“The noise in our country is endless,” says new track by Gaza duo Revolution Makers

The prolific and talented Gaza hip hop artists Revolution Makers have put out a new song, accompanied by video art, titled “Noise.”

“The noise in our country is endless. We live and die, steadfast until the end,” goes the chorus.

Revolution Makers are brothers Osama and Mohammed Elsusi, and in this song they feature artist ANTARA (Majd Antar).

As the lyrics show (you can read them in English by clicking the “About” link on the song’s YouTube page), “Noise” focuses not just on the hardships of life under siege in Gaza, political divisions in Palestinian society and the constant struggle of Palestinians not to be obliterated, but also on the challenges of making art about these themes, in the form of hip hop:

The don’t like my art because it displays our reality in a different way

I’ve been following the work of Revolution Makers (and other Gaza hip hop artists) since last May, when I had the chance to see a rare live performance by the group in Gaza City.

I love their work, and you can hear much more of it on their Soundcloud.