Video: Marchers rescue injured people, bodies in occupied Golan Heights

A video posted on YouTube by the website shows marchers trying to evacuate injured and possibly dead people in the Golan Heights today after Israeli forces opened fired on marchers commemorating the 44th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of area which is part of Syria.

Media reports say that more than a dozen people have been killed and scores injured as Israeli forces opened fire on the marchers.

The video, which appears to have been shot from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights toward the frontier line with the Syrian-controlled side, shows unarmed people in civilian clothes crawling over an earth mound and into an area of long grass and recovering several bodies of people who were injured or may have been killed.

Earlier, Israel broadcast threats by loudspeaker that it would shoot at protestors, and for several days Israeli commanders have promised a lethal response to mass civil protests.

The UK newspaper The Telegraph has also posted video showing Israeli forces shooting at marchers:

Another video showing scenes of a mass march toward the Israeli-controlled frontier on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.




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