Negative views of Israel soar in the UK, new survey shows

Tens of thousands marched in central London in solidarity with Palestine on 26 July 2014.

Justin Tallis AFP/Getty Images

Israel ranks as one of the world’s most unfavorably viewed countries among the UK public, second only to North Korea.

A new survey by the UK think-tank Chatham House finds that 35 percent of the UK public have an “especially unfavorable” view of Israel.

This is double the 17 percent who held such a view during the previous survey in June 2012.

Only North Korea was viewed more unfavorably, at 47 percent. Thirty-three percent had an “especially unfavorable” view of Iran, and 28 percent held such a view of Pakistan, the next most unfavorably viewed countries.

By contrast, just six percent of the public had an “especially favorable” view of Israel – barely changed from five percent in 2012, putting Israel behind Japan, India, Brazil and South Africa.

Forty-four percent of survey respondents expressed an “especially favorable” view of Australia, with a similar number holding such a view of Canada.

What these numbers indicate is that the vast sums Israel has spent on propaganda or hasbara have made no dent in its unpopularity, while its continued occupation and repeated massacres in Gaza continue to affect public perceptions.

The fieldwork for the survey of a representative sample of more than two thousand people was conducted between 6-12 August 2014, at the height of the Israeli attack on Gaza that left more than 2,200 Palestinians dead.

The UK saw some of the largest rallies in Europe in support of Palestinians during the attack on Gaza.

The results from the Chatham House survey confirm trends seen in other polls across the world, showing that Israel is consisently among the world’s most negatively viewed countries.




Last Summer when the JSIL destroyed huge swaths of Gaza, they left a testament to the the horrors of state terrorism and the Dahiya Doctrine. Now in their stupidity they deny building materials into the strip to cover up the evidence.

Gaza is now one big, continuous advertisement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and a disaster for Zionist public relations.

But here's the thing, Netanyahu and his cronies still don't realise it.


As long as Israel persists in oppression of the Palestinians and stealing their land it will get worse and worse .People in general have had enough.I have to say to the Jewish people of the world : Wake up and tell the world that Israel is not acting in your name.


If it is okay for the public to be told how important it is for the "moderate" Muslims to confront the "extremists" in their ranks, then, likewise, shouldn't we be telling the "moderate" jews to confront the "extremists" in THEIR ranks? I don't hear that call coming from the corporate media in north america.


Yes indeed ,this is what we need to hear from the Jewish population ,and in spades.
Israel and it's leaders(sic) should be shamed into choosing the path of peace and a normalcy in negotiations.What we have seen so far could more realistically be called a joke,if it wasn't so serious .


We should be in the business of dissuading young people from joining both Jihadist camps whether IS or IDF., that is if we want to steer people away from becoming involved in extremism.


I've read the chatham house survey, where does it rank unpopular countires? I can't see it anywhere?