“Concentrate” and “exterminate”: Israel parliament deputy speaker’s Gaza genocide plan

A Palestinian man tends to the bodies of four Palestinians killed in Israeli bombardment in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, 2 August. Eyad Al Baba APA images

Moshe Feiglin, the deputy speaker of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has published a plan for the total destruction of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

His detailed plan, which calls for the use of concentration camps, amounts to direct and public incitement to genocide – a punishable crime under the Genocide Convention.

In a 1 August posting on his Facebook page, Feiglin, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, calls for the “conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters.”

“This is our country – our country exclusively,” he writes, “including Gaza.”

Feiglin’s posting is the text of a letter he addressed to Netanyahu.

Citizens and public authorities around the world should attempt to have Feiglin arrested and prosecuted under the Genocide Convention for his statements, should he set foot in their territories.

His abominable plan comes as the death toll from Israel’s ongoing slaughter in Gaza reaches 1,752 people, including ten persons killed on Sunday morning when Israel once again bombed a United Nations-run school being used as a shelter, this time in the southern town of Rafah.

Moshe Feiglin (David Rabkin/Wikimedia Commons)

Feiglin, like his Knesset colleague Ayelet Shaked, has previously made genocidal statements, but these are perhaps his most specific and explicit.

Calling for mass extermination and ethnic cleansing, Feiglin now urges Netanyahu to “turn Gaza into Jaffa, a flourishing Israeli city with a minimum number of hostile civilians.”

Jaffa is a major Palestinian coastal city that was ethnically cleansed by Zionist militias in 1948 and incorporated into present-day Israel. The few thousand Palestinians who remain in the city face ongoing attempts to force them out.

As of this writing, Feiglin’s Facebook post had more than eight thousand “Likes” and had been shared almost two thousand times.

“Concentrate” and “exterminate”

Feiglin writes that the Israeli army must “designate certain open areas on the Sinai border, adjacent to the sea, in which the civilian population will be concentrated, far from the built-up areas that are used for launches and tunneling. In these areas, tent encampments will be established, until relevant emigration destinations are determined.”

“Tent encampments,” where the Palestinian civilian population would be “concentrated,” are simply concentration camps.

“The supply of electricity and water to the formerly populated areas will be disconnected,” he adds.

He then calls for the “formerly populated areas” to be “shelled with maximum fire power. The entire civilian and military infrastructure of Hamas, its means of communication and of logistics, will be destroyed entirely, down to their foundations.”

The Israeli army would then “exterminate nests of resistance, in the event that any should remain.”


“Israel will start searching for emigration destinations and quotas for the refugees from Gaza,” Feiglin writes, but “those who insist on staying, if they can be proven to have no affiliation with Hamas, will be required to publicly sign a declaration of loyalty to Israel, and receive a blue ID card similar to that of the Arabs of East Jerusalem.”

Feiglin’s statements are crimes

The Genocide Convention defines genocide as any of a number acts “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.”

These acts are:

  • Killing members of the group;
  • Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. 

Feiglin’s plan has clear genocidal intent in at least two respects: he denies that the Palestinian people exist and he defines Palestinians collectively as an enemy and target because of their religion:

  • “There are no two states, and there are no two peoples. There is only one state for one people.”

  • “The strategic enemy is extremist Arab Islam in all its varieties, from Iran to Gaza, which seeks to annihilate Israel in its entirety.”

In addition to outright acts of genocide, punishable crimes under the convention include “direct and public incitement to commit genocide”; “conspiracy to commit genocide” and “complicity in genocide.”

Any fair-minded prosecutor would see that Feiglin’s statements provide ample probable cause for action under the convention.

State parties to the Genocide Convention are obligated to punish crimes under the Genocide Convention in their domestic courts.

Citizens around the world should seek to have Feiglin and any other Israeli leaders who commit genocidal acts arrested and sent for trial by using whatever legal mechanisms are available, including notifying law enforcement and immigration authorities of such genocidal statements.

Full translation of Feiglin’s statement

Feiglin’s Facebook page is verifiable as his because it is linked from his official page on the Knesset website.

Here is Feiglin’s 1 August statement on Facebook, translated in full by Dena Shunra:

With God’s Help


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Mr. Prime Minister,

We have just heard that Hamas has used the ceasefire to abduct an officer. It turns out that this operation is not about to be over any too soon.

The failures of this operation were inherent to it from the outset, because:

a) It has no proper and clear goal;
b) there is no appropriate moral framework to support our soldiers.

What is required now is that we internalize the fact that Oslo is finished, that this is our country – our country exclusively, including Gaza.

There are no two states, and there are no two peoples. There is only one state for one people.

Having internalized this, what is needed is a deep and thorough strategic review, in terms of the definition of the enemy, of the operational tasks, of the strategic goals, and of course, of appropriate necessary war ethics.

(1) Defining the enemy:

The strategic enemy is extremist Arab Islam in all its varieties, from Iran to Gaza, which seeks to annihilate Israel in its entirety. The immediate enemy is Hamas. (Not the tunnels, not the rockets, but Hamas.)

(2) Defining the tasks

Conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters.

(3) Defining the strategic goal:

To turn Gaza into Jaffa, a flourishing Israeli city with a minimum number of hostile civilians.

(4) Defining war ethics: “Woe to the evildoer, and woe to his neighbor”

In light of these four points, Israel must do the following:

a) The IDF [Israeli army] shall designate certain open areas on the Sinai border, adjacent to the sea, in which the civilian population will be concentrated, far from the built-up areas that are used for launches and tunneling. In these areas, tent encampments will be established, until relevant emigration destinations are determined.

The supply of electricity and water to the formerly populated areas will be disconnected.

b) The formerly populated areas will be shelled with maximum fire power. The entire civilian and military infrastructure of Hamas, its means of communication and of logistics, will be destroyed entirely, down to their foundations.

c) The IDF will divide the Gaza Strip laterally and crosswise, significantly expand the corridors, occupy commanding positions, and exterminate nests of resistance, in the event that any should remain.

d) Israel will start searching for emigration destinations and quotas for the refugees from Gaza. Those who wish to emigrate will be given a generous economic support package, and will arrive at the receiving countries with considerable economic capabilities.

e) Those who insist on staying, if they can be proven to have no affiliation with Hamas, will be required to publicly sign a declaration of loyalty to Israel, and receive a blue ID card similar to that of the Arabs of East Jerusalem.

f) When the fighting will end, Israeli law will be extended to cover the entire Gaza Strip, the people evicted from the Gush Katif will be invited to return to their settlements, and the city of Gaza and its suburbs will be rebuilt as true Israeli touristic and commercial cities.

Mr. Prime Minister,

This is the a fateful hour of decision in the history of the State of Israel.

All metastases of our enemy, from Iran and Hizballah through ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, are rubbing their hands gleefully and preparing themselves for the next round.

I am warning that any outcome that is less than what I defined here means encouraging the continued offensive against Israel. Only when Hizballah will understand how we have dealt with Hamas in the south, it will refrain from launching its 100,000 missiles from the north.

I call on you to adopt the strategy proposed here.

I have no doubt that the entire Israeli people will stand to your right with its overwhelming majority, like myself – if only you will adopt it.

With high regards, respectfully,

Moshe Feiglin




Promotion of genocide is a grave crime under international law. Many remember the war criminals executed at Nuremberg, but it is important to remember that personal action was not a requirement for judgement.

Nazi member Alfred Rosenberg was executed for crimes against humanity because of his prolific and horrible promotion of racial theories and other justifications for the extermination of Jews and other peoples. He, apparently, did not personally kill anyone, but he inspired the murder of millions. For this, he was judged guilty and hanged.

Anyone promoting such horrible and disgusting policies must be held to account. The statements themselves might be considered hate crimes in many countries, but when they inspire and encourage actual conduct towards these ends, the crime is complete. Justice requires arrest, trial, and if found guilty, execution.


@Chris: I read what Feiglin wrote. He is a Nazi, IMO. I agree with your comment, except for the very last word. The death penalty is murder. Even worse: state murder.


There is such a thing as a Jewish Nazi. Feiglin is not alone in having acquired this distinction. Israel today exhibits every pathological trait which characterised the Third Reich. From Netanyahu and Lieberman down to the chanting mobs in the street, we are seeing the full rebirth of the movement which snuffed out the lives of millions of Jews, communists, Roma and other minorities. The affinities with Nazism are detailed and extensive. The very form of taken by Zionist lies mirrors the verbiage of loathing and the will to exterminate human communities promoted by Goebbels and Streicher. The worship of power has become a centrepiece of Israeli cultural life, along with a grotesquely exaggerated sense of destiny, entitlement, grievance and impunity.

Feiglin and his kind must be arraigned before a court of law. I understand he is already banned from entering Britain. Let such a ban be extended to all countries and against all the leaders of this barbarous regime. Through inciting genocide Feiglin is guilty of grave crimes against humanity. There must be a mechanism for trying the gangsters currently ruling Israel. Every day they are free to promote their perverted ideals is a day of terror for their victims.


The Tokyo Trials are also instructive. Minister Hirota ( spelling ?) was found guilty of war crimes despite having a 100% non-military background and a moderating influence on the Japanese Militarists.

certain journalists should also heed the case of Julius Streicher who was also found guilty. Streicher was a publisher and journalist - he never carried a gun.

war crimes have no statue of limitations


This guy is not a nut case. He is the authentic voice of Zionism and he is a powerful politician in Israel. He might become prime minister before long. He will be the Israeli Hitler.


I live in Israel, and I know for a fact that Feiglin is considered to be a an extreme right-winger and a nut, and no one really takes him seriously.

For an outside observer, this article will paint Israel in a really bad light, which is actually the modus operandi of Electronic Intifiada: Israel = Bad, Anything Palestinian = Good.


"this article will paint Israel in a really bad light,"

Surely not?!? How could that be?? You jest, good sir! israhell? "bad light?


No, it is not this article painting Israel in a bad light, it is the authentic author of these words who holds a position of power. It is funny that if you publish what Israelis say it makes the publisher, not the author the bad guy. Doublethink is the word for that, right?


It is really hard to paint Israel in a good light when they slaughter children, label civilians as "human shields". They have the nerve to label resistance as terrorism when it is they that terrorize, confiscate land. In Palestine a massacre is taking place, perpetrated by Israel, and you've the audacity to ask why Israel is never painted in "the good light"?


Israel is painting itself in a really bad light sir. There is no excuse to kill children.


Israel pictured in a bad light? Do me a favor please.! These Israeli psychopaths have no light whatsoever and I can assure you that their darkness in enveloping all of them everywhere, including those who might have done something to stop their murderous madness!


What else is it when Israel is not bad?. Your own people have shown that for almost 70 years. By the way, Israelis have western names and Feiglin(g) in German means coward. The Israelis are cowards fighting a war against people who have no weapons, do you think Israelis could win a war without weapons? Your government and some of your people are Zionists helped by the Zionist Obama and company.


Paint Israel I'm a bad light??, No, I'm pretty sure Israel did that all by itself when It chose to committ the mass murders of over 2,000 innocent men women and children and injure 9,000 more. This article is just the cherry on top, this article just proves what every same person with a concsciene already knows, that Israel is a bat shit crazy rogue state, undeniably racist, it is indeed the REAL terrorist.


"No one". Really? Hey, "Dude" How's that Hasbara going. Does it pay well? Does Hasbara make you an accessory to war crimes?

The Israelis are not Nazis but why do so many of their leaders act like Nazis?

Ever So Sincerely,
An American


Now that the Internet is available to everyone... everyone has a chance to speak. Now the Zionists can be found out and their crimes can no longer be hidden by the US and its MSM propaganda machine. Washington DC is nothing more than an occupied territory of Israel and those who support and encourage these crimes against the people of the World... are also guilty as accomplices and conspirators of the Zionist. Now, after hundreds of years of Israeli supremacy beliefs and actions, they have many more than the Iranians and Palestinians to worry about. I have often said, and truly believe, that nuclear destruction will be brought upon the World by a handful of Zionist psychopaths.., and their accomplices in the United States. We can no longer fear nor accept the false "anti-Semitism" charges and claims that have been successfully brought against those that have been trying to justifiably warn the World of the ongoing Zionist genocide. Surely, with the Gods' help they can be stopped and brought to justice before its too late.


Feiglin is a pathetic fascist and zionism is a mass murdering authoritarian movement that is a gross perversion of judaism. They have already been legally sanctioned to no avail. They should not receive any support from any source until they provably renounce all methods of mass murder both fast/,militaristic and slow starvation. Attacks on civilian infrastructure constitute war crimes/crimes against humanity and should be collectively prosecuted with full reparations paif out by both israel and theUS.


The constant back and forth on Zionism and Naziism gets extraordinarily annoying: first because you don't get a pass just because you stop short of Auschwitz, second because Zionism's track record now is considerably longer than that of Naziism. Surely the point is that Zionists are acting like Zionists.

But a document like this makes me reconsider and ponder the usefulness of trotting out the N-word: distinct hints here of Heydrich's Wansee Conference. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W...


& when Heydrich was killed , the Germans destroyed Lidice & murdered the population. Was Lidice the template for Gaza?


Certainly the template for the Rafah Massacre, with the difference that Heydrich really was killed by Czech partisans, whereas it appears likely that Hadar Goldin's erstwhile comrades did him in, thanks to the Hannibal Directive. Any IDF soldier captured by Hamas would do well to watch his back. What a corrupted state: "We have to kill a Jewish soldier to protect the Jewish people."


The UN Security Council is powerless for as long as the US abuses its veto to protect its ally from arrest for Crimes Against Humanity. Opposition Leader Ed Miliband has been panned by Government minister Chris Grayling for condemning Israeli action in Gaza, even though Miliband is a Jew with many Israeli friends. He believes this attitude in favour of this attack on the UN in Gaza is utterly counterproductive and making many enemies and much trouble for Jews all over the world. He was told he was not being sufficiently diplomatic, and really being rude to the Knesset will get you into trouble.

He is now having to bite his lip lest the UK media get to work on him and make him unelectable. From September, political campaigning in the UK likely to influence the 2015 election is to be tightly regulated and effectively limited to global corporate lobbyists, who are deregulated and have a direct link to Government decision-making. It is easy to destroy Ed Miliband if he persists in criticising Israel.

What we have here is Chutzpah. Pushing the boundaries further and further, ratcheting it to be more outrageous and seeing if they still get away with it. Who'd have thought 50 or 70 years ago such a soft treatment for a major nuclear-armed power proposing a city ghetto under siege and then systematically destroyed with impunity by laughing soldiers with overwhelming firepower, its inhabitants then transferred to concentration camps for processing? My uncle from America sent me some anti-Palestinian black propaganda Goebbels would have been proud of. Has nobody remembered the Holocaust, and why are the Knesset, of all people, now proposing to revive it, with another group of scapegoats?

If we curl up like pussycats now, then it will become a reality, and we'll have WW3 on our hands. Already there is Krystallnacht in France, attacking innocent Jews there when the guilty LIkud/IDF terrorists get away with mass murder scot-free.


WW# is here and now, it is an information world war fought with the tip of the tongue and the taps of fingers everywhere. It is a war won with the defeat of ignorance, the exposure of those and their destructive deeds who would remain in shadow, a war won with the global understanding of right and wrong and positive plans to make things better.

We the people of all nations and tribes have the real physical power to make the real physical changes. We are not limited by the policies and acts of our predecessors unless we choose to as a collective.

Violence has always been the excuse used by all to justify retaliation as ignorance is in the information war. Now that we are globally connected it seems to me to be time to effect some positive changes everyone can benefit from.

Knowledge is power

So now that you lack the excuse that you didn't know there was an actual global information war in progress,...

What will you do

What positive plans do you have to make the world better for all

The kind of plans that not only don't hurt anyone, the ones that make life better for everyone

Let's make it a peaceful WW# and save our can of whoop-ass for when we run out of ideas. Or watch the world burn, then you die and our babies might have a chance at life that you threw away.

btw - we have never stopped fighting global multinational conflicts so technically world war II is still 'knockin boots'. We just assimilated the Nazi infrastructure in to our societies under the guise it is forward progress for mankind. In that the state knows what is best for it's citizens. Martial Law exists in all states, and during time of war gives the government extraordinary powers without extraordinary limitations and oversight.

What government in the world would relinquish supreme power over it's citizens? There isn't a real incentive to declare peace and make reparations. That costs money versus makes money for the arms industry and government bodies.

Echo Base


Will Israel end the occupation and lift the blockade of Gaza?

Nasir Khan, august 3, 2014

If there was the rule of law in the world then the Israeli Zionists will be held responsible for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. But in reality there is no rule of law because the imperialistic world order has set it aside and imposed its own diktat. What we see is the rule of predatory barbarians that prevails. Israel protected and supported by America and other imperialist powers including Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt does what it wants to do in isolated and beleaguered Gaza. There is no powerful state which can give active military help to the people of Gaza who are being slaughtered by Israel and their houses, public buildings, mosques, schools and colleges destroyed and reduced to rubble. Whenever Israel will stop its present massacres and carnage then there is little indication on its part to lift its siege of Gaza and end the occupation of the Palestinians lands it took in 1967. That means the occupation and oppression will continue. The resilient and heroic people of Gaza may be able to re-surface once again after the present holocaust and resist the occupiers. That will provide an opportunity to the Zionist leaders of Israel to repeat again as they have done before and do what they are doing now. As long as the occupation remains the people of Palestine have only one major objective: To liberate their land from the brutal occupying power – Israel.


Shonda. That would be the word.


That a country that I have respected and supported for so many years has, as an important part of its government, a man who openly advocates apartheid and obviously has no regard for international law. A man that has chosen to adopt the attitudes and methods of those who oppressed his ancestors, instead of eschewing them. A very disturbed and dangerous man.

The US has had some characters in its government from time to time, but no one who has advocated policies like this, in recent history. As has lately been heard so often, the people are responsible for the government they choose. Thus, by this logic, the people of Israel are responsible for electing this man, and his beliefs, to represent them. If this remains without admonition, or, better yet, removal from office, I will be forced to reevaluate my opinions of Israel and its people.


Reply to 'Unbelievable'.
"a country that I have respected and supported for so many years"

I find it 'unbelievable' why you (or anyone) WOULD want to support such a vile, cruel, evil bunch of thugs for " so many years". Where are your values of humanity?

As for " having to evaluate your opinions" (give me strength) jolly good! Don't make any rash decisions though, will you?


I'd love to leave a comment, but it's not printable.


As the Gaza massacre continues, the true intentions of the committed Zionists are revealed as does the real belief of Netanyahu when he said he believed in a 'greater Israel' ie no palestinian territory only a total Jewish one. The fact that Feiglin has so many likes and shares shows there are many of the same opinions and it seems there is no government/country that will be willing to stand in their way with the force necessary to stop them. Will the US finally act against its ally, when so many American politicians are beholden to Jewish donations and when certain religeous groups support Israeli actions as leading to the end of the world and return of Christ? Maybe the outside world will finally take notice of this outrageous suggestion - I surely hope so.


Hitler Comes to Israel: This would-be genocidal maniac needs to be arrested , prosecuted, and punished under the Geneva Convention. The immoral racist miscreant is Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He sounds more like Heinrich Himmler. If this is today's Israel, then count me an enemy of the state I have long supported. There is NO EXCUSE for this pig or his supporters or defenders. He should be immediately expelled from the Knesset and condemned in the strongest possible terms by the Israeli government, and most assuredly by the government of the United States. Anything less makes Israel and the United States international criminals.


He's clearly saying exterminate (armed) resistance. It's hard to take sites like this seriously when they purposely misconstrue quotes to fix their agenda. He's a prick, no doubt about it, but he isn't advocating the wiping out of all Palestinians.


And i reckon you think that the current massacre in gaza is aimed at the armed resistance! I know you hate muslim and islam but where's your humanity? For god sake, they are killing babies, children & women! You should watch The Young Turks (TYT) and listen!


He is only indicating that he is a foreigner in the holy land that's all what's the big fuss about? Geez, can't a foreigner, immigrant call another country his own, and speak of exterminating the natives & indigenous, in peace? Tfouh


Why would the head of IDF post this on Facebook? Unless it is designed to garner more support for the Palestinians.
I think what they are doing is playing this backwards. Israel actually wants to get the sympathy of the world going to the Palestinians. At some point Nations will open their doors to them and help evacuate the Palestinians.
This time, they are going to keep going. Once they have completely cleared "Israel" they will clean out Lebanon, parts of Syria and Jordan, and they the Western half of Iraq. Thus, they will have attained what they originally had set out to do in the first place which was to control and "own" all lands from Coast to Euphrates river.


It has come full circle and this is not hyperbole it is simply a fact...Fascism-Racism-Nazism by any other name is still psychopathic insane genocide and must be stopped,disarmed,dissolved so that we can do what should have been done in 1948...Ali is right-ONE People with ONE Vote for ONE land founded by egalitarianism,secularism, for one and all...


Can someone please post a direct link to this statement by Feiglin? I can't find it anywhere. Is this a true story?


Skip the Palestinian Holocaust, and his Argentinian sojourn; and take Moshe straight to the Eichmann courtroom and "accomodations", thereafter.



You are now crossing the line. The holocaust which was done unto you from Adolf Hitler you now do unto others who are oppressed under your dictatorship.

Israel, you need to STOP this power hungry war. God is watching and he will not forgive you.


For the innocent Palestinian children
in the ceremony with the (Gaza)
Small blog: "Radio Saveh"
For three days
No new entry does not publish


First they came for the Palestinians, then they........


This exactly is how nazis started, as no one was taking Hitler seriously, ... at first.
The world is watching, the world knows. Israel, stop killing and start talking! I am very much ashamed of being a citizen of my country, Finland, which is selling arms to Israel.
Every coin is a bullet aimed at children of Palestine!


Israel can't exterminate anyone without Americans having to pay for it.
This is ridiculous.
You'll lose!
You're going to give the survivors blue ID cards. Pfff. They'll have full citizenship within 10 years, just like yours.
Not to mention the ethics, the morality, of exterminating people.


Sad to say that the irresponsible rhetoric of this person will likely amplify the growing trend of anti-Semitism in Europe and abroad. His self indulgent entitlement is a liability to all responsible Jews who see his views as counter-intuitive to those who see Likud's current m.o. for what it is. Israel could survive as a two-state country, but a permanent Gaza cease fire and the permanent the ceasing of West Bank settlement construction would seem like a "drop in the bucket" at this point.


Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

That describes the entire project since 1948. Intentionally limiting the caloric intake of children - "putting them on a diet," in the words of a proud Israeli officer - is specifically designed to achieve that objective. More than 30 percent of Gaza's children suffer from stunting and chronic malnutrition (that is, before this recent escalation, which is killing hundreds of children outright and can be expected to worsen child malnourishment for the foreseeable future.

Fascism in its most ghastly form threatens humanity. Again!