Rights and Accountability

Zionist tourists harass Palestinian residents in Hebron

If you’re beaten up, harassed, or verbally attacked for no reason, know that you’re in an area under Israeli colonial control. Indeed, one must find this irrational. Physics suggest that “to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” This could apply to most life cases too. When you’re in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or Israel, however, you obviously “provoke” a reaction by simply being Palestinian. 

Despite their release, their freedom remains incomplete

Loai Odeh is a former prisoner who is forced to accept their fate to be deported far away from their land and families. It’s true that those former prisoners, including Loai, are now out of Israeli prisons, but still their freedom is conditional and incomplete. 

“Only one half of me is free...”

A story of the amazing friendship of Chris Al-Bandak, the only Christian released in the prisoner swap, who was deported to Gaza. According to Chris, “Only one half of me is free, but the other half is still there, locked up behind Israeli bars.” 

Israel censors Palestinian textbooks in East Jerusalem

In this article previously published on +972 magazine, I discuss the censorship of material in Palestinian textbooks in East Jerusalem schools — a clearly illegal and dangerous move by the Jerusalem Education Adminstration (JEA). 

Imprisoned PFLP leader Ahmad Saadat hospitalized after 20 days of hunger strike

The Israeli government and the Palestinian movement Hamas today began implementing their agreement to release 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one captured Israeli soldier. Meanwhile, PFLP leader Ahmad Saadat has been taken to Al Ramla Prison hospital due to health complications following 20 days of hunger strike. 


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