Palestinian students at Hebrew University call on Morgan Freeman, Jian Ghomeshi to skip Canada fundraiser

Israeli forces arrest protesters during a solidarity demonstration with Gaza, 20 November 2012.

Mahfouz Abu Turk APA images

Palestinian student groups at Hebrew University have added their voices to growing calls on actor Morgan Freeman and renowned Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi to pull out of a 6 May Toronto award ceremony and fundraiser hosted by Canadian Friends of Hebrew University.

In a 1 May open letter, published on the website of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation [PDF], several groups representing Palestinian students wrote to Freeman that, “While The Hebrew University grants you the award for ‘combating racism and promoting knowledge and education worldwide,’ it shows no signs of combating racism and discrimination within its walls; racism which is flagrantly practiced on daily basis against Arab students.”

Palestinian citizens of Israel who want to pursue higher education in their own country must attend Israeli Jewish institutions where the main language of instruction is Hebrew and where they face numerous forms of discrimination.

Israel has to this day never permitted the establishment of an Arabic-language university even though Arabic is ostensibly an official language, part of a policy reminiscent of the historic cultural repression of indigenous people in the United States, Canada and other settler-colonial states.

Discrimination, repression at Hebrew University

The five groups signing the letter are the Hebrew University branches of IQRAA - Students Association; NDSA – National Democratic Students Assembly; The Students’ Democratic Front for Peace and Equality and; THURI – A Palestinian Students’ Feminist Group.

Their letter details some of the systemic discrimination in which Hebrew University is involved:

Mr. Freeman, only very few among our generation have been qualified to attend universities due to state’s discriminatory policies against Palestinians in Israel. Our schools mostly lack the basic facilities needed for education, and the curriculum is structured to serve the State’s goal in socializing the pupils for self-estrangement. It contains very little, if any at all, on our history and culture. Furthermore it aims to erase our historical memory and promote the official policy line of divide and rule. This discrimination continues in the Universities in the granting of scholarships among other things.

Yet, the restrictions imposed on our freedom of expression are more stifling. Last year, The Hebrew University banned several activities of Palestinian students within the campus; for example it prohibited the organization of the fifth Palestinian Cultural Festival. Moreover, during the current academic year, six Palestinian students were arrested following peaceful demonstrations which were held at the campus’ entrance, in support of the Palestinian prisoners’ open hunger strikes and against the war on Gaza. The university never intervened or contacted the students although they were brutally attacked by the police. These students did not commit any offense as they were released shortly after their arrests and no charges were pressed against them.

The letter reminds Freeman that “the Hebrew University is built on Palestinian confiscated lands and that it is a militarized institution” that participates in programs to train elite soldiers in Israel’s army of occupation.

Palestinian students refuse to be used to whitewash Israeli discrimination

Yara Sa’di wrote about the police crackdown on Palestinian students at Hebrew University for The Electronic Intifada in March. In November she wrote that “Israel’s repression of Palestinian students reached new level during Gaza attack,” including at Hebrew University.

Sa’di told The Electronic Intifada that the open letter to Freeman is a rejoinder to the university’s efforts to use “its Arab students as a proof to its ‘pluralistic’ nature” and that the letter is “a challenge to the regular strategy of Israel and its institutions to use the Palestinian citizens of Israel as evidence for its decency.”

Mounting campaign

PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel previously wrote to Freeman to ask him not to accept “an award tarnished with apartheid and colonialism.”

The Hebrew University students’ letter also comes as the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has escalated its effort to convince Freeman and Ghomeshi to change their minds. More than 7,500 people sent messages to Freeman, according to the Campaign and dozens more have posted notes on Ghomeshi’s official Facebook fan page urging him to reconsider.

BDS South Africa, a Palestine solidarity organization, also wrote an open letter to Freeman urging him “to refuse the pro-Israeli effort to normalise its racist regime through association with your good name.”

The Israeli group Boycott from Within has also urged Freeman to abandon the Hebrew University fundraiser.

It remains to be seen whether Freeman and Ghomeshi will hear these voices and take a stand that requires them to go beyond empty platitudes about “peace” that leave the appalling status quo untouched.




Isn't it a bit hypocritical of Palestinian students to speak this way about a university which they attend? If they do not agree with it training soldiers, why do they not then attend university in the West Bank? Is this not allowed for them?


As explained in the post, if Palestinian citizens of Israel want to go to university, they have no choice but to go to universities that discriminate against them. If they boycott their own university then they have no chance at any higher education. Their struggle is for equality and an end to discrimination and that is precisely what the BDS movement aims at.


The post doesn't explain why, if they don't wish to attend Israeli universities, they can't attend universities that are not located in Israel, whether in the West Bank, in Gaza, in Egypt, or anywhere else. Why do they refuse to participate in the BDS movement?


Gomeshi is a poster boy in a Friends of Canadian Broadcasting campaign to defend the CBC against the neoconservative Harper government's latest attack. But as an enabler for the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory, Gomeshi could equally represent the increasing decrepitude of the so-called public broadcaster. Anyone who could stomach watching and listening to the CBC would likely find, despite some bright spots, weakness and servitude such as EI reports of the BBC. It's shameful.

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East is running a petition calling on Gomeshi to cancel his appearance. We'll see.