Stoned, naked, armed and dangerous: more disturbing images from an Israeli soldier’s Instagram

Golani Brigade soldier Osher Maman, who came from a troubled youth in Florida, posts photos of himself breaking Israeli military law and playing with weapons in irresponsible ways. Source

As Mor Ostrovski’s now infamous Instagram image of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle generated disgust around the world, the Israeli army claimed that the photograph was “a severe incident which doesn’t accord with the IDF’s spirit and values.”

It is understandable that an occupation army that markets itself as the “most moral army in the world” would attempt such damage control.

Those who follow matters closely know that the photograph was an apt symbol for the Israeli army’s contempt for the lives of Palestinian children, as well as for the total impunity soldiers accused of crimes against Palestinian civilians enjoy. Even in terms of “misuse” of social media, it was no isolated incident.

Israeli soldiers’ use of social media has given a unique insight into an “army” that functions more like a rabble – with soldiers misusing weapons, breaking laws, and expressing violent and extreme views and posting images of themselves doing it online.

From troubled Florida youth to the Israeli army

Gun play Source

A case in point is Osher Maman, another 20-year-old Israeli soldier currently enlisted in the “elite” Golani Brigade.

Maman’s Instagram account currently includes 549 images which show, among other things, images of him mishandling weapons and breaking military laws. The earliest date from April 2012 and the most recent from today. An illustrative selection – with tags where he included them – are used throughout this post. Maman also expresses deeply racist and even genocidal views towards Palestinians and Arabs. (Note: following publication of this article, Maman has deleted his various social media accounts).

A 21 January 2012 tweet from Osher Maman’s now deleted Twitter account.

Maman, who grew up in Naples, Florida after his family left Israel a decade ago, made the news in 2006 when as a 14-year-old he brought a BB gun given to him by his parents to school and used it to threaten two girls.

Maman also has an adult criminal history with records of arrests in February 2011 and in May 2011 for “trespassing on school grounds.”


Osher Maman’s Facebook page, which features many of the same images that can be seen on his Instagram account but also goes back earlier, identifies him as a former student of Barron Collier High School in Naples, Florida, and uses the nickname “Eazybaby” which resembles the name of his Instagram account eazybaby310.

An Osher Maman was a member of the graduating high school class of 2010 according to the Naples Daily News on 5 June 2010.


Maman’s Facebook bio says: “From israel to Miami to the I.D.F Kik: eazybaby310 An active assassin/hitman” and he identifies himself as a member of Barak, the 12th Battalion of the supposedly “elite” Golani brigade. This is corroborated by many images he has posted of weapons, uniforms and other military paraphernalia bearing the insignia of this battalion.

Maman wrote a message on Facebook on 13 August 2011:

im leaving to the israeli army this monday, just wanted to say.. fuck the police, fuck barron collier high school and all the staff, fuck all the judges, fuck all you little hater faggots that blow up my fb and phone talking shit, fuck the bitches that cheated on me, fuck the virus i just got on my computer and whoever created it, fuck you fuck you fuck you, whos next…

One year later, Maman celebrated the anniversary of his move in another Facebook status:

So one year ago i moved here to join the army… Im not gonna make up some bullshit glorious story to break your heart… I just did it to beat up terrorists and shit… Happy one year anniversary Mmmmmffffffckasss!!!


Not exactly a boy scout

An image he posted of its insignia indicates that Maman was recruited directly from the United States via “Garin Tzabar” a program that recruits Jews and Israelis from overseas into the army. Maman identifies himself as a Garin Tzabar member on his Google Plus account.

A comment made on a website dedicated to Garin Tzabar, from the Facebook account of Maman’s mother, Batya Sabag, a social media consultant in Naples, Florida, also identifies her son as a graduate of the program.

One of the requirements of the Garin Tzabar program is a “Certificate of Good Conduct (proof of no prior criminal record).”

This military recruitment program for the Israeli occupation army is run by the Israel Scouts.

According to an image posted by Maman, on 5 April 2012 his military service had begun 138 days previously (which would be November 2011) and will end on 19 November 2014.

A montage posted by Osher Mamam features a blindfolded and bound Palestinian prisoner, weapons, and tags that reveal fantasies of violence. Source

Misuse of weapons

Obscene Source

When Maman was arrested and charged in the BB gun incident – classified by authorities as a weapon, not a toy, his father, Zion Maman, told media that “the culture in Israel has a more relaxed view about toy guns.”

Basic rule of gun safety: don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot. Source

That relaxed view extends to real guns, mortars, grenades and all sorts of other heavy weapons that Osher Maman is seen handling, sometimes naked, and using as toys and props in disturbing images he posted online.

These images suggest that the Israeli army exercises little control or discipline over weapons.

Star of David formed with guns. Source

This gun appears to be loaded and it’s definitely not a toy. Source

Does the Israeli army just leave mortar shells lying around for use as Instagram props? This one is a dummy shell used for training. Source

More weapons for Osher Maman to play with. Source

Playing God? Note the caption Osher Maman has attached to this image of what might be the controller of remote weapon system. Source





Maman posts images of himself breaking military law

A criminal offense under Israeli military law, Golani brigade soldier Osher Maman smokes marijuana in his uniform. Source

Images posted on Maman’s Instagram account show him smoking marijuana in uniform and on duty, in direct contravention of Israeli army order “33.011 - Use of Drugs - procedures for report, detention, and initiating a military police investigation.”

Osher Maman with a joint while on duty. Source

Military order 33.011 states that the use of drugs, including hashish, “constitutes a criminal offense and harms the army, so this order does not leave room for the commanders’ discretion.” It adds that, “All soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are prohibited from possessing drugs, taking them, or trading in them.”

Osher Maman shows off his stash. Possession is a criminal offense under army law. Source

What does it mean that the Israeli army recruits a soldier, with a dubious history, who is stupid enough to post images of himself committing more criminal offenses?

Is this a man who should be handling – playing with – lethal weapons in any circumstances? Or does it mean that this Most Moral Army so lacks discipline that soldiers like Maman can break the law without fear of consequences?

A lust for violence and genocidal hatred of Arabs

Osher Maman freely expresses his deep, even genocidal hatred of Palestinians and his desire to see them oppressed and killed. Responding to a comment on one of his images, for example, Maman told the commenter

Lmao for all I care you can comment all my pictures, you’re still a fucking Arab pile of shit, you even smell like it. You’re never going to win over israel (the chosen people) bc you’re a bunch of slaves, shit I probably am the slave master of some Arab who’s related to you… An you all will stay trapped in gaza and every little shittt village that you Palestinians have inside of israel. And you will continue to go to our jails and to have your houses broken in to. Basically your life will be shit until you all die, so go ahead and have fun commenting on my pictures of that’s going to make your death a little better…

Note the horrifying tags Israeli soldier Osher Maman, who took a BB gun to school as a teen and used it to threaten two girls, has attached to this image. Source

In addition to the endless stream of photos of himself and his buddies posing with guns, Maman shares images and slogans glorifying violence, especially, of course, against Palestinians.

Over a map of Gaza, the Hebrew slogan says “Soon to be a giant theme park.” Source


Osher Maman is not a “rotten apple.” He, along with Mor Ostrovski – the author of the infamous photo of the boy in the crosshairs – is another symbol of the occupation army under whose arbitrary and dictatorial rule Palestinians have been forced to live for decades.

It is soldiers just like these who whine to the Israeli media that they can’t be more brutal and violent against Palestinians because cameras are watching them.

It is soldiers just like these who are responsible, though never punished or held to account, for the killings of Palestinian children like Samir Awad, Salih al-Amarin and Muhammad al-Salaymeh, young men like Mustafa Tamimi and Rushdi Tamimi and young women like Lubna Hanash among so many thousands more.

With thanks to Benjamin Doherty for research and to Dena Shunra for research, translation and analysis.


Update, 20 February: Israeli army “reprimands” soldier over photos, slurs revealed by The Electronic Intifada

The Associated Press reports this development since The Electronic Intifada published the photos above by Israeli soldier Osher Maman:

Israel’s military says it has reprimanded a soldier who posted photos of himself naked — with a rifle concealing his genitals — and making derogatory comments about Arabs on social media sites. Capt. Eytan Buchman, a military spokesman, described the incident as “severe” and said Wednesday that the soldier’s conduct is still being investigated.

The soldier published the material on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The images were then published on “Electronic Intifada,” a pro-Palestinian website. It quoted the soldier’s Facebook status as saying he just joined the army “to beat up terrorists.”

It was the latest in a string of incidents in which soldiers have posted inappropriate material online.

Palestinians say it reflects widespread contempt that Israeli soldiers have for them.

My response: The predictable reaction of the Israeli army is to suggest that every such incident is an isolated incident that violates its “ethics” or “values.” The Electronic Intifada’s reporting has shown that such images and violent statements by Israeli soldiers actually fit into a much broader pattern.

It is important to emphasize that while the pictures we’ve seen recently on Instagram are disturbing, they are an indicator of a much more troubling reality: an atmosphere and attitude where life, Palestinian life, is cheap. If only this were restricted to Instagram, it would not be such a problem.

It is the fact that this attitude translates into routine killings of Palestinians, especially children, as noted in the post above, and there are no credible investigations.

In this context, public relations responses from the Israeli army that this or that soldier has been “disciplined” or “reprimanded” for a social media transgression should fool no one. The real problem is a culture of violence and hatred that is an inherent feature of military and colonial rule over a subject people.




So what is being done about this?

I assume he will be kicked out of the Military soon? with the damning photographic evidence


LOL the saddest thing is Israelis army they are so corrupt u can look it up its all over web. Its horrible what them Palestinians go through over just because who they are


Arretez de dire l'armée la plus morale du monde, tout le monde sais que c'est faux, on croirais entendre bhl ou sarkozy..
israel est un etat sioniste et il est bien temp que les etat unis et l'europe l'avoue....


Non, L'armée israélienne n'est pas plus morale que d'autres. Ni le peuple juif n'est pas plus moral que d'autres.c'est vrai, BHL le pense. Mais BHL n'est plus plus intellectuel que d'autres et dire que cette armée est morale en même temps que de prêcher pour une intervention militaire en Libye ou en Syrie et immoral et il me fait honte en tant que juif, tout comme me font honte le gouvernement et l'armée d'Israël. il y a aucun problème à admettre qu'Israël est un état sioniste, comme la France est un état Français. Le problème est le comportement de cet état, surtout depuis 1967.
D'ailleurs, un état Palestinien ne sera pas forcément un modèle pour la démocratie et les droits humains


j'agree avec tout les choses que vous a disez dans cet comment. il n'y a pas un armee qu'est le plus morale, n'importe quelle pays il de vient. personellement, je pense que tout d'armees qu'ill s'occupe un autre pays devraient quitter! et ca va pour les etats unis, ou j'habite


A stoned immigrant from the US lords it over the indigenous people of the land of Palestine!
And the International community-keen to stop oppression in Arab countries-somehow misses the sickening Israeli military oppression of the Palestinians!


Was die sich alles erlauben dürfen, ohne das ein großer Wirbel drum gemacht wird...
Hätte sich sowas ein Araber geleistet, hätte man diese sofort als Terroristen dargestellt und es wäre in aller Munde ...
Durch diese 3 Soldaten wird klar, dass die Israelischen soldaten auf diktatorische Weise konditioniert werden...
wie die sich verhalten und was für Kommentare die von sich geben ist echt respektlos...


You can't seriously dig so deeply into the social network life of one bad apple and use it to give the whole army a bad name. That's just bad journalism. I can find rotten apples in any group of people and do that same thing that you did.

I served in the Israeli army. I met wonderful people there. True, the occupation is immoral by nature. But there is a scale that runs between completely moral and a complete sin. The Israeli army claims to be closer to the moral side, and my personal experience is that it is. Even if there are cases like the one you showed here.


There is too much evidence to show other wise that nobody can even begin to pretend the IDF is an organisation of high moral standing. There is not the odd incidence of abuse there are multiple recorded incidences of abuse. It suits the Israeli government for the military to do its dirty work. Israel will never be able to live with pride in a nation that it has stolen, occupied and abused.


I'm pretty sure a soldier being able to take photos of himself holding a gun near a Palestinian prisoner and doing drugs without getting caught and making statuses about killing Arabs on facebook and not having any consequences at all come from it reflects the entire Israeli Defense Force quite well.


Well we can not obviously get the message that all Israeli soldiers are "wonderful people" from one person who happened to share their personal experience. The fact is, people are being killed, doesn't matter whether how their morals are, IT MUST STOP. The Palestinians are humans just like everyone else, and should be treated like everyone else. Doesn't matter if they are Arab or Non-Arab, any genocide is completely unacceptable. It disgusts me when I see a group of sick people doing such this, do they have any heart?


This is just a small example. Banned not long ago because of international exposure were tee-shirts depicting similar themes used by IDF soldiers when out of uniform. One showed a pregnant Palestinian women in the cross hairs of a rifle and the script read "1 shot 2 kills."


lets take a look what israel army do their 90% of their work kill shoot terrorize children and women and poor people, if we consider israel as country invaded the arab region the history will consider this (ISRAEL) most bloody and evil country in world


He may be in jail? his crime, posting this on the internet. Not his recorded actions? Thank you, it speaks volumes :).


if he is in jail where is the justice ... the whole army must put in justice. we are not stupid here


The army of the devil, wondering how the most world's country support this terrorist country!


Isreal is sick in its mind and actions. It has never been further from God as it is now. These photos show a very sick mind set. I pray that it can find the way back to God, and basic human respect.


"some stupid guy you read about" The trouble is there are a lot more of them out there. Just the sort you'd love your daughter to bring home to meet her parents.


The fact that these "so called soldiers" feel able to behave like this shows the world what Israel is about. To me I see the IDF soldiers as being very close to the SS German soldiers. They both treat people as if they are sub human. I thank God that with modern camera phones the truth can be seen by the world. Israel is naked and the world can see it, for what it is. I do not condemn all Jews or Israelies as I know that many of them will be very unhappy to see these things.


though i dont see why such a story should go global. there are lots of idiots out there, and it seems that up untill now, most times misuse of weaponry is being done by civilians. and up untill now there werent cases(that i know of, there must be few) of an israeli solder going rampage on his own.


Isn't this what they do, every day, out in the settlements? Apply their military training to go on rampages in neighbouring Palestinian villages?


The IDF's main goal is to eradicate the indigenous people of Palestine. It's amazing that people still believe that they are there to protect themselves. How are they protecting themselves by demolishing homes? or killing children? That's the thing, it is BECAUSE these misuses of weaponry are from the military force, it is a big deal. The military especially is supposed to be trained NOT to misuse their weaponry. Just read the captions! He is not a bad apple, he's merely a perfect and clear portrayal of the IDF's ideology. Yes, you do not hear about it often because it's not broadcasted onto the media. Want examples? What about Rachel Corrie? Killed by a tank. James Miller? Vittorio Arrigoni?

Do your homework before coming here and defending such belligerent and abusive acts.


The article on the BB gun shows where he gets it from. The parents have nothing but praise and excuses for their "good" boy. I wonder what their fellow residents in Naples, Florida, think of the idea of this disturbed young man ever visiting their town again


Those who follow the I/p conflict know just how moral (e.g. 1400 murdered by the IOF in Operation Cast Lead) the IOF is. After all, they sent out text messages to those whose homes were targeted to be blown up--in ten minutes. Senators like Schumer, and Lieberman, have dual loyalties but tilted toward Israel --that little, beleaguered country in a land without a people, the only democracy in the M.E., that ignores U.N. Resololutions, and has warned the world (for the past 20 years) that Iran is building nukes. Israel is an experiment whose underlying principal is immoral-take land from the indigents and build a homeland that is only for the Jews while expelling the Palestinians. A light unto all nations? Or a shining city built atop a dung hill. It is a pariah state and my country supports it. What a damn shame. Although Israel seems immune to criticism, after all it has God's blessing, the weight of its transgressions will lead to a critical moment when the world takes a stand and says: Enough!


Just imagine the innocent arabs that might had been abused by this man. There might be more Israels personals who are like him, but not that foolish enough to post on Instagram. God save the human race.


After seeing videos and films and photographs of Israeli soldiers behaving like savages since years, of witnessing their hatred and contempt for Palestinians, it is no surprise to be shown evidence of the homicidal fantasies of a young man who hates Arabs. After reading the transcripts of "Breaking the Silence" and hearing soldiers' testimonies. After learning what is being taught by many parents and teachers to Jewish children in Israel, in the USA and elsewhere about Palestinians, it is no wonder that we have genocidal guys in the IDF. And having seen so much, one can only believe that it is all tacitly accepted by their commanders.
What kind of society ruins their kids while believing they are protecting themselves?


Opinions are inevitable, natural, and almost a universal right of every human being. IF this young man chooses to express himself in the way that he has chosen, through social media, then that is what he should do. Just as you are posting and commenting on this site; just as everyone who participates in social networking "tweets" or "shares" their own opinion. This doesn't mean he is correct in the things he said or showed, but that he has a right to share his opinion.

Where is your evidence to support your claim that [all] Jewish parents and teachers in the USA are instilling negative views about Palestinians to the Jewish youth? Don't take a simple idea and base it as the foundation of another nations practices. Generalizations may only be made with statistically significant evidence and data to support it, but a generalization is only that - a generalization.


for a 'Mathematician' this is an incredibly imprecise reply. No one spoke of "[all] Jewish parents and teachers" and no one meant that. The word used was "many". There is no generalization, just knowledge based on evidence, and that knowledge includes awareness of families and teachers who educate children to be open-minded and caring individuals. But just one example of many: go to youtube and listen to Nurit Peled-Elhanan speaking about education regarding Palestinians in Israeli schools.
As for equal rights to post. I contest any simple-minded comparison to commentators here and the young man armed and seemingly ready to kill indiscriminately. The images are revolting for any decent human being, but do prove what we know or suspect are examples of the kind of men armies recruit or enlist, whether it is in Israel or the US or wherever: men without a conscience, troubled beings, men full of hate, racists, loose cannons.


smoke, naked and armed ?! lol, sounds like a normal 20 year old to me.
people should allow to live a life.

ask yourself, do you ever done stupid stuff with your friends ? do you ever smoked ? drink alcohol ?

please.... you guys are out of ideas..


Indeed, you mention some things which a left-wing European liberal (and maybe a few freaky Americans) might consider normal in a 20 year-old. I'll even grant you the weapon fantasy. But what about the naked hatred, the racism, the latent threat, the jubilant violence (Just took an Arab out... Whataa feeling)?


I'm a fairly liberal person and when I was in uni, I found many many people who were stoned and naked pretty much a lot of times. But none of these people I recall expressed any genocidal hatred and tendencies. Unless you count the English defense league and the BNP.


Brave ex-IDF soldiers have come clean about the crimes against Palestinians they committed through the veterans group "Breaking the Silence". What they confess to highly correlates with these images and comments. To say a normal 20 year old smokes, is naked and armed is sheer trash and if in any sense true, is an indictment on the US, the world's no1 murder country. These guys are military criminals and should be arrested.


If you think a 20 yr old ready to kill a child -- simply because of his race -- is normal.. then you, my friend, are completely, out of your mind. Actually, you have none to begin with. WTF is all i have to say to you. Seriously. If 20 year olds and whoever the fuck year olds are allowed to be making JOKES about stuff like that, and worse, PROUD of making these jokes about killing kids from other races, then you are satanic. You and people like you should be put in jail.


One of the men in these pictures (above) appears to be the same man who is shown receiving tickets to a Trance Music Concert in Tel Aviv by Above & Beyond. International musicians should not be affirming IOF soldiers while ignoring the call for a cultural boycott. Alicia Keys, Depeche Mode, and others should not play apartheid.
(Photo at )


So because something happens most of the time means it should always happen? When you join the army, you join to become a man, not a little child who can't wait to kill Arabs and does a disservice to his country. Unfortunately, I have never heard of this in the IDF. This case shows investigations must come about. When will the UN and ICC come out and speak against all of this.

Sure you need to blow off steam, but this is childish.


This dude is seriously one sick puppy. The kindest service that can be done to him is to lock him up in a mental asylum and throw away the key.