VIDEO: Hunger striker Khader Adnan’s father says son’s morale is “high” and appeals to parents of Gilad Shalit

Khader Adnan is in good spirits and his morale is as high as the sky, said his father today, despite 60 days of hunger strike that puts him at risk of imminent death.

Musa Adnan spoke today after visiting his son at Ziv Hospital where he is being held, manacled to the bed, according to reports.

A YouTube video shows Adnan’s father speaking in Arabic to reporters and supporters shortly after the visit.

Musa Adnan said of his son, “He does not undertake this hunger strike for its own sake, but he yearns for freedom for his people, for his countrymen, in order to live with heads held up high, without occupation.”

He said his son’s condition was “stable” and “his morale is lifted to the sky.” Adnan is being held by Israel as an “administrative detainee” without charge or trial. Earlier this week an Israeli military court rejected Adnan’s appeal against the detention.

Musa Adnan also addressed the Israeli people directly, thanking those who had shown support for his son, calling for his freedom, and appealed to the parents of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who was held as a prisoner of war in Gaza for five years until last October.

“My son was arrested from his house, from among his wife and children, and was taken prisoner. He was not carrying any weapon,” Musa Adnan said, “Whereas [Gilad] Shalit was fighting against the people of Gaza, and destroying their homes, and firing on them, and Shalit was released.”

“Where are the mother and father of Gilad Shalit? Do they not feel for me in this humanitarian case? Where are they?” Adnan added.

Musa Adnan accused Israeli officials of cruelty and wanting his son dead as soon as possible. He also admonished regional leaders for their silence, and said his son would continue his hunger strike. He hoped to see his son “home again among his loved ones.”

Dire condition

Meanwhile, Physicians for Human Rights Israel revealed more information regarding Khader Adnan’s dire medical condition, from a doctor who examined him:

When I met the patient, he had been on hunger strike for 52 days, shackled to his bed by both legs and one arm, and was refusing to undergo tests and medical treatment. He has lost 30 kgs and weighs 60 kg. He suffers from stomach aches, vomiting, sometimes with blood, and headaches. As of today, he is completely lucid and aware of his medical condition, without confusion or disorders in cognition or  perception. His general condition is pale and very weak, his tongue is smooth, he has slight bleeding from the gums, dry skin, loss of hair, and significant muscular atrophy.

His pulse is weak, blood pressure 100/75. He is permanently connected to a heart monitor.

Note: An earlier version of this post had incorrectly identified the first name of Khader Adnan’s father. It has been corrected.




some indeed showed great support for Khader Adnan's plight, but the father was obviously confused about the fact that virtually all the people organizing and participating at the many demonstrations for his son in Israel were Palestinians.