French police take orders from Mossad as protestors arrested at Maccabi-Chalon match

A screenshot shows ads for occupation profiteer Veolia Transdev on the sidelines of the Maccabi Electra - Chalon basketball match in Chalon, France on 25 October 2012.

Agents from Israel’s spy and international assassination organization Mossad, and dozens of police officers were deployed to stop protests at a basketball match between Israel’s Maccabi Electra and the home team in the eastern French city of Chalon on 25 October.

One spectator managed to break on to the court unfurling a Palestinian flag, while several others were arrested, according to local media reports.

The match, part of the “Turkish Airlines Euroleague,” was also sponsored by occupation profiteer Veolia Transdev, whose ads could be seen on screens along the sidelines of the pitch.

Veolia has been the target of boycott and divestment campaigns because it profits from building infrastructure for Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank.

Activist to go on trial for unfurling Palestinian flag

The local newspaper Le Journal de Saône et Loire reported:

With a Palestinian flag unfurled, a young spectator burst onto the court. A few seconds. Security agents and plainclothes police rushed to subdue him. He was forcibly led to a secure location before being taken to the police station. A scene feared by the security staff preparing for the reception of Maccabi Tel Aviv for a week.

A photo of the incident is posted on the newspaper’s website.

The group Campagne BDS France named the arrested activist as “Layli,” and called for solidarity with him as he goes on trial in Chalon on 9 November.

“It is not engaged and nonviolent citizens of the BDS campaign who should be prosecuted,” the group said, “but the Israeli apartheid regime.”

French police take orders from Israeli group involved in murder, kidnapping

The newspaper reported that heavy security preceded the match and a week before, the local police chief had received high marks from Israel’s Mossad.

Mossad, it should be recalled, is an Israeli government organization that engages in acts of international terrorism, including kidnapping and murder.

In January 2010, for example, Mossad agents were detected after they murdered Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a hotel room in Dubai, using fake or stolen identities and passports of several European countries.

French police deployed dozens of agents, including some with dogs, and fans had to go through airport-style security with French police apparently taking orders from Mossad agents:

At the entrance, a Mossad agent scrutinized anyone who looked unknown. In case of any doubt, police were responsible for removing them.

The newspaper did not say what would create “doubt,” however Israel’s “security” agencies are notorious for their racial and religious profiling. In an incident earlier this year, a French woman was removed from an Air France flight at Israeli request, after being asked if she was Jewish.

Dozens of plainclothes officers were also deployed throughout the stands for surveillance of the fans. But the only “security” threats were people expressing their opinions:

In total, three people were arrested, one with a suspect banner, as well as the young man with the flag.

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The motto of Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad “by way of deception we make war.” Not only has deception always been the name of Zionism’s game, it knows no other.