Video: Massive explosion as Israeli bomb hits Gaza City residential area

This video posted on YouTube by user Ahmed Erheem shows a massive explosion said to be from a bomb or missile dropped by a US-supplied Israeli F-16 jet in the residential al-Zaytoun quarter of Gaza City today, according to the video’s description.

Separately, news agencies have reported Israeli attacks on that neighborhood today injuring 7 civilians including a pregnant woman.

Ma’an News Agency said in its live blog earlier this afternoon that “Muhammad Yasin dies of wounds sustained Saturday in Gaza City’s Zaytoun neighborhood, raising the death toll to 40 since Wednesday.”

This screenshot shows the missile streaking toward the residential buildings in the fraction of a second before the massive explosion.

Screenshot shows missile streaking toward Gaza residential buildings

Homes, schools, sporting facilities, public buildings and hospital damaged

It is unclear if this video relates to those specific attacks, but in its most recent update on the toll of the Israeli assault, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights stated that intense Israeli attacks have caused serious damage to civilian infrastructure including homes, schools, sports facilities and a hospital in many parts of Gaza City:

Israeli forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on Gaza City, targeting governmental and civilian facilities and other objects mostly located in densely-populated areas. The targets have included the building of the Council of Ministers in the west of the City, which was completely destroyed and a number of nearby houses damaged; the building of the police command in the center of the City, which was completely destroyed and a number of nearby houses damaged; the building of the Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior in the south of the City, which was attacked for the second time, causing damage to al-Quds Hospital and a number of public and UNRWA school; and Palestine Stadium in al-Remal neighborhood in the center of the City, which was extensively damaged.




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