Video: Israeli shoves Palestinian woman into lake “just because”

This video is not particularly graphic, but it is shocking for the underlying hatred this act of violence reveals.

It was posted on the Israeli “StatusHunter” Facebook page on 4 July with a comment from Facebook user Daniel Libman:

For whoever still needs proof of how sick our country is, here’s this video. The place: Sakhne [hot springs in the north of present-day Israel]. What happened: a Jewish woman pushes an Arab woman into the water, just because. The video was uploaded by May Nachman. When asked in a comment if the woman she shoved was elderly, she responded, “No just some effing Arab, 30 years old tops.” To someone who commented that it was inappropriate she responded: “Have a laugh, don’t be square.” After a few more LOL-type comments she added: “If I get kidnapped because of this clip, come and save me.”

This example of every day contempt and racism towards Palestinians in Israel, including citizens, comes amid a growing atmosphere of incitement and anti-Arab protests.

With thanks to Ofer Naiman.




When I see things like this, I cannot help but recall early scenes from Schindler's List. Just the casual racism, joking and having fun. Cut off someone's hair with some scissors, or grab a Jewish toddler and hold him up to the camera, what's the big deal? It's not like they're human.

Where does it go from there? Shooting someone dead just because, with no consequences? Burning them alive? Stealing their homes? Putting them in a ghetto? Kicking them out of a boat to see if they will drown? Wait, that has already happened. Honestly ask yourself, if there was no Internet, and no television, no global communications system, what would Israel be doing today?

I feel like throwing up.


After traveling to the Occupied area in 1985 "to enrich my Jewishness", this inhumane treatment hurts me so much.


Yes, it's the 30's, but not yet the 40's.

I went to a high school with a large Jewish population. I met the parents of many of my friends, and was rigidly educated.

A bunch of us went over to one of my friends' house one day, and while sitting in the living room, she started talking about getting a car, and she wanted a BMW. Her parents were apparently close by and came in and said that if she ever bought a German car, she would, essentially, be disowned. (They said a lot more than that, but I don't remember the details.)

I had only vague knowledge of the Holocaust, and didn't really understand why her parents had erupted like that. I had to have it explained to me afterwards, and honestly I still didn't really get it. In essence, they still viewed Germany as the epitome of evil, a stain upon history that could never be removed, never redeemed.

When I met my friend the next day, she was crying. (Of course, I thought it was about the car, because I'm an idiot.) I asked what was wrong, and she said that her grandfather (who lived with her parents) had sat down with her and calmly, and emotionlessly, explained what had happened to him and his family during the Holocaust. They had not survived.

I never had that same experience, but I met other parents with similar views, and I remember the father of one of my friends explaining that he had turned down a business deal because the other party was German. It was just a non-starter. As far as he was concerned, you don't do deals with Nazis, and all Germans were Nazis, when you really got down to it.

That's what I'm afraid of if Israel keeps down the path it is going. Even if eventually the occupation is ended, democratic rule is established, people are allowed to come home and restitution is made. If things go too far before that happens, forgiveness might become almost impossible, and might take 50 years or more. And even in 50 years, some will remember and not forgive.


Things have already gotten too far my friend. Illegal occupation for over 65 years. Killings of over thousands of innocent children, men, and women. Destroying Palestinian livelihood. So essentially, if they "allow" you to live (meaning they don't kill you), they don't want you to live. Cutting down olive trees, Demolishing homes, everything you work your entire life to build, destroyed, and the reason?...just because they can. Detaining children as young as 6, and as old as 80, only God knows the torture they go through. Some of the detainees have been sitting in Israeli jails for more than 20 years without being convicted of any crime (Because there was no crime except that they are Palestinian). There's countless and endless amount of oppression happening, some that get caught on video, but majority that don't. So this my friend, this "war" or rather this genocide has been going on for too too long and the damage has been done. I, a Palestinian, will NEVER forgive Israel or any supporter of Israel for their ongoing inhumane crimes.


Israel has no place in that holy place. American backed and supported. It's a shame on the remaining countries in the region not helping their Muslim brothers and sisters, these countries are sold to Americans, I curse Israelis and the Americans, one day they will pay for their sins.


It doesn't help to lump all Americans together.

I'm an American, and I'm trying to help Palestine.

If you need to curse anything American, please curse our mass media which is firmly in Israel's pocket.


The attitude you're displying in that comment is not going to help anyone. The Palestinian nor the Israelian families.


Please keep in mind that not all Americans support Israel's brutal occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. The majority of Americans, I dare say, do not or would not support Israel if the press would accurately report the Israeli - Palestinian issue. Our Congress is bought and paid for by the Israel lobby AIPAC and we taxpayers have no say in how the Congress gives away our tax dollars to Israel. What Americans will understand now is that this was one of us, a teenager born in the USA of American parents who was brutalized by the Israeli government as are thousands of Palestinians on a regular basis. There are protests happening in Florida - the boy's home - against Israel.


My American friend be careful who are you supporting, the conflict is sad, there are nasty things in BOTH sides, remember that. I thought Americans should be loyal to America. I remember seeing American flags being burned by Hamas. Don't you remember that? I thought Hamas was a terrorist group by definition.


Americans are supposed to be for fair play, decency, and democracy, none of which applies to Israel. Americans remember the Liberty, we remember Jonathan Pollard, and we remember Osama bin Laden telling us that the reason he attacked us on September 11 was because of our unbridled support of Israel in their brutal occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. And Americans are aware of the huge amounts of our tax dollars that go as welfare payments to Israel while our own citizens go without. No fit American would allow a foreign power like Israel to roll tanks down our streets, humiliate and murder our people, without fighting back in any way available to us. We would all turn into Palestinians in our rage at being oppressed.


The seed of hatred and dehumanization of 66 years has come to "ordinary" people. The whole regime is rotten and there is no other way than replacing it. But who will be in charge of REEDUCATION, so much needed in Israeli society, just as it was necessary in postwar-Germany?


That is vile and a very telling act of behavior. And all this time I thought Jews used the example of the Holocaust to teach their children about the ugliness of hate and discrimination. Instead, they apparently use it to teach them how to mimic the Nazis and use hate against another innocent population. That woman should be publicly shamed and ostracized but, instead, I suspect she and her companion are laughing about her having her fun at the expense of an innocent woman just as the Nazis laughed at their humiliation of Jews.


This video is an obvious setup.

Why would anybody start recording the scene without the prior knowledge of what will happen and were it will be posted?


WHAT LANGUAGE am I hearing in the video?

I agree the one filming knew it was going to happen. But is he with the pusher or "pushee"???


Even if this were a setup - which you cannot prove, so as I cannot prove the authenticity of the video - the scene is symptomatic for the state of hatred in
the Jewish society (not of "the Jews and neither of all Jews in Israel!). This hatred has been "well" introduced to the immigrants in 66 years of non-respect of the Palestinians in their own country and the one of their ancestors, since the Nakba.
Anyway, "setup", why shouldn't thugs just film their obscenity ? Didn't even SS sometimes have the chutzpah, to put on film their crimes on the pelicule of their camera?


You only have to read the various blogs to see the hatred pouring out of people’s minds. Most of this hatred is coming from Israel, and not as one would assume the younger generation. A lot of the hatred comes from those that should know better, those that are supposed to know better, those that educate the young. Much of this is fed by propaganda from their government, and also from inciting the Palestinians to react to many cruel acts from the Israeli military. The only way to put an absolute stop to this is to send in peace keepers, but this is something Israel will not allow, I wonder why? Peace keepers could prevent violence from both sides, and give a clearer picture of the truth, and not the propaganda of one side or the other.


It appears to me that the title is wrong 'Israeli " should be Israeli Jewish or simply Jewish but not plain Israeli given that 20%+ of Israelis are Palestinian


These situations are so similar to the lynching of blacks in the US. Whites
took such joy in the torture of blacks hung helpless on trees. There were
"parties" for whites, meals were cooked, there was a white celebration....
Trainloads of more whites arrived. Often the naked hanging blacks had
their features cut off, their genitals went to the highest-ranking white (a Sheriff
perhaps). Women and little children had photos taken before the burning black carcasses. When the fire was lit, blacks begged to die because of the pain.

Like the Israeli's shouting hate (see photo in EI photos for June 2014), Israelis
were jubilant. No blacks were not seen as equals or even human.

As a song says "pastoral scenes of the gallant South..." (Note: Lynching
was mainly in the South not not limited to it.)

Peter Loeb, Boston, MA


MY GOD YOU ARE EITHER misinformed or just inventing facts.

I truly believe that rant was the product of a sick imagination with an agenda.

Do you think you can just say ANYTHING???? Without a shred of proof?? Why are you inventing these things???

EI, please remove Peter Loeb's post.


And remember the old black blues song "Strange Fruit Grows on Southern Trees"? Carmen McRae sings a haunting version. The dehumanizing of Palestinians is just as the American blacks were dehumanized and just as the Jews were dehumanized by the Nazis. Labeling a group subhuman makes it easy for the perpetrators to inflict violence and degradation.


There is no comparison. Israel's crimes are outrageous.

in the South, "The Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 WHITES being lynched between 1882 and 1968 with the annual peak occurring in the late 1800s.[2]"

Vigilante justice is not comparable to what Israel is doing. Israel is an occupying nation using threat of death to commit ethnic cleansing.

Embellishing and inventing facts as you did, Loeb, only makes Israel's racism seem to have recent precedent in the U.S.

What was the population difference 40 to 1, and Israel still managed to kill more?

How many has Israel killed?


Maggie, It was nice to hear your words after an unbalanced tirade.
Incidentally, "old blacks" don't always care to be called "old blacks". Most of
those lynched were not "old" in either case.

"Proof" in a legal sense is not available to me, in response to "CT". I have
an excellent resource although I am sure it is not alone. (James Baldwin
wrote of lynching as have others in stories etc..)

BLACK AMERICA by Philip Dray,( Modern Library Paperback Edition, New York

"Strange Fruit" was the signature song of jazz singer Billie Holiday. She almost
always claimed she wrote it or that it was written for her. It seems it wasn't but
she sang it magnificently nonetheless. The lights in a club would go dark with
only spotlights on her. I have a near complete complete collection of her

It is unfortunate that some advocates for civil rights and justice have not
understood death and persecution in Palestine. Some have--- most famously
the late Nelson Mandela who said, "The struggle of the Palestinian
people is our [South Africa's] struggle." (I have heard that AIPAC insures that
black Members of the US Congress do not contradict the AIPAC line
but I confess, I have no "proof". Really!)

I am, as always, obligated to EI for printing my comments that are worthy
of note.

Peter Loeb, Boston, MA


Ah, but I'm not saying "old blacks". I was calling 'Strange Fruit Grows on Southern Trees' an old blues song.

Unfortunately, racism remains alive and well in this county and across the world.

Your comments are always on point and well put.

picture "on point" or "balanced", Nothing about it.

Anyone with 1/2 a brain should not be comparing Israel to the U.S. South during segregation.

Loeb's "literary license" is obscene.

"Whites taking joy", "trainloads" arriving for the "celebration", organs removed and given to the highest ranking white a sheriff (????), children posing with a corpse, blacks being burned alive.

Anyone, I mean ANYONE, posting such drivel had better post a substantial link to back it up. But, there is no such link, is there?

This entire thread is just distraction, isn't it.


Well, it's clearly uncomfortable for some to have Israel's genocidal, racist policies toward the Palestinians (the rightful owners of the land being occupied) compared to the South's historical degradation of the African Americans or South Africa's cruel apartheid, it's nonsensical to deny that either happened or that there isn't a connected mentality of the perpetrators of this brutal occupation and oppression - including the indiscriminate harm to and murder of Palestinians. Israel's degradation of Palestinians mimics the treatment Jews received under the Nazis, with open calls to eradicate Palestinians -there is GAS THE ARABS graffiti in Hebron as we speak - and Jewish youth mobs raging through the streets of Jerusalem seeking Palestinians to abuse. There's no legitimate denial of the Israeli brutality.


And yes, it's "uncomfortable" when someone defending Israel's actions brings up lynchings, and the ethnic cleansing of native Americans, to justify/excuse Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

In fact, the comparisons make me more than annoyed.

This is not the 1800's, this is the 21st century.



"Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood at the leaves and blood at the root.
Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging by the poplar trees.

Pastoral scenes of the gallant South.
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth.
Scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh
And the sudden smell of burning flesh...

(Forget the rest...)"

A story I have heard which may or may not be true is that this poem
was written separately from the music by a New York poet,
a communist. It became an integral part of the music later.

Billie sang in after- hours clubs in Boston. You had to knock to get in
I have been told by an old musician who used to go often himself at
that time.

Billie's disintegrating voice was magnificent even in her last years.

I saw her "live" on a national TV network show. It was not known if she would
be able to perform so another singer (the late Etta James) was asked to
come too, just in case. Billie said to Etta: "I hope they never do this to you...."
She sang beautifully. But Billie did sing and her deep bitter voice went right into
your soul.

It makes little difference. It was originally recorded by Billiie as part
of her "Commodore sessions". No other company would record it.
That would have been in the 1930's.. Commodore having gone out of
business, it may be available elsewhere. Billie recorded it again many
times. I remember one time live as her voice became lower and more bitter.

Whichever, it became HER song like many other songs written for
some other use but became "associated with" Billie. Then they became
hers. ("God Bless the Child Who's Got her Own..." and more....)

A photo of a black body hanging and partially decomposed notes that many
whites came late to the "celebration". They were disappointed that the body
had already been taken down and insisted that it be hung again. It was.

Peter Loeb, Boston, MA


I have heard that bitter, poignant song sung many times and it is always hurtful. I find the resurgence of racial hatred alarming, both in our US communities and in Palestine / Israel.


this is not humanity at all killing innocent childrens, women, old, young those new born, little innocent babies who even doesn't speak what is their crime? i ask that brutal worst then animal nation israel... america support israel because they have bussiness interests, investments etc and all these money slave countries india, america etc use their vito power when it comes to these blood shedding issues but one day everyone who is doing this much wrong as this is an end of cruelty, will face aftermath and results of own actions and deeds GOD is watching and one day we shall all have to die...