Video: Israel’s cold-blooded killings in the Gaza ghetto

I spoke to Ben Norton of The Real News about Israel’s premeditated and calculated killings of some 30 unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in Great March of Return rallies in Gaza over the last two Fridays.

“Gaza is a ghetto for two million people, the majority of them refugees, who Israel will not allow to go home solely because they are not Jews,” I told Norton. “And if they try to leave the ghetto, or even protest for their right to leave the ghetto, they are shot down in cold blood.”

Watch the video above or read the full transcript at The Real News.




Send me videos of israli brutalism so I can send to my prime minister Theresa May. I am going to bombard her with evidence. Im hoping to galvanise support for a uk demonstration outside the israli embassy where this footage will be played. Please send everything you have.