family's home? In America we fought a revolution for our independence from England because the English insisted on the right to enter American homes at will and with no cause. No American would tolerate the brutal occupation and oppression Israel visits upon the Palestinians. I dare say every American I know would resist such an occupation. I guarantee if Israeli tanks - or any occupying force was rolling tanks down American streets - we would be throwing rocks and fighting back with whatever we had at hand with which to resist. Under international law, it is legal to resist an illegal occupation. I applaud the Palestinians for standing up and resisting. It's exactly what Americans would do if it were happening to us. Hooray for those Palestinians for forcing the IDF to retreat.


An elderly couple who own a choice property. An occupying army which supports a policy of stealing land. Soldiers trying to establish a presence.

Next there would have been a "settler" family moving in the basement.

This is what the world needs to see, the true face of ethnic cleansing.


Many thanks for posting this enheartening video.
The retenue of the villagers is exemplary.
The soldiers were afraid: how could they justify what they had done ?
The soldiers were decent enough to be ashamed of themselves.
Leaving was the right thing to do. (but not with the keys and phone !)
Their commander is the one to blame and judge.
This is army policy - it must change !


One attempt to steal a house is thwarted, only because of a journalist among the people.

The Israelis entered the house by way of WEAPONS AND THREATS.

The Israelis were forced out because of fear it would be known.

One theft is stopped, but how many succeeded, that we have not heard?

Hurry up, U.N. Stop these criminals.


And now we've learned that this Palestinian couple are American citizens. Why hasn't this outrage been reported in the American media?