Jared Kushner trolls Palestinians

I appeared on TRT’s program The Newsmakers this week to debate the supposed $50 billion investment plan for Palestinians launched by US presidential adviser Jared Kushner in Bahrain this week.

The other guests were Tom Gross, a far-right anti-Palestinian commentator, and Debra Shushan of the liberal Zionist group Americans for Peace Now.

I told the show that Kushner’s “Peace to Prosperity” plan was a giant trolling exercise so that at the end of the day he and his associates can claim that they tried to help the Palestinians who stubbornly refused to accept a generous opportunity.

As Shushan pointed out, this would then lay the ground for Israel to annex the occupied West Bank in whole or in part with US blessing.

Watch the debate above.

I also spoke to Marc Steiner of The Real News about Kushner’s plan highlighting how a major goal of the Bahrain conference was to publicly normalize relations between Israel and a Saudi-led coalition of Gulf states to cement the US-led front that aims to escalate conflict with Iran.

The Palestinian cause, I explained, stands in the way of full consumation of the Saudi-Israeli alliance.

Watch that interview here:




Thank you, Ali, for taking apart the Kushner hoax. And thanks, Marc Steiner, for hosting him on the Real News network.