Video: Jewish settlers beat Israeli activist

This video shows masked Israeli settlers brutally attacking Palestinian shepherds and activists from the group Ta’ayush, with stones and sticks in the occupied West Bank today.

Ta’ayush also posted photos and a description of the incident on its Facebook page:

This morning we – Ta’ayush activists and Palestinian shepherds who were on their private lands – were attacked by about 15 settlers from the Eshtamoa outpost. They threw stones at us and beat one of the activists with their fists and a club. We are right now making a complaint with the Hebron police.

Israel’s Walla News named the Ta’ayush activist who was attacked as Danny Kronberg and the videographer as Guy Butavia.

The video shows three settlers participating in the attack on Kronberg.

Butavia told Walla News that occupation soldiers were present close by but did nothing to prevent the brutal beating by the settlers.

According to the Israeli liberal Zionist group Peace Now, Mitzpe Eshtamoa was established in 2003 as an “outpost” of the Shima settlement.

It is situated near the Palestinian village of al-Samu near Hebron.

Kronberg told Walla News that despite making a police report, he expected that the assailants would not be arrested and in a few months he’d likely receive a letter informing him that the investigation had been closed due to the “offenders being unknown.”

Frequent settler attacks

Violent attacks on Palestinians, their livestock and their property by Jewish settlers are extremely frequent. It is almost unheard of for Israeli occupation forces and occupation police to hold them accountable.

In one incident caught on video in 2012, for instance, Israeli settlers can be seen shooting at Palestinians while under the protection of uniformed occupation forces.




all day, every day, NPR says that Palestinians need to stop being the only victims and everyone should line up for "peace". NPR today aired BBC interviewing some zionist "Avi... ?" (as usual) saying that Palestinians need to stop living in the past and Israel keeps offering "peace" and all "peace-loving people" need to just get over it because after all these years, it isn't going to happen. yeah, well, Israel wants peace the way ExxonMobil wants EPA standards, and the ethnic cleansing happens EVERY DAY, including the starvation of Palestinian babies in concentration camps in Syria (Yarmouk) because they are refugees and more are created daily. Americans are SICK of it and do NOT want to be part of it anymore. GET US OUT OF IT. BDS.