Ongoing Nakba: Powerful infographic from Visualizing Palestine shows century of land theft, expulsion

Visualizing Palestine

Disappearing Palestine, a powerful new infographic from Visualizing Palestine (




Mr. Abunimah - that graphic is like the saying that a picture is worth 10,000 words.
The numbers, documented statements of the criminals, map images and timeline all give clear testimony to the atrocities then and now.
As an. African American whose parents and grandparents suffered under the racism of the American South, I am angered by the ugly voices of US UN Ambassador Susan Rice , former Sec. of State Condealeeza Rice and Mr. Obama. They do not represent the opinion of black Americans.
Anyone who supports Zionism , then and now, is sick and perhaps beyond redemption. Look for my contribution and keep up the struggle. Palestine will be free !


Poster lamentablemente no refleja el genocidio y el drama humano . Visualmente es un poco confuso ademas. Al menos en la pantalla.


Excellent infographic showing the ongoing landtheft by Israel. Tthe harm this criminal state does to the world is tremendous. There is no moment in the 65 years of its existence that Israel is not committing slaughter, theft and corruption. Established by terrorist gangs, the state of Israel has never abandoned its mafia like communications with the rest of the world. Its addiction to domination and expansion has made Israel the best ally of the American neocolonial administrations in the Middle East. Both states complete each other and unembarassed they imprint their criminal brand on all other western rulers and neocolonialists. The people of the world are facing a barbarian era lead by the colonial zionist conspiracy. The colonial zionist conspiracy has had its effectiveness in the destruction of the modern sovereign states of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Israel works for the domination in the Middle East emphasized by its plenty nuclear war heads. Only together the folks can tame this dangerous threat.