EU removes video featuring Israeli genocide advocate

Avishai Ivri, in a screenshot from a now deleted EU promotional video, has incited genocidal violence against Palestinians.

The European Union embassy in Tel Aviv has removed from its Facebook page an official EU promotional video featuring Avishai Ivri, an Israeli “comedian” who incites genocidal levels of violence against Palestinians.

This came a day after The Electronic Intifada published an exposé of Ivri’s long record of extreme anti-Palestinian racism.

In posts on Twitter, Ivri has called on Israel to kill “1,000 Arabs” for every Israeli who dies in conflict-related violence and has urged that Israel “wipe out Gaza.”

He denies the existence of Palestinians as a people and has urged Israel to expel them so it can become the “sovereign” in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“We decided to stop promoting a video on EU-Israel cooperation,” the EU embassy stated on Twitter on Friday. “We want no doubts that anything we do promotes the values the EU stands for.”

The video “was meant to showcase cooperation between EU and Israel, we do not want anything to distract from this important message,” the embassy added.

An email to The Electronic Intifada from a spokesperson at the EU embassy in Tel Aviv contained a similar message. The spokesperson added: “The personal and political views held by Mr. Ivri, some of which [are] clearly at odds with the positions and the values of the European Union, are of course his own and do not engage the EU in any way.”

Despite removing the video, the EU has failed to condemn Ivri’s genocidal incitement against Palestinians and has remained silent about how and why it hired him in the first place.

It has offered no apology and accepted no responsibility for partnering with him.

The EU’s gentle distancing of itself from Ivri stands in marked contrast to its high-profile cooperation with Israel that is supposedly aimed at cracking down on “online incitement” and criticism of Israel, which it conflates with anti-Semitism.

Since The Electronic Intifada published the exposé of Ivri, many social media users in Europe have expressed outrage that the EU hired a genocidal racist to star in an official video.

The removal of the video is a clear sign EU bureaucrats can hear their indignation. Here are some of them:




Another victory. I hope the European Union demands a refund from Ivry, because he must have collected a fee to produce the video.


All over the world people are outraged by the support for Israel of their governments. Independent media runs story after story about the outrages of Israeli government policy. The opposition within and without Israel is battered with 'anti-BDS' legislation and condemnation passed. 'Palestine' has been wiped off the map, the Israeli mass hysteria rallying cry. Turn this incident around and consider what would happen if a Palestinian uploaded a video onto the EU FaceBook page advocating the annihilation of Israel. Here there has been no recognition of the evil inherent in what this Israeli advocates, just a lukewarm withdrawal and wishy-washy statement about 'EU values'. I recall the storm when "The Lobby" hit the UK. This story should be on the front pages/news desks of the MSM.


You hit the nail on the head. The UK "storm" over "The Lobby" report: don't know if you are being sarcastic, but in any case that event ended like a damp squib, with the extremely pro-Israel government in the UK accepting the hasbara BS that it was a low level official who was acting at his own behest. The buffoon par excéllence, B. Johnson, then shook hands with the nazi-onist par excéllence, "ambassador" M. Regev, and the affair was closed & forgotten about. meanwhile continuing to support the nazi-onist "country" in its crimes against humanity & war crimes.

In the current case, the video has been removed & the EU will leave it at that, meanwhile continuing to support the nazi-onist "country" in its crimes against humanity & war crimes.


Very well said.
My hope is that one day people will start looking at the Balfour declaration.
It was only made to get America into the war to save Britain.


This and yesterday's story lack the link for an open letter/petition demanding that the EU fire this genocide supporter.


This is what the world can only expect as attitude and way of life from a punch of land theives who they claim themselves as victimes of Natzy. And the same crime they are doing agains Palestenians since 1948 until today and maybe tomorrow as the rest of the world keeps acting blind!


Given the amount of EU-funded equipment, investment and projects Israel has destroyed, it makes you wonder how much more will it take before the EU stops dealing with the wreckers at all. The Dutch government is furious about its solar-panel project Israel destroyed a couple of weeks ago. The EU should blacklist Israel, not cosy up to a warmongering military thug that invades and bombs its neighbours.


Once again the racism exposed the hypocrisy of the EU and Israel 's policies toward the Palestinians.
Their lunacy is now over the top and all I can say is keep it up ,as people all over the world see it for what it is . A very sick society.


You have to ask yourself WHAT is the logic of the EU collaborating with Israel at all, let alone hiring Zionist racists to produce its PR-video. EU values??? It was Israel who destroyed over $74 worth of EU-funded projects.

With friends like these who needs enemies.


Britain & US gave the country of Palestine to the Jews. They did not want the Jews from concentration camps & other displaced Jews. They chose Palestine because of some insane reason that it is the Jews homeland which is a lie. Now , history of the last 67 yrs of Israel, the problem is obvious. The new population of Israel is white. The natives of Israel or PALESTINE are NOT considered white but a race with lower status than the settlers. The U S is preventing Palestine from being a state and helping Israel to keep taking Palestinian land. We are racists just lije the white Israelis.


The new Zionist definition of antisemitism says that any of the 3Ds -- Demonization of, Delegitimisation of or Dual Standards applied to Israel -- rises to the level of antisemitism.

So, let's apply that standard to BDS. Noam Chomsky and others have said that the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is actually worse than South African apartheid. Therefor, anyone who approved of the boycott campaign against South Africa is obligated to support BDS.

Failing to support BDS would be applying a dual standard to Israel vis a vis the boycott against apartheid South Africa. Therefor, opposing BDS is antisemitic.


Journalism at its best exposes for the sake of informing and inspires action to rectify wrong. Hats off to Mr. Abunimah. For years, many projects in which the EU has invested in the occupied territories of Palestine have been thwarted or destroyed by official Israeli measures, military and administrative. What is stopping the EU from deciding to withhold material and moral support to Israel until the occupation is a thing of the past ?