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BDS roundup: a new year, and new boycott campaigns ahead

US boycott campaigners encourage colleagues to refuse complicity with Cornell University’s partnership with Israel’s Technion Institute, Veolia loses yet another contract in London, dozens of musicians refused to perform in Israel in 2011 while the cultural boycott campaign gears up for a new year, and more. 

Popular Palestine activism outreach tool reappears: "Loss of Land" map cards available again

I first saw these cards at a Palestine activism conference around 2002, when they were still quite new, being distributed by the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting’s Palestine Israel Action Group (PIAG). With the front side featuring a set of maps depicting Palestinian loss of land from pre-Nakba times to present, and the back featuring a contemporary map showing the fragmentation of the West Bank (alongside various statistics and quotes), these cards are simple, convenient, and effective tools which remain popular a decade after their introduction. 

It's Never Too Late to Boycott Israel: The Proper Disposal of Already-Purchased Goods

It’s difficult to avoid, especially in the frenzy of consumerism and gift-giving which washes over the West at the end of every year: “I meant to boycott that company,” I’ve had friends tell me, “but it was a gift.” Or, “I bought it before I knew.” But like it or not, our unwitting purchases, or receipt thereof as gifts, play a role in preventing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel from achieving their full potential. 

Campaign launched against French purchase of Israeli drones as senators demand deal be abandoned

French boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigners have called on their government to abandon a €318 million deal to buy Heron TP drones from Israel Aircraft Industries. Meanwhile, senior members of France’s Senate have called publicly for the country to abandon the purchase on grounds that the Israeli drones are unsuited to the needs of the armed forces. 

BDS roundup: "Don't put the fruits of apartheid under your Christmas tree!"

Holiday shopping-related actions took place around the world as BDS activists encouraged shoppers not to buy Israeli products. And a group in California calls on the state pension fund to investigate its investment ties with Israeli companies and US companies that do business with the Israeli military. 


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