Campus not an “ethics-free zone”: Watch Ali Abunimah on academic boycott of Israel

On 19 December I spoke to Jessica Desvarieux of The Real News Network about the American Studies Association’s (ASA) overwhelming vote to abide by the academic boycott of Israel.

We discussed what the boycott means, some of the criticisms of it, and some of the ways Israeli acacdemic institutions participate in violating Palestinian rights.

Rather than shut off dialogue as some critics claim, I argued that the boycott vote has promoted debate where before there was silence. I also say that students and professors don’t go on campus and “leave [their] morals and ethics behind.”

Universities are traditionally, and ought to remain, sites of ethical deliberation and that is why more people are willing to consider the boycott.

Watch the video!

Israeli universities’ complicity

Here’s more information on some of the issues I referred to in the interview: