VIDEO: Omar Barghouti on the moral imperative to boycott Israel

Omar Barghouti spoke at Socialism 2011 in Chicago on 3 July 2011, to explain why boycotting Israel is the right approach and a moral imperative for people who support justice and universal rights.

Omar Barghouti is one of the founders of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), and author of BDS, The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights.




Although I'm fully in favor of a huge boycott against Israel, I can't understand how it will work. First of all, Israel wants (if it hasn't succeeded already), to make it a major crime to organize a boycott, subject to elimination of funding for any organization that does such a thing! Secondly, anytime anyone says anything against Israeli policies, they're automatically labeled anti-semite. Not ANY criticism--even accurate criticism--is allowed. None.

But I would be in favor of anything that stops the Israel blockaid against the Palestinian people, causing as it has, so much suffering, disease and death!


Omar is understandably frustrated with "white people" but he should remind himself that when he's engaged with allies in the struggle against post colonial oppression, he's with people who are struggling against their own privilege who deserve a modicum of respect for that. Including a degree of patience from him.