Video: Ali Abunimah on Israel’s national panic about BDS

I spoke to The Real News Network about the mobilization by the Israeli government and media against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Among the questions we talked about: what is BDS? Why is Israel reacting to it now? Is it really bringing effective pressure for Palestinian rights on Israel?

For background, read my post: “Why BDS is replacing Iran as Israel’s biggest ‘existential threat.’”




I don't think calling Israel an apartheid state is fair to apartheid south africa. South Africa didn't launch air strikes on blacks every summer and bomb them to oblivion.


I take your point, but do not forget that South Africa did in fact launch many air strikes on Black people in Mozambique and Angola, killing many people.


I feel that Israel's time is up in terms of the pretence of being a democracy. As a Canadian I am so ashamed of our crypto-fascist Steven Harper who threatens legislation making BDS a criminal activity...BDS will and is working! Viva Palestine!


As a South African I see History given a chance to positively repeat itself where we have the opportunity to help other countries as we were helped to bring apartheid to its knees. It is a shame though that there are not enough South Africans willing to join in. woolworths is still making killings in South Africa and McDonald's is one of the few fast food chains that are so loved that they have restaurants open 24/7. There is still a long way to go but the future is set for BDS and there is nothing that can derail it. I know a couple of friends and colleagues who feel just like me and there are students who are brave enough but they are quickly silenced and fear has always been a great asset in the hands of the oppressor.


This issue is not new. If we read a little bit about the rise of the National Socialists in Germany during the 1930ies, we find that there were quite a few calls for boycotting of German goods and services from groups located in the United States. This is discussed in Edwin Black's :Transfer Agreement,: in which details are provided about the repressive atmosphere then existent in Germany. BDS is not new when it applies to repressive regimes, past or present. Here is a linque to an article that discusses various aspects when confronting what was described as a brutal regime.

Ali Abunimah

Co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of The Battle for Justice in Palestine, now out from Haymarket Books.

Also wrote One Country: A Bold-Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. Opinions are mine alone.