Video: Jewish activists disrupt and “occupy” Birthright Israel event

Members of the youth wing of Jewish Voice for Peace disrupted a Birthright Israel event on 7 November. A press release issued by the group states:

A group of 10 young Jews with YJP: the young adult wing of Jewish Voice for Peace issued their new declaration “Occupy the Occupiers: a Jewish Call to Action”  in novel form last night. Using the “human microphone” or “people’s microphone” made famous by the Occupy Wall Street protests they interrupted a Birthright Israel Next-sponsored event. The event featured CEO Steven Pease, and was called “The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement,” part of Birthright Israel’s Next’s “Wall St.” series. Pease was addressing the question of “Why Jews are disproportionately high achievers?”

Birthright Israel is a program supported by the Israeli government and wealthy private donors which aims to indoctrinate young Jewish Americans and Canadians with Zionism during free trips to Israel.




This is a fantastic video clip of the protests at the Birthright program, and a great example of the use of the 'human microphone' technique at public events. The government of Israel and it supporters do not speak for the majority of Jews around the world. Jews in Israel, America and around the world must continue to speak out, and join the international Boycott, Divest and Sanctions campaign. TRADITION!!!


As a Palestinian refugee, born in Lebanon, as a direct result of Israeli aggression in 47/48. I am so very proud of these extremely brave young Israelis, I conceder as brothers and sisters. Palestinians face a huge mountain to climb, thanks to these Israel activists for humanity and justice this climb will become easier and more pleasent....


This is so great. Many of us in Chicago have had conversations lately about how to connect our own BDS campaigns with OWS/OccupyChicago, how to fill int he major gaps in the Occupy Chicago discourse that prevent it from being a more complete analysis of political economy. This is a great start and we gotta do it. A comparative analysis of settlers in Israel and housing demolition with the Chicago South Side evictions would further this too. Inspired.


These young men and women have more guts and courage than entire nations, it's a lot easier to hate and live a lie than to admit the truth when you know it's the truth...I wish the leaders would recognise that before they cause more death and destruction and end many lives and eventually theirs too..Words of wisdom; " those that live by the sword shall die by the sword"


Great article about Hebrew being "in" again in Israel for branding, products. Thanks to sharing...

Ali Abunimah

Co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of The Battle for Justice in Palestine, now out from Haymarket Books.

Also wrote One Country: A Bold-Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. Opinions are mine alone.