“Tree of Life” - New hip-hop track from Rami GB featuring DAM’s Mahmoud Jrere

“Tree of Life” (Shajaret Al Hayah) is a new hip-hop track from Rami GB, Mahmoud Jrere (of DAM), Ahmad Srour, Suleiman al-Zawahira. It’s an ode to the olive tree – a symbol of continuity, steadfastness and resistance in Palestine – and frequent target for destruction by Israel from 1948 to the present day.

The tune is based on a sample from Ziad al-Rahbani’s instrumental “And Wheat… .” I’ve done a quick translation of the opening verses, if you’d like to translate more, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. Above all enjoy and share this track!

Such beautiful feelings when the seeds are planted;
Dirt on my hands, and curiousity in my eyes;
How will this tree turn out? When will it flower?
When shall we be honored with the first fruits?

With my knee on the ground, my hand on my heart,
I send you these wishes:

May your life be free of obstacles,
Free of the saw’s torture and the bulldozer’s oppression;

May you find people who deserve your shade and that which you bear;
And that you see life revolve around you always;

May the strangers’ obsession with revenge always be far from you;
May you live a happy life.