Join us to support journalists in Gaza

Palestinian workers remove rubble from Gaza City’s al-Jawhara tower, which housed media offices and was destroyed in Israeli strikes during the recent 11-day conflict in May.

Ashraf Amra APA images

Israel’s attack on Gaza last May caused death and destruction – again – on a horrifying scale.

As journalists, our role is to make sure that the world knows what is happening so there can be accountability.

The Electronic Intifada and other publications rely on Palestinian media workers on the ground – including photographers who risk their lives so that the experiences of people in Gaza cannot be denied.

But Israel wasn’t satisfied with massacring entire families in their homes. Its military also deliberately bombed high-rise buildings housing more than two dozen international and Palestinian media agencies.

One of those buildings – al-Jawhara tower – housed APA Images, a Palestinian photo agency we have worked with for many years. You see the powerful pictures taken by their photographers illustrating our stories almost every day.

They lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including cameras and laptops when their office was destroyed.

Despite the attack, Naaman Omar, the director of APA Images, immediately sent an email assuring us that “we will keep our services on and you will receive photos and videos as normal.”

They kept their promise. Now it’s our turn.

During the assault on Gaza, many people asked us what they could do to support journalists there. We took the time to consult with our colleagues in Gaza to come up with an answer.

Now, The Electronic Intifada, our colleagues at Mondoweiss and the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) are partnering with APA Images.

Through our discussions, APA Images and MECA have conceived a special project to support photojournalism so Palestinians in Gaza can continue sharing their stories and images of life under Israel’s brutal siege and assaults.

The project will provide photography courses for youth in Gaza and replace media equipment destroyed by Israel.

MECA is a US-based nonprofit whose team in Gaza, led by Dr. Mona El-Farra, has years of experience operating projects supporting health, economic sustainability, emergency relief and cultural work.

The Electronic Intifada is proud to be making a financial contribution towards the $21,000 budget for this project, and we urge others to join us too!

Any donations to support this project should be made directly to Middle East Children’s Alliance. Gifts can be made from anywhere and are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.

All funds raised through this partnership are solely dedicated to replacing the equipment of our colleagues in Gaza and providing training for young journalists. It’s our way of showing how much their work means to us – and to Palestine.

Thank you for your solidarity and support.

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