Video: Israeli occupiers arrest Palestinian woman with her baby in her arms as she protects her land

A harrowing video shows Israeli occupation forces arresting a Palestinian mother with her baby in her arms. The video was shared by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee which provided this explanation of the context:

South Hebron Hills: 19 arrested in 24 hours including a mother and her 18 months old child

Israeli border police arrested today 10 Palestinians and five Israelis, including three women and a child, in the area of Um El-Arayes.  Four were arrested yesterday.  

Today, Saturday, dozens of Palestinian residents accompanied by Israeli activists, arrived at their lands in the area of “Metzpeh Yai’r” outpost built on the lands of Um El-Arayes in South Hebron Hills.

Israeli soldiers immediately declared the area a closed military zone and pushed the activists off the land.  In the process, they arrested ten Palestinians and five Israeli activists.

Yesterday, Friday, four Palestinians were arrested in the same area. 

The nineteen arrestees included four Palestinian women, as well as a mother and her 18 months old child, three minors and an elderly man in his 80s.

The last few months have seen an escalation in the Israeli military’s policy to expel Palestinians and control access to their private lands in the South Hebron Hills. This is contrary to the Israeli High Court and Military Legal Advisor’s claim that they will facilitate easy access by Palestinian landowners to their lands.

More coverage on The Electronic Intifada of Israel’s systematic cleansing of Palestinians from the South Hebron Hills area. 




I would like to see cases brought up for war crimes court. Jenin should be at the top of the list. They are going to make things much harder on Palestinians since the upgrade at the UN. I would be bringing cases to the courts now.


The image of the IDF arresting a Palestinian mother with her infant in her arms, as she attempts to defend her land from Israeli land-grabbers, is the icon of the moral bankruptcy of the state of Israel. There is no shortage of decent, morally sensitive, and courageous Israeli citizens. They recognize the fact that they are enmeshed in the snare of a social/political system ( Zionism ) which fosters a fortress mentality, because it strengthens the stranglehold power of the elites who profit from chronic conflict. There will be no peace in the Middle East until ordinary Israeli citizens ( 1 ) abandon the supremacist ideology of Zionism; ( 2 ) assume the initiative in demanding that political leaders in all factions in Israel draft a written Constitution with a Bill of Rights applicable to all citizens and residents of the state; ( 3 ) extend an apology, with compensation, to the victims' surviving families for Zionist war crimes committed since 1947.